31. Because he wanted to play baseball so badly, his face was crestfallen when I told him the game was rained out. (1 point) rebellious determined dejected incredulous 32. I fought the crowds at the department store; my quarry—a birthday present for my brother. (1 point) patience Target anger accomplishment 33. I will always treasure the heirloom quilt I received from my grandmother. (1 point) inherited shabby comfortable homemade 34. The crumbs around her mouth provided irrefutable evidence that she had eaten my cake. (1 point) Shaky Implausible fictitious undeniable 35. The exhausted soldier who fell asleep at his post was found guilty of dereliction of duty. (1 point) Fulfillment loss neglect attention 36. I felt a strong compunction about trespassing in the creepy, old, abandoned house. (1 point) uneasiness addiction yearning tension 37. The cute puppy eventually ingratiated itself with my mother. (1 point) joined charmed offended irritated 38. My repeated attempts to ask my dream date to prom were rebuffed to my great dismay. (1 point) rejected mocked accepted ignored 39. The enmity between House Republicans and Democrats often keeps them from getting anything of real value done. (1 point) cooperation boredom debate hostility 40. The horrible smells coming from the garbage can assailed my nose. (1 point) warmed massaged attacked healed

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31. Dejected

32. Target

33. Inherited

34. Undeniable

35. Neglect

36. Uneasiness

37. Joined

38. Rejected

39. Hostility

40. Attacked


  • Dejected means depressed, miserable, broken.
  • Target means objective, goal.
  • Inherited means came into, came from an elder relative.
  • Undeniable means with no possibility of being deny.
  • To neglect means to disregard, to abandon, to omit.
  • Uneasiness means worry, anxiety.
  • To join means to come together, to get close to somebody.
  • Rejected means to be refused, to deny the invitation.
  • Hostility means antipathy, adverse attitude.
  • To attack is to assault, to strike.

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