A plant heterozygous for yellow pod color (Yy) is crossed with a plant homozygous for green pod color (yy). Which trait is dominant? green pod color yellow pod color They are both recessive.

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Answer: The correct answer is- Yellow pod color.

Dominant trait is an inherited characteristic in an organism that is expressed even when the organism has single copy of the allele for that trait. In other words it is expressed even when present in a hetrozygous state (like Yy in this case is for yellow pod color). Dominant trait is depicted by capital letter like Y for yellow pod color.

On the contrary, recessive trait is expressed only when present in a homozygous state (like yy for green pod color). The allele for this trait is depicted by small letter (like y for green pod).

As the allele for yellow pod color is Y and it is expressed in heterozygous state also (Yy), therefore, yellow pod color is a dominant trait.

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