Chromosomes, which contain DNA, have several functions. All BUT ONE of these statements is a function of chromosomes. Chromosomes determine the traits of an organism. Chromosomes provide instructions to make proteins. Chromosomes determine the gender of an individual. Chromosomes help an organism produce usable energy.

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I'm gonna say it's D
Chromosomes help an organism produce usable energy.  I'm pretty sure this is the answer
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You and your friends have found two different creeks to swim in. The first is crystal clear and cold. The second is slightly cloudy, but much warmer. What makes the two creeks different?


the second creek has more suspended load

for plato users


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Urgent!!!!! How can a mutation benefit an organism and its descendants? Provide an example.

A mutation can allow a organism to adapt to the environment and example can be the case of the peppered moth which has two variations a white colored one and a black colored one. The white colored ones were able to survive better that the darker ones because of how they were able to camouflage with the lichen located in the trees. However, after a while smoke particles that were released by industries darkened the trunk of the trees making the white moths visible and allowing the darker colored ones to survive. Another example can be on how organism can be resistant to bacteria this allows the animal to survive and reproduce offspring with the same mutation. I hope this helps...

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Movements that follow a major earthquake often produce smaller earthquakes called

The answer to your question is aftershock

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In the development of dogs, monkeys and dolphins, nourishment and oxygen are provided by the mother to the fetus through the A. excretory system. B. cloaca. C. placenta. D. both (B) and (C).

Heyo! I believe the answer to this would be C. placenta. The placenta is an organ that connects to the fetus through the umbilical cord, and nourishes them.

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The body needs____ in only small amounts, but these organic molecules are an important part in helping preform cellular reactions.

Enzymes are needed to catalyze reactions in the body

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DNA copies itself during which phase? G1 G2 S cytokinesis

Before this can happen, however, cells require a full complement of DNA for each of the new daughter cells that will form as a result of the split. Because of this, DNAmakes a copy of itself in a process known as replication during interphase, a stagethat occurs before cells divide.
so it would be G2

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Which component of DNA carries the genetic code

The nucleus carries the genetic code for the DNA.

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In seed plants the sperm make it to the egg via A. pollen tubes. B. wind. C. water. D. tiny wings.


A Pollen tubes


When pollen arrives to the seed plants,whether it comes by wind or pollinators such as insects or birds, it needs to arrive where the egg is. The way to arrive is through these long and protected tubes called pollen tubes which will led directly into the egg.

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what is the most common threat to a host organism posed by an invading virus

Destruction of cells by viral reproduction (lytic cycle). can I get brainliest please? I need it to advance

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How do you account for the increase in the protein concentration from the arterial blood to the postglomerular blood?

X - 4 -a r -d + 746573 is your a

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Both the heart and arteries contract to pump blood throughout the body. Please select the best answer from the choices provided. T F

The heart and the arteries of a person, both contracts to pump the blood throughout the body. The aorta, which is the largest artery of the human body, pumps the blood from the heart to the entire body of a person. The oxygen-rich blood is pumped out of the left ventricle when its contraction into the aorta, from where it is transported to the whole body.

Hence, the given statement is true.

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LOTS OF POINTS!!!! A fossilized shell with thin rings indicates what? poor environmental conditions good environmental conditions nothing, because rings cannot be used to determine environmental conditions

I believe the correct answer is "poor environmental conditions." Hope this helps!

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What is a function of the efferent division of the nervous system?

Efferent nerve any nerve that carries impulses from the central nervous system toward the periphery, such as a motor nerve

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A blue whale makes a call underwater at the same time as an elephant calls on long will it take eachof these sounds to travel 3 km?

In Air its 343 m/s.
In SeaWater its 1522 m/s.
Hope this Helps. 

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Having an extra chromosome results in

That is correct I tried it on my quiz.

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Where is chemical energy contained in a compound

Answer: Bonds.


The energy of the compounds lies in the bonds present in the compound. Energy is released from the compounds when the bonds are broken.

Example: Adenosine triphosphte is hydrolyzed and adenosine diphosphate and inorganic phosphate is produced. This process releases energy by the breakdown of bonds which is used for carrying various metabolic processes of the body.

Hence, the chemical energy is stored in the bods of the compounds.

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Where is genetic information stored? DNA Proteins RNA

DNA stores the information while RNA interprets the information, and uses it to synthesize proteins.

The answer to your question is DNA.

Hope this helps! Have a blessed day!

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This country is the world's leading producer of cork. A.Portugal B.France C.Bulgaria D.Spain

A) Portugal

Hope this helped!

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The fossil record shows that organisms in older rock strata are simpler than those found in younger rocks. This observation provides support for the theory of evolution the principle of original horizontality genetic drift speciation by punctuated equilibrium

The show of older rocks being simpler than younger rocks could mean that the rocks had a genetic change. The genetic change could be different things, the rocks sediment could have more sand and less clay or the rocks could have more atoms packed tighter together. That type of change of something is called
Genetic Drift 

H0P3 It H3LPS :)

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Plants need nitrate ions in order to make proteins. A plant is growing in soil flooded water. Explain why the plant cannot absorb enough nitrate ions.

Plants need nitrogen in order to form amino acids and absorb this in the form of nitrates from the soil. They do this with the help of their roots. In a waterlogged environment, roots start to decompose due to the lack of oxygen. This affects their nitrate absorption capacity and plant growth is stalled.

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