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completed 01.11 Module One Test Part 1 Integrated Mathematics I v15 (GS) Thrive / Module 01: Algebra Foundations Jemma Leigh Louw profile picture below passing All changes saved 1. (01.01 LC) Evaluate the following: −3 − (−2). (5 points) −5 −1 1 −6 2. (01.01 LC) Evaluate the following: 42 ÷ (3 + 1). (5 points) 4 3 2 1 3. (01.02 LC) What is the simplified form of the following expression? (x10)(x2) (5 points) x8 x12 x20 x100 4. (01.02 MC) Evaluate the following expression using the values given: Find 2x − 3y − z if x = −2, y = 3, and z = −2 (5 points) −11 11 −15 15 5. (01.02 LC) Jake and Mike took a different number of tests. Jake scored 85 points on each test. Mike's total score was 15 less than Jake's total score. The following expression shows Mike's total score: 85x − 15 In the expression, what does the variable x represent? (5 points) The total number of tests Mike took The total number of tests Jake took The sum of Jake's and Mike's total score The difference between Jake's and Mike's total score 6. (01.03 LC) Bret wants to plot a graph to show the prices of different numbers of skateboards. He has to plot the following points: (1, 49.99), (2, 99.98), (3, 149.97), (4, 199.96) Which of the following best describes how the y-axis should be labeled? (5 points) From 0 to 200 at intervals of 50 From 0 to 400 at intervals of 50 From 0 to 500 at intervals of 100 From 0 to 150 at intervals of 100 7. (01.02 MC) It took Everly 55 minutes to run a 10-kilometer race last weekend. If you know that 1 kilometer equals 0.621 mile, how many minutes did it take Everly to run 1 mile during the race? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. (5 points) 3.41 minutes 5.50 minutes 6.21 minutes 8.86 minutes

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