Advanced Science 7. Grade 7. Can anyone help me answer these Science questions soon as possible? 1. A duplicated chromosome is two sister chromatids joined by a ? 2. During the mitotic phase, first the nucleus then the cytoplasm divide. True or false? 3.The three main types of plant tissue are dermal, vascular and epithelial tissue. True or False? 4. What does nervous tissue do? causes movement forms the protective outer layer of skin carries messages to and from the brain provides structure and support 5. Which of the following organisms do NOT have genetic variation? hydra trees dogs humans 6. Explain how organisms produced through sexual reproduction differ from those produced by asexual reproduction. Discuss what the advantages or disadvantages might be for each. 7. America is made up of states. One state, Ohio, is made of counties. Each county is made of townships. What is the similar progression from organism to cell?

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1. Centromere

2. True

3. True

4. Causes movement

5. Trees

6. Idk

7. Idk

(Sorry about 6 an 7 I did my best)

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Which is an example of a structural adaptation of a lion? A. is territorial over hunting grounds B. has strong legs for running C. learns to hunt protective over cubs

Your answer is C

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Carbohydrates, lipids, and protein are types of carbon compounds that are broken down to produce..

They make up everything needed to create DNA, although im not very sure, i think the answer your looking for is DNA.

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As you are cooking, your hand brushes up against a hot pan. You quickly pull your hand away. What type of stimulus is this?

Stimulus is something that causes a psychological response. It can be internal or external. The stimulus is the contact with the hot pan. It is an external stimulus. Sense organs, such as the sensory receptors in the skin are sensitive to external stimulus. The quickly pull of your hand is a reflex action.
The contact causes a nerve impulse that will travel to the spinal cord via the sensory neurons.To respond to the stimulus of the reflex arc, the muscle needs to contract to pull the hand quickly away from the hot pan.

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Pointed teeth help tear apart food, and large, flat teeth are used to grind food. Based on this information, what types of teeth are characteristic of animals that eat plants and animals that eat other animals?

Animals that eat plants have flat teeth to grind the plants down, while animals that eat other animals have sharp teeth to tear apart flesh.

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How can you correlate aging with the structure of your chromosomes?

The length of telomeres indicates aging as they shorten over time

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Plants use nitrogen in fertilizers for growth. However, much of the nitrogen goes unused. What is one direct outcome of this excess nitrogen?

There are many environmental negative direct outcomes of unused excess nitrogen from nitrogenous fertilizers. One of these is eutrophication. Eutrophication is the excessive richness of nutrients in a water body as a result of fertilizer run offs from the land, which causes a dense growth of plants in the water. Other negative outcomes are: green house effects, acid rain and contamination of underground water which has negative effects on human health. 

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Dna is found in a cells membrane true or false

DNA is in the nucleus of every cell in your body, its not in the cell membrane. 

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Cranberries and grapes may have therapeutic value. A cranberry company obtained the patent for a process to extract the oil from cranberry seeds. According to the patent, this oil can be used to treat breast cancer or to reduce its incidence. The oil can be used in drinks and foods. A grape juice company claims to have evidence that certain grapes have health benefits ranging from improving cardiovascular health to improving cognitive brain function in the elderly. These claims will be tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before the companies are allowed to market their products for “treating” ailments or “improving” health. Until then, the companies can describe that their products “help to maintain” or “support” health. Until studies support their claims, the companies cannot ascribe direct health benefits to their products. Why would the FDA perform tests when a cranberry company and a grape company have already conducted research on the same products? The FDA is the only organization that can test if health actually improves. Tests that are performed by any company which benefits financially are considered unreliable. The FDA tests give reliability to the results of improved health obtained by each company. Tests performed by the FDA follow established scientific methods, but those performed by companies do not.


The correct answer will be option-The FDA tests give reliability to the results of improved health obtained by each company.


The Food and Drug Administration or FDA is a United States federal agency established to control the food safety under the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

The FDA helps control the issues related to the safety of the food and food products like dietary supplements along with pharmaceutical drugs, biopharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other products under the Acts.

In the given question the juices before released to the market are tested by the FDA as the FDA results support the results of the research performed by the company and the give the reliability to the results.

Thus, the selected option re the correct answer.

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Which structure best makes Bermudagrass successful in preventing soil erosion

Bermuda grass is successful in preventing soil erosion because the roots of the Bermuda grass can grow deep and it can reach 6 feet deep more on its surface. Also when the Bermuda grass is damaged it can grow back quickly. 

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Help me please!! I've looked it up and I can't find any answers. 1. Dromedary camels in Australia 2. Comb jellyfish (ctenophores) in the Black Sea 3. Piranhas in the United States Was the introduction intentional or accidental for the things above? How did it happen? Why did the organism do well in the new environment? What was the effect on the native environment? What efforts have been made to eliminate or reduce the numbers of the organism? What is the status right now of the organism in the new environment (has it been eliminated, or does it still flourish)?

The Jelly fish became over populated in the black sea, because of over fishing, and uncontrolled agricultural runoff.

The camel was imported, for transport, and exploration. (especially for the harsh conditions of the outback)

The piranha is very confusing, and people are still trying to figure out how they got to the United states, because they are found in very small numbers across the US, but seem to thrive in California, it is believed that they were smuggled into the US.

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Ron is observing and onion cell on a slide under a microscope he sees chromatids being pulled to opposite ends of the cell which phase is he seeing? Anaphase Telophase Prophase

Anaphase. Anaphase is the phase whereby spindle fibres pull chromatids to the two poles.

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What are the different forms called in an element that has forms with different numbers of neutrons ?

Isotope : same number of protons but different number of neutrons.

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What Receives information from outside the body to respond to stimuli and maintain A: nervous system B: neuron C: nerve impluse

B: neuron - specifically, the dendrites of a neuron. Nervous system in general could also be the answer but B is more specific

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An animal cell is growing and is active. The cell is going through which subphase of interface? G1 G2 S

The answer would be G1 - the cell grows and functions normally. During this time, a high amount of protein synthesis occurs and the cell grows (to about double its original size) - more organelles are produced and the volume of the cytoplasm increases.

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Which level of protein structure is a spatial arrangement of the secondary structure?

Tertiary structure. (3rd)

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What type of RNA brings amino acids to be attached in seqence according to the information carried in a differant type of RNA?

Messenger RNA
Also known as mRNA

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An organism has a haploid number of 20 what is the organisms diploid number

Haploid is 1/2....and diploid is I say 40

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What is earths position in the hierarchy of organization within the universe

Big Bang, the universe is still expanding. Slowly the planets get further away from each other. It's the third planet from the sun, some believed that the earth was in the center of the universe (geocentric) and now we believe the sun is in the middle. (Heliocentric)

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Are Purple loosestrife affecting the lives of humans? If so, how.

Purple loosestrife has the ability to severely decrease biodiversity wherever it grows due to its ability to displace many native plants. This not only affects the native plants themselves, but also any animal species which feed, nest, or take cover in wetland plants; the purple loosestrife forms such dense thickets that it is impossible for these animals to enter or use them. These animals are also displaced, then, by the loosestrife. Many of these animals, mostly birds, are highly valued aesthetically, and their disappearance is noticed by humans. On the other hand, though, humans also tend to find the loosestrife aesthetically pleasing; it was introduced as a decorative plant. Still, the damaging effect that the loosestrife has on ecosystem biodiversity is visible, and thus the plant offends any human values of conservation for the sake of conservation, a dominant cultural paradigm, and so the loosestrife is considered detrimental.

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Climates are defined by temperature and precipitation. True or false?




As per NOAA definitions climate is defined by the temperature and pressure,  their variations over a certain period of time and their averages for a local , regional or global entity. As per the Köppen system, there are five types of climate based on the variation of temperature and precipitation, namely –  

a) Dry Climates

b) Polar Climates

c) Moist Mid-latitude Climates with Mild Winters

d) Moist Mid-Latitude Climates with Cold Winters

e) Tropical Moist Climates

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Hemophilia is a gender-linked blood disorder in humans. The gene responsible for it is gene-linked recessive, meaning it is present on the X chromosome. When the gene is present in males (Xh), it always expresses itself, meaning that the male's blood won't clot properly. When present in females in a heterozygous condition (XhXH), the gene doesn’t express itself; but the female becomes a carrier, meaning that her offspring could have hemophilia.. When present in a homozygous recessive condition in females (XhXh), it expresses itself. One of every 10,000 persons is affected by this disease. What could be the allele frequency for this disease in the entire population?

Hemophilia's expressive gene is carried by the mother herself.  For a female child, it is impossible to have Haemophilia as one allele is being carried by father and that allele does not cause disease. In the male offspring, chances of being diseased are 50:50, as the female gene in half of the gametes will be dominant and half will be recessive. Therefore, out of 5000 male offsprings, 2500 bear the chances of getting Haemophilia. 
But in real life situation, 1 out of 10000 people is affected.

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In the experiment, you will determine whether having worms in the soil causes lima bean plants to grow more, less, or the same. Write a scientific question that you are answering by doing this lab. Write your question in general terms, not in terms of worms and lima bean plants.

Let us systematically break our problem into hypothesis, testable version of hypothesis, constant, and variables.

Hypothesis: In the experiment, you will determine whether having worms in the soil affects the growth of lima bean plants.

Variables: Independent variable - presence of worms, dependent variable - amount of growth in lima bean plants (measured as the change in length of the plant shoot)

Constant: Amount of soil, amount of water given to the plant.

Our question would be a testable version of the hypothesis.

Testable hypothesis:

1. Presence of worms in soil will promote growth of lima bean plants.

2. Presence of worms in soil will stop the growth of lima bean plants.

Null hypothesis: Presence of worms in soil will not affect the growth of lima bean plants.

While trying to answer the question our goal will be to first reject the null hypothesis by gathering evidence through experimental observation. Then, we will test the parts 1 and 2 of the testable hypothesis.

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Which of the following is not needed for plants to survive

Plants need water, food, oxygen, light, temperature, and support (soil and such) in order to survive
If you provide options I could help more 

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