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How did the sea dogs help england PLEASE NEED HELP ASAP

Holland issued Letter of Marque to private ships captains to attack the Spanish vessels at sea. They terrorized the Spanish in the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean attacking both at sea and on land. The Sea Dogs were active from 1560 to 1605.

Three of the following are features of absolutism. which is not

Could you be more specific please? "Three of the following", what are the choices?

An interior designer is creating a plan for a new indoor play park why does he decide to use red as a main part of the color scheme

The answer is that it's been proven that the color red can excite and energize children. So, an interior designer would use red as a main part of the color scheme for a new indoor play park because the point of a play park is for children to run around and have fun.

Which of the following is a characteristic of fascism but not of democracy? government control of the military the existence of several political parties freedom to criticize the government a lack of individual civil liberties

Answer:    A lack of individual civil liberties

Explanation:  The characteristic of fascism is a totalitarian government with a cult of personality, where political opponents are often persecuted, and in reality there is only one political option, which is not the case with democracy where there are more political options i.e. parties.

The military as an integral part of the state apparatus is under the control of the government in any social system, it is just a question of how this army will be used, whether it is to preserve democratic values ​​or to usurp the territory and deny human rights that is characteristic of fascism.

Freedom of speech and freedom to criticize the government is one of the rights suppressed in fascism, unless the public outcome contributes to the idea of ​​fascism, while the same freedom of speech is one of the basic values ​​of democracy.

Individual civil liberties are another of the values ​​of democracy, whereas only those civil liberties that the state finds permissible in fascism are allowed, therefore, in essence, civil liberties in fascism do not exist.

Find the slope of y=4

Y = mx + b

where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept.

y = 4

is what we are given.

That means that if the slope equals to 0 then:

y = 0x + 4


y= 4

So that means the slope for y=4 is 0.

What problems arose as a result of disagreements between catholics and protestants

Catholics and protestants had problems with each other's social class, they also didn't believe in the same things (hope that helped a bit)

Why was U.S. support for the government in El Salvador controversial?

In general, the United States' support for the government in El Salvador was controversial because the government had a history of corruption, although this was seen as a necessary evil by many.

The carpet Erin has chosen costs 2.50per square foot. how much will it cost her to carpet the floor? Area of composite figures

I think it depends on the area of the floor.  You can figure that out if you
know the dimensions of the floor, like length and width and like that.

After the Supreme Court decision of desegregating schools, troops had to be sent to what city to enforce the decision? Little Rock, Arkansas Topeka, Kansas Mobile, Alabama Lincoln, Nebraska

Little Rock, Arkansas is the correct answer.

The Little Rock Crisis was an event in Little Rock, Kansas where nine African-American students were prevent from entering the newly desegregated high school, Little Rock Central High School. After the governor called for a National Guard blockade to prevent the student from entering the school, federal troops were sent in by President Eisenhower. These troops acted as an armed escort for the nine students and enforced integration.

How did japan try to win support from other Asian countries during WWII

goal is: expand japanese empire and get natural resources in china and the pacific
side: Axis
Leader: Hideki Tojo

The value root of 40 of lies between which two consecutive integers

When you square  +6  or  -6  you get  36.  That's less than  40.

When you square  +7  or  -7, you get  49.  That's more than  40.

So one of the square roots of  40  is between  +6  and  +7, and
the other square root of  40  is between  -7  and  -6 .

Which of the following individuals created an engraving of the Boston Massacre designed to win sympathy for the colonists? Select one: a. Paul Revere b. George Washington c. Thomas Jefferson d. John Hanwingspan

A. Paul Revere

Jefferson was the primary founder of the Declaration of Independence, George Washington was the first president of the US and John Hancock was one of the Sons of Liberty. None of them created the engraving of the Boston Massacre. Paul Revere created the engraving on March 5, 1770, as a propaganda piece against the British.

Which sentence does not contain any punctuation errors? A. I have a new wool, sweater that is a deep shade of purple. B. I have a new, wool, sweater that is a deep shade of purple. C. I have a new wool sweater that is a deep shade of purple. D. I have a new, wool sweater that is a deep shade of purple.

C. I have a  new wool sweater that is a deep shade of purple.

The reason this is correct is because there is no need for a comma between an adjective and the noun it modifies. Therefore A. and B. are incorrect. As well, commas should only be used in-between adjectives when the adjectives only modify the noun, not each other. This means you should be able to switch the nouns around and have it still make sense. "wool new sweater" does not make sense, so you do not need a comma in-between the adjectives. That is why" C. I have a new wool sweater that is a deep shade of purple." is the correct answer. 

Why where political machines difficult to break up? A. they always operated within the law. B. They created a cycle of supply and demand. C. they used violence to intimidate votes. D. They created a cycle favors for voters.

In general, political machines are difficult to break up because "D. They created a cycle favors for voters." Voters become very entrenched in their views and can't shake them.

What happens when gasoline is used to power a vehicle?

Energy is neither lost nor gained as it transforms from chemical, to heat, to mechanical energy.

What is straight is part of a line and has two and points

That would be a SEGMENT it's part of a line, has 2 points and will have a length hope this helps

How did Wilmot Proviso and Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 affect the nation?

They gave power to the south giving them te upper hand on the topic of slavery. it took away power from abolitionists

Which term best describes Russia’s transition to a market economy? compromised successful difficult corrupt

The term that best describes Russia’s transition to a market economy is difficult. The thrid option is correct.

Several years ago, many countries made transition in their economic policies.

Russia initially followed a centrally planned economic policies. Communism has played a crucial role in the past era of Russia. After 1990, Russia sough to  shift its economy from a centrally planned one to a market based one. However, it came across major difficulties in reaching the transition.

What impact did the New Deal have on arts and letters in the 1930's?

Many politically active artists worked for the New Deal projects. United by a desire to use art to promote social change, these artists sympathized with the labor movement and exhibited an affinity for left-wing politics ranging from New Deal liberalism to socialism to communism.

I need to create a story in spanish kind of like a kids book! i need topic ideas! the requirements are to use the preterite present and imperfect! Any topic ideas for my story would help?

You can write a story about an ordinary strange little boy that when one day he is walking and sees a cute little turttle and decides to keep it and they were really great friends. But then his turttle was killed and then the boy is sad so he stays in his closet because he was upset and while he is in the closet he see these storage creatures in there and decides to make new friends with them. Then make some of the creatures mean and so e friendly. I hope this gave you an idea.

Solve each proportion t/9=35/6

The answer to the proportion is t=52.5

Solve each proportion t/9=35/6

T/9= 35/6 cross multiply 6t= 315 t=52.5

What is the probability that a rolled dot cube will stop with exactly two dots on top?

1/6, as the only instance that a cube with its numbers represented with dots having two dots is with on one face. A cube as a total of 6 faces.

How do you think the Mexican government felt about the idea of Manifest Destiny?

They did not like the idea at all. They wanted land period. The fact that the United States wanted their country to streach from coast to coast and that this land belonged to them anyway (according to manifest destiny) ment that Mexico would have to give up their claims or go to war for that land.

Can anyone tell me ideas of science pprojects? Thanks!

Try the theory if the acid of a potato out weighs that of a regular household battery