Briefly explain what happens to energy and to molecules when bonds are formed and broken in molecules of ATP and ADP ( explain at a 6th grade level )

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ATP has three phosphates attached to it. In order to form ADP, one of the phosphates is released. To form ADP back into ATP, the phosphate has to be reattached.
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Give an example of a specialized leaf system that is adapted specifically to its environment and explain how it works.

Th waxy coating over the surface of the leaves in xerophytic plants like cactus helps in preventing water loss by transpiration, and thus, helps them in maintaining turgor pressure and ultimately, in survival.
The cold-climate plants like pine, have needle-shaped small leaves, which help them in water conservation.

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The body needs____ in only small amounts, but these organic molecules are an important part in helping preform cellular reactions.

Enzymes are needed to catalyze reactions in the body

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In cellular membranes, why do the tails ends of the lipid molecules face toward eachother?

The tails are hydrophobic and the heads are hydrophilic, causing the tails to go inward and the heads to face outward.

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Explain what type of logging would most likely necessitate reforestation afterwards.

Clear-cutting logging would be more likely to necessitate reforestation afterwards than selective cutting. Clear-cutting removes all trees in an area and results in more significant environmental damage, making it more difficult for the trees to regrow naturally. With selective cutting only some of the trees are harvested, so the overall ecosystem is preserved which makes it more likely that trees will be able to regrow naturally.

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In a population, when the birthrate becomes higher than the death rate, the population’s growth rate A) decreases. B) increases. C) slows to a stop. D) levels off and remains constant.

Answer is B. when the death rate is lower than the birth rate, population will just continue to increase.

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Where is chemical energy contained in a compound

Answer: Bonds.


The energy of the compounds lies in the bonds present in the compound. Energy is released from the compounds when the bonds are broken.

Example: Adenosine triphosphte is hydrolyzed and adenosine diphosphate and inorganic phosphate is produced. This process releases energy by the breakdown of bonds which is used for carrying various metabolic processes of the body.

Hence, the chemical energy is stored in the bods of the compounds.

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Explain the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning.

A watch means that the potential exists for the development of tornadoes, depending upon the specific type of watch issued. A warning means that a tornado has been spotted or radar has indicated intense low-level rotation in the presence of atmospheric conditions conducive to tornado development.

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El Nino is a weather event in which the waters of the Pacific Ocean around the equator are warmer than normal. This seems to bring an increase in the number of hurricanes in the eastern Pacific. Explain the most likely cause for this.

Warm air over the ocean causes hurricanes. Warmer waters would increase the air temperatures over the water.

looks short but its the answer on quizlet too.

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The pelagic zone includes those waters further from the land; it is generally cold and is below the benthic zone, the upper level of the ocean. TRUE FALSE

The correct answer here is False. The Benthic Zone lies below the Pelagic zone, which is not what it shows in this question.

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Lava that cools so quickly that ions do not have time to arrange into crystals will form igneous rocks with a _____.


The answer is Glassy texture


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Match each term with its definition. A. Carrying capacity Growth increases, accelerates, then slows B. Exponential growth Results from an abundance of resources C. Logistic growth Slowing growth at this level D. Population crash Results from overshooting the maximum

Here are the terms with their corresponding and correct definitions:
A. Carrying capacity: slowing growth at this level 
B. Exponential Growth: increases, accelerates, then slows 
C. Logistic Growth: results from an abundance of resources
D. Population Crash: results from overshooting the maximum
Hope this answer helps.

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Plants need nitrate ions in order to make proteins. A plant is growing in soil flooded water. Explain why the plant cannot absorb enough nitrate ions.

Plants need nitrogen in order to form amino acids and absorb this in the form of nitrates from the soil. They do this with the help of their roots. In a waterlogged environment, roots start to decompose due to the lack of oxygen. This affects their nitrate absorption capacity and plant growth is stalled.

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Design an experiment to investigate how distance from the ground will affect a ball’s potential energy. Write out the materials you need and the steps you will follow. Record your results and observations. I need help......Fast!!!!

The formula for potential energy is decided by mass, height, and gravity. 

Increasing the height of the object is directly proportional to increasing potential energy. 

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Marine science help!! 15 points! Cesium is a radioactive element which was released into the ocean after the Fu kushima nuclear power plant meltdown in 2011. Cesium's half-life is 30 years, which means that for every unit of cesium, half of it will decay over 30 years. How does this affect the human populations that eat fish from this area? A: Cesium's half-life is relatively long, so biomagnification could become a concern. B: All of the cesium will decay in approximately thirty years; therefore, humans can just avoid eating the contaminated fish for thirty years. C: Cesium levels will be acceptable in a short time, so biomagnification is not a concern and humans can eat fish as normal. D: Cesium will only decay by half in fifteen years, so human populations should avoid eating fish in this area and avoid contamination. I'm stuck between A or D... :/


A is correct


Since the half-life of Cesium is 30 years, that mean that passing this period of time there is going to be the half of mass of this element in ocean. Of course since day 1 until year 30, there will be plenty of generations of the marine living things, so what is going to happen is that this element can be absorb by the algae or plants from the ocean, Cesium is going to fixed in tissues, so when small fish are going to eat, they are going to accumulate Cesium in their tissues (but a bigger concentration than the producer), when another animal eat this small animal is going to repeat the process, in that way biomagnification will be a concern to humankind.

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In at least three sentences, describe why transitioning to a hydrogen economy has advantages. In at least three sentences, explain three disadvantages associated with hydrogen fuel use. Why is a high use of renewable energy necessary to make hydrogen fuel an environmentally sound alternative? Respond in one complete paragraph.

Hydrogen supply s abundant and its a cleaner i.e. renewable form of energy.
This is also non-toxic. The efficiency of this energy is also higher.
Disadvantages are that it is an expensive source of energy. Because of the low density of Hydrogen gas, its storage is difficult. The transportation of Hydrogen gas is also difficult due to its low density.

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Which metamorphic rock is commonly formed by contact metamorphism and has non-foliated texture? gneiss schist hornfel

That would be your last option hornfel

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Sedimentary rocks can form at the earth's surface or within the earth. True False

True and false. It does form most often in a river, but not in the earths crust

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Renewable energy source scan be replenished are non-recyclable will eventually be used up never cause pollution

Renewable energy source can be replenished.
hope this helps!!

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When a plant starts to reproduce, auxins are released. Also, a large amount of sugar is used to create energy to build reproductive pollen and fruits. Which main plant tissues are working together?

   They differentiate into the three main types: Dermal, Vascular, and Ground tissue. Dermanal in plants, just as in animals, similar cells working together from a tissue.

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How many energy-transferring steps away from the sun is the wolf ? how do you know?

Well it depends what the wolf is eating at the given time.  Seeing as how wolves are omnivorous, if it is eating berries there is one thing between it and the sun.  If it is eating a deer then there is two steps between it and the sun.  If it is eating something like a skunk or a badger it depends on what the skunk or badgers last meal was.

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Explain the meaning of tephra and how volcanic bombs, lapilli, and ash relate to tephra

Tephra Greek, for ash is a generic term for any airborne pyroclastic accumulation. ... Within this size classification, specific types of tephra can be further defined by ... Some lapilli- to bomb-size pyroclasts maintain a frothy appearance. 

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Explain what happens to the human body if one of the body systems is not functioning properly. Make sure to include the idea of homeostasis in your evidence and reasoning.

If one body part is not working properly, it affects others also. The direct influence of any such abnormality can be seen of the homeostasis of the body. If an infection occurs, it leads to release of the signals which also increase the body temperature, and homeostasis is disturbed. Similar is the case of the nervous system. If it is not working properly, hormones related to maintenance of homeostasis are affected and ultimately, other body systems including excretory and endocrine are directly affected. If circulatory system is affected, then plasma, which acts as a buffer system is hampered and a direct influence can be seen on heart and kidneys also. 

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Which characteristic do plants, people, and flatworms share? They all use cellular respiration to obtain energy. They all make their own food. They all ingest food.

(They all use cellular respiration to obtain energy).

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Studying the changes in densities of pocket gophers when large herbivores such as elk are excluded from mountain forests would be an example of studying ecology at which level?

Studying the changes in densities of pocket gophers when large herbivores such as elk are excluded from mountain forests would be an example of studying ecology at the community level.
A community refers to a group of organisms of various species that live in the same location and interact with each other. So, if this scientist is observing gophers and elks, they are looking at the level of communities, not anything more or less.

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Earth supports life forms numbering more than _____.

Earth supports 8.7 million different forms of life. Out of this, 6.5 million species inhabit the land and the rest 2.2 live in the oceans. This figure has recently been announced by the Census of the Marine life and is known as the global biodiversity of the earth. 

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Explain how a change in the sequence of nitrogen bases in a dna molecule could result in a gene mutation

Well, the order and set processes of the nitrogen bases has dominance over the order of the amino acids in the protein. If the bases are altered or mutated, then the amino acids that theseems nitrogen bases code for, are changed. This leads to a different set of amino acids, and therefore a different protein. A different protein is composed, and then the gene containing this different protein will also be different. This has a greater overall impact on some genes than others, depending on which part of the DNA polymer/polymerase is mutated

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Which best describes a cell that was formed as a result of meiosis?

A gamete is created as a result of meiosis. 

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