Advanced Science 7. Grade 7. Can anyone help me answer these Science questions soon as possible? 1. A duplicated chromosome is two sister chromatids joined by a ? 2. During the mitotic phase, first the nucleus then the cytoplasm divide. True or false? 3.The three main types of plant tissue are dermal, vascular and epithelial tissue. True or False? 4. What does nervous tissue do? causes movement forms the protective outer layer of skin carries messages to and from the brain provides structure and support 5. Which of the following organisms do NOT have genetic variation? hydra trees dogs humans 6. Explain how organisms produced through sexual reproduction differ from those produced by asexual reproduction. Discuss what the advantages or disadvantages might be for each. 7. America is made up of states. One state, Ohio, is made of counties. Each county is made of townships. What is the similar progression from organism to cell?

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