Are the alps the highest mountains in the world

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The summit of Mt. Everest is the tallest above sea level, but, Mauna Kea is the tallest when measured from base to summit.
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In which area would you have found the mountain-dwelling Inca civilization?

In which area would you have found the mountain-dwelling Inca civilization?
In East South America

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By 2050, India is projected to overtake China as the world's most populated country. Which of the following statements accurately describes the primary reason for this development?

Cultural differences exist between the Chinese and Indians regarding family planning.

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For items 1–5, match each term with its description below. Type the letter of your answer choice in the box below each description. A. Australia's natural wonder that can be seen from space B. chain of islands C. the deepest ocean depth in the world is found here D. 75 percent of the world's active volcanoes are located here E. destination for hikers in New Zealand 1. Mariana Trench (1 point) 2. Archipelago (1 point) 3. Great Barrier Reef (1 point) 4. Ring of Fire (1 point)

The correct answers are:

1. Mariana Trench - the deepest ocean depth in the world is found here;

Located near the North Mariana Islands, the Mariana Trench is a place where the Eurasian, Philippine, and Pacific plates have their boundary, which contributed to this incredibly deep crack in the ocean crust.

2. Archipelago - chain of islands;

Archipelago is a term that is used for a chain of islands, made in the same way by the same factors, and usually they are in close proximity,even though there's exceptions.

3. Great Barrier Reef - Australia's natural wonder that can be seen from space;

This is the biggest coral reef in the whole world, and it stretches along the eastern and northeastern coast of Australia;

4. Ring of Fire - D. 75 percent of the world's active volcanoes are located here;

The Ring of Fire is located alongside the boundary of the Pacific plate with the other plates, and since there's subduction zones all over its boundary, there's lots of active volcanoes.

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How do the Brandt line, Walt Rostow's Modernization model, neocolonialism, and Wallerstein's world systems theory inform and intersect with each other when explaining economic development?

These models provide various explanations for the disparities in economic development. Wallerstein’s world systems theory divides the world into core, semi-periphery, and periphery nations. According to this theory, core nations are highly developed nations, semi-periphery are developing nations, and periphery are underdeveloped nations. This theory intersects with the Brandt Line model of economic geography in that most underdeveloped nations fall within the Brandt Line, which divides the world between the North and South, the North being developed nations. Furthermore, according to Wallerstein, core and periphery nations work together for their developmental needs. Yet, from a neocolonialist perspective, these core nations also once were the colonizers of the peripheral nations. As a result, they continue to dictate the underdeveloped nations' economies and trade, and subsequently, their independence. Economic growth is required for periphery countries to move from subsistence/agricultural economies to industrialization, as the Rostow Modernization model demands.

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Which of the followng is associated with mid-ocean ridges? A. submarine canyons B. Mountainous topography

A is the answer to his

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Some coastal regions of the world have cooler summers in warmer Winters than Inland regions at the same latitude what accounts for the difference in climates

Water holds in heat very well. Keep the temperature more steady and average. The areas around the water will also have a less variant

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Extensive areas of mountains deserts and permafrost ridden lans force most people of the Russian federation to settle in this region.

I think the answer is Europe I hope this helps

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What are the three most common types of mountains? Give a brief description and an example of each.

fold mountains block mountains and plateau mountains

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How might a mountain range affect the types of plants and animals found in an area?

The presence of a mountain range could isolate the gene pool of the species which would likely change or mutate characteristics may arise in the species. 

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Which has influenced society politics and culture around the world

It american cause we influse christian and others

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Most railroads ran east-west to enable ______________ to move quickly across the plains and mountains.

People. Goods were also moved quickly across the east and the west.  Never before had any form of transportation allowed people to get from the easy to the west in a quick amount of time. Before the railroads the United States was not unified because its economy, people, and communications spread so slowly or not at all. 

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What are the similarities between mountains, plateaus.

They are both elevated land forms. Hope i could help!

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One student uses a flat toothpick as a mining equipment in a cookie mining lab. In your own words, explain how changing mining techniques or tools in a cookie mining lab could have both pros and cons and apply it to the real world.

It could have pros because it may be a better technique, and helps you get more of what you want, but it could also have cons, because it could give back less than what you got with the other technique. This is like if you have a job filing paperwork, and you have a good technique or tool to help you along quickly, but you decide to try something new, and end up being able to get things done faster. However, you might decide to change your techniques again, and you may find that it gets things done much slower. Hope this helps.

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Which south asian country has the highest poverty rate

I would say Afghanistan or maybe North Korea

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Which statements describe the beliefs of political Islam? Select all that apply. The Muslim world is in decline. Western culture supports Islamic values. It is important to apply Islamic principles to political life. It is important to apply Islamic principles to personal life. Globalization will empower the Muslim world.


It is important to apply Islamic principles to political life.


Political islam has one general purpose which is to apply principles of the religion to political life. Politics is mainly focuses on ruling and governing on a particular group of people.

The Quran is seen as the holy book which should dictate the politcal environment by most adherents of the political islam view.

The Quran highlights and traces the life of the holy prophet. It is widely believed that if the instructions and dictates postulated by the prophet is keenly followed, a political structure on His precepts can offer a better and fulfilling life in which practioners of the faith can easily subscribe to.

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How did World War II change Poland’s ethnic diversity? a.)Poles fled from land occupied by the Germans. b.)One ethnic group changed political views. c.)Poles all changed their religion during the war. d.)One ethnic group was almost eliminated.

D.)One ethnic group was almost eliminated. That's the correct answer because when it went on the jews were being enslaved and slaughtered by the hundreds each day therefore causing them to almost be eliminated.

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Drought often forces refugees to leave their homes in the Sahel and migrate to _____. camps cities mountain areas savannas

The people from Sahel, Africa face drought conditions every year. Water-deficient conditions force them to move to mountain areas which fulfill their water requirements. UNICEF also helps them by organizing camps and providing them with necessary items. 

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Would mountainous landscapes attract you to live in an area?I answered it attracts people in my geography test but apparently I'm wrong. I don't understand why.

From a geological perspective, living near a mountain landscape can offer a number of advantages that would be attractive.

Climate: Mountains can have a significant impact on the climate. Due to their effect on the weather, you can have a very wet climate on the side that blocks rain or a desert and dry conditions on the opposite.

Natural Resources: The higher mountain is, the colder it gets. Many experience abundant amounts of snow and ice formation. As the seasons change, the atmosphere around a mountain warms and cools. When it is cool, snow and ice forms at lower levels of the mountain. As the mountain warms, the snow found at lower levels of the mountain begins to melt and is captured in rivers and streams that originate from it. These streams and rivers can provide water to areas that are dry and sustain forests. The mountain acts like a regulator for supplying resources.

Mountains can also have a significant effect on weather phenomenon like Hurricanes and Thunderstorms.

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Australia is the home of 95 percent of the world's diamond opal or ruby supply.

The answer is Diamond opal

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Which continent can lay claim to the highest and lowest points on the planet? (1 point) Africa Europe Oceania Asia

It's not Africa because that continent does not own any other territories so it resigns only in the southern hemisphere. Oceania is not a continent so it is definitely not the answer. Asia cross to both the northern and southern hemisphere. The claim the title because in their name they own several out reaching lands and oceans. For example the dead sea. So they are not limited to their continent but reach(own) "The highest and lowest points".
 Therefore your answer should be D. Asia

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