35 POINTS Sort the actions and terms based on the type of pollution they directly cause.AIR POLLUTION OR SOIL POLLUTION spreading chemical fertilizers on the ground combustion of fossil fuels mining activity smoke from a forest fire smoke from factories flooding

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Spreading chemical fertilizers on the ground - soil pollution; ;combustion of fossil fuels - air pollution; ;smoke from a forest fire - air pollution; smoke from factories flooding - air pollution I hope I helped!
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PLEASE YALL I REALLY NEED THIS Plant movements that occur in response to touch and are independent of the direction of the stimulus are _____________________. chemotropic movements nyctinastic movements thigmonastic movements phototropic movements

T̈ḧë än̈s̈ẅër̈ ïs̈ C̈. T̈ḧïg̈m̈ön̈äs̈ẗïc̈ m̈öv̈ëm̈ën̈ẗs̈! :0

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Name two types of evidence scientists use to support the theory of evolution. Give an example of one and describe how it shows that life changes over time.

Darwins's theory of natural selection is an evidence of evolution by acquiring characters that make survival of an organism feasible in a typical environment. 
Fossils records are used to support this theory, by figuring out the common ancestry of different species and different traits that have evolved in them with time.
Embryology is also used as an evidence which shows common origin of the organisms. Other evidences are geographic distributions and homologous structures of the living organisms. 

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Warm, moist air will have a. high humidity and low dew point. c. high humidity and high dew point. b. low humidity and high dew point. d. low humidity and low dew point.

The correct answer is C. High humidity and high dew point


Air humidity refers to the concentration of water vapor in the air which is determined by the saturation and that increases according to temperature. This implies cold air has low humidity and on the opposite warm air has high humidity. On the other hand, the dew point refers to the temperature in which water vapor condenses or becomes water again, this also depends on temperature and humidity as the higher the temperature and humidity in the air the higher is the dew point because air will need to cool to become water. Therefore, warm, moist air will have high humidity to higher temperature and saturation and a high dew point due to high humidity and high temperature.

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What are the base sequence in TRNA called

anticodon .......................................

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20 Points!!!! what is the order in which the following invertebrates envolved: Snails, jellyfish, roundworms, sponges?





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LOTS OF POINTS!!!! A fossilized shell with thin rings indicates what? poor environmental conditions good environmental conditions nothing, because rings cannot be used to determine environmental conditions

I believe the correct answer is "poor environmental conditions." Hope this helps!

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Explain what type of logging would most likely necessitate reforestation afterwards.

Clear-cutting logging would be more likely to necessitate reforestation afterwards than selective cutting. Clear-cutting removes all trees in an area and results in more significant environmental damage, making it more difficult for the trees to regrow naturally. With selective cutting only some of the trees are harvested, so the overall ecosystem is preserved which makes it more likely that trees will be able to regrow naturally.

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Where is continuation most likely to not come from A.the farm B.the lake C.preciptation D.the factorys

The answer will be d

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Where is chemical energy contained in a compound

Answer: Bonds.


The energy of the compounds lies in the bonds present in the compound. Energy is released from the compounds when the bonds are broken.

Example: Adenosine triphosphte is hydrolyzed and adenosine diphosphate and inorganic phosphate is produced. This process releases energy by the breakdown of bonds which is used for carrying various metabolic processes of the body.

Hence, the chemical energy is stored in the bods of the compounds.

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Soil erosion causes a loss of ______ since the land can become unusable. productivity species forests none of the above

None of the bove. Soil erosion occurs due to deforestation, water, wind and tillage of the land farms. It is the removal of the top layer of the soil, and leads to poorer quality of soil, called a soil disruption. This can be avoided by using proper farming techniques and afforestation. 

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The fossil record shows that organisms in older rock strata are simpler than those found in younger rocks. This observation provides support for the theory of evolution the principle of original horizontality genetic drift speciation by punctuated equilibrium

The show of older rocks being simpler than younger rocks could mean that the rocks had a genetic change. The genetic change could be different things, the rocks sediment could have more sand and less clay or the rocks could have more atoms packed tighter together. That type of change of something is called
Genetic Drift 

H0P3 It H3LPS :)

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Match each term with its definition. A. Carrying capacity Growth increases, accelerates, then slows B. Exponential growth Results from an abundance of resources C. Logistic growth Slowing growth at this level D. Population crash Results from overshooting the maximum

Here are the terms with their corresponding and correct definitions:
A. Carrying capacity: slowing growth at this level 
B. Exponential Growth: increases, accelerates, then slows 
C. Logistic Growth: results from an abundance of resources
D. Population Crash: results from overshooting the maximum
Hope this answer helps.

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Plants need nitrate ions in order to make proteins. A plant is growing in soil flooded water. Explain why the plant cannot absorb enough nitrate ions.

Plants need nitrogen in order to form amino acids and absorb this in the form of nitrates from the soil. They do this with the help of their roots. In a waterlogged environment, roots start to decompose due to the lack of oxygen. This affects their nitrate absorption capacity and plant growth is stalled.

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Name the four main type of tissues found in a human body.

epithelial, connective, muscular, and nervous tissue

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Design an experiment to investigate how distance from the ground will affect a ball’s potential energy. Write out the materials you need and the steps you will follow. Record your results and observations. I need help......Fast!!!!

The formula for potential energy is decided by mass, height, and gravity. 

Increasing the height of the object is directly proportional to increasing potential energy. 

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How would an erratic boulder provide evidence of the flood?

An erratic boulder provide evidence of the flood because of the distance that is measured from where they originally placed.

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What type of rock can be changed into a metamorphic rock? sedimentary only either sedimentary or igneous sedimentary, igneous, or other metamorphic

Sedimentary rock can change into metamorphic rock or into igneous rock

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The jacklabbit is a desert mammal. The jackrabbit's circulatory system increases blood flow to the ears during hot days. The blood flow to the ears decreases during cool or cold nights. This circulation pattern is most directly related to -


The correct answer is homeostasis.


A mechanism of the body to sustain a steady internal environment in spite of the modifications occurring in the external surrounding is known as the homeostasis. Maintaining the temperature of the body, controlling blood pH, and the concentration of glucose in the body are some of the ways followed by the body to sustain homeostasis. One of the prime examples of homeostasis is the internal body temperature of an organism.  

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Marine science help!! 15 points! Cesium is a radioactive element which was released into the ocean after the Fu kushima nuclear power plant meltdown in 2011. Cesium's half-life is 30 years, which means that for every unit of cesium, half of it will decay over 30 years. How does this affect the human populations that eat fish from this area? A: Cesium's half-life is relatively long, so biomagnification could become a concern. B: All of the cesium will decay in approximately thirty years; therefore, humans can just avoid eating the contaminated fish for thirty years. C: Cesium levels will be acceptable in a short time, so biomagnification is not a concern and humans can eat fish as normal. D: Cesium will only decay by half in fifteen years, so human populations should avoid eating fish in this area and avoid contamination. I'm stuck between A or D... :/


A is correct


Since the half-life of Cesium is 30 years, that mean that passing this period of time there is going to be the half of mass of this element in ocean. Of course since day 1 until year 30, there will be plenty of generations of the marine living things, so what is going to happen is that this element can be absorb by the algae or plants from the ocean, Cesium is going to fixed in tissues, so when small fish are going to eat, they are going to accumulate Cesium in their tissues (but a bigger concentration than the producer), when another animal eat this small animal is going to repeat the process, in that way biomagnification will be a concern to humankind.

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In at least three sentences, describe why transitioning to a hydrogen economy has advantages. In at least three sentences, explain three disadvantages associated with hydrogen fuel use. Why is a high use of renewable energy necessary to make hydrogen fuel an environmentally sound alternative? Respond in one complete paragraph.

Hydrogen supply s abundant and its a cleaner i.e. renewable form of energy.
This is also non-toxic. The efficiency of this energy is also higher.
Disadvantages are that it is an expensive source of energy. Because of the low density of Hydrogen gas, its storage is difficult. The transportation of Hydrogen gas is also difficult due to its low density.

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How do the crystals in a metamorphic rock align if the rock has been exposed to extreme pressure? perpendicular to the direction of force equally in all directions parallel to the direction of force

Crystals in the metamorphic rock align parallel due to the direction of the applied force, during rock formation. These crystals are Muscovites, Micas, and Amphiboles etc. So, the correct answer to your question is C. And, metamorphic rocks from due to change in texture and mineral assembly, due to the pressure itself.

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Granite is what type of igneous rock? felsic intrusive mafic extrusive ultramafic intrusive

I believe the answer is the first one you listed,
Hope this helps..

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