2. Which practice was NOT approved by the South Carolina Assembly to help citizens manage the debt they incurred as a result of the American Revolution? (1 point) The state issued paper money to provide loans . The state gave people additional time to pay off their debts. The state increased the foreign slave trade to boost the economy . The state allowed debtors to pay creditors with land instead of cash. 3. What resolution eased the tensions between the Up Country and the Low Country? (1 point)' The legislature agreed to build a new capitol in the middle of the state . The Up Country was given equal representation in the state legislature. The Low Country agreed to support needed internal improvements in the Up Country. The loyalists in the Up Country were pardoned for their role in the American Revolution and had their land returned. 4. What idea for the federal government was supported by the South Carolina delegates at the Philadelphia Convention? (1 point) a weak president legislative power to tax legislative power to raise an army a presidential term of office of four years 5. After the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, why did South Carolinians in the Up Country want a new state constitution for South Carolina? (1 point) to locate the state capital in their section of the state to change some of the provisions of the United States Constitution to gain equal representationin the South Carolina General Assembly to make a state constitution that was better than the national constitution my answers; c a b c

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