By 1977 Technology had developed to the extent that Dr. Paul MacCready successfully flew a 1.6 mile-long figure of eight in his Gossamer Condor. With the subsequent incorporation of lightweight wonder materials such as carbon fibre and Kevlar, two years later the newly developed Gossamer Albatross achieved what was hitherto thought impossible, and crossed 22 miles of the English Channel at an average height of just Five Feet. After more successes in the mid-80s an Amercian craft, Daedelus, named after Icarus's dad and piloted by a Greeg cycling champ, flew more than 70 miles over the Mediterranean Sea in just under four hours, earning their creators the record for both the furhest distance flown and the longest flight duration, despite the fact that a headwind caused the plane to ditch in the sea just yards away from our intended landing point.

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