Discuss how compounds in different types of organisms can be used to benefit people??

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There are various compounds that can be obtained from the living species. These compounds are majorly used as drugs. Various researchers are performing work to determine the compounds found in the living species that may be beneficial to human beings. They analyze several of the thousands of compounds and select only those that exhibit the desirable features.  

There are various chemical compounds found in living beings, which can help in bettering human health. The natural compounds are used in distinct cultures for thousands of years. On certain occasions they are utilized as drugs, the prime example is the use of penicillin, that is, a compound obtained from a fungus, and is widely used as the first available antibiotic. Like this there are other various medicines, which are obtained from plants.  

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Carbohydrates, lipids, and protein are types of carbon compounds that are broken down to produce..

They make up everything needed to create DNA, although im not very sure, i think the answer your looking for is DNA.

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As you are cooking, your hand brushes up against a hot pan. You quickly pull your hand away. What type of stimulus is this?

Stimulus is something that causes a psychological response. It can be internal or external. The stimulus is the contact with the hot pan. It is an external stimulus. Sense organs, such as the sensory receptors in the skin are sensitive to external stimulus. The quickly pull of your hand is a reflex action.
The contact causes a nerve impulse that will travel to the spinal cord via the sensory neurons.To respond to the stimulus of the reflex arc, the muscle needs to contract to pull the hand quickly away from the hot pan.

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Pointed teeth help tear apart food, and large, flat teeth are used to grind food. Based on this information, what types of teeth are characteristic of animals that eat plants and animals that eat other animals?

Animals that eat plants have flat teeth to grind the plants down, while animals that eat other animals have sharp teeth to tear apart flesh.

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Cranberries and grapes may have therapeutic value. A cranberry company obtained the patent for a process to extract the oil from cranberry seeds. According to the patent, this oil can be used to treat breast cancer or to reduce its incidence. The oil can be used in drinks and foods. A grape juice company claims to have evidence that certain grapes have health benefits ranging from improving cardiovascular health to improving cognitive brain function in the elderly. These claims will be tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before the companies are allowed to market their products for “treating” ailments or “improving” health. Until then, the companies can describe that their products “help to maintain” or “support” health. Until studies support their claims, the companies cannot ascribe direct health benefits to their products. Why would the FDA perform tests when a cranberry company and a grape company have already conducted research on the same products? The FDA is the only organization that can test if health actually improves. Tests that are performed by any company which benefits financially are considered unreliable. The FDA tests give reliability to the results of improved health obtained by each company. Tests performed by the FDA follow established scientific methods, but those performed by companies do not.


The correct answer will be option-The FDA tests give reliability to the results of improved health obtained by each company.


The Food and Drug Administration or FDA is a United States federal agency established to control the food safety under the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

The FDA helps control the issues related to the safety of the food and food products like dietary supplements along with pharmaceutical drugs, biopharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other products under the Acts.

In the given question the juices before released to the market are tested by the FDA as the FDA results support the results of the research performed by the company and the give the reliability to the results.

Thus, the selected option re the correct answer.

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Help me please!! I've looked it up and I can't find any answers. 1. Dromedary camels in Australia 2. Comb jellyfish (ctenophores) in the Black Sea 3. Piranhas in the United States Was the introduction intentional or accidental for the things above? How did it happen? Why did the organism do well in the new environment? What was the effect on the native environment? What efforts have been made to eliminate or reduce the numbers of the organism? What is the status right now of the organism in the new environment (has it been eliminated, or does it still flourish)?

The Jelly fish became over populated in the black sea, because of over fishing, and uncontrolled agricultural runoff.

The camel was imported, for transport, and exploration. (especially for the harsh conditions of the outback)

The piranha is very confusing, and people are still trying to figure out how they got to the United states, because they are found in very small numbers across the US, but seem to thrive in California, it is believed that they were smuggled into the US.

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What type of RNA brings amino acids to be attached in seqence according to the information carried in a differant type of RNA?

Messenger RNA
Also known as mRNA

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An organism has a haploid number of 20 what is the organisms diploid number

Haploid is 1/2....and diploid is doubled....so I say 40

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What is earths position in the hierarchy of organization within the universe

Big Bang, the universe is still expanding. Slowly the planets get further away from each other. It's the third planet from the sun, some believed that the earth was in the center of the universe (geocentric) and now we believe the sun is in the middle. (Heliocentric)

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Which of the following is not an organic moecule? ice lipid carbohydrate nucleic acid

Ice is water. Water is inorganic. 

All the rest are organic molecules

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_____ inherited traits that increase an organisms chance of survival, also determine an organism’s niche.




Adaptations inherited traits that increase an organisms chance of survival, also determine an organism’s niche.

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Which of these is a type of mutation where a single base pair in the DNA is exchanged for another? Insertion Deletion Substitution Creation

Substitution is the answer to your question. One is removed and replaced... aka a substitution has taken place 

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Which of the following is not considered a type of mass movement? A creep B landslides C mudflows D These are all types of mass movement.

B) Landslides

Hope this helped, If it did mark me brainliest:)

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List the four eras on the geologic time scale describe one identifying type of organism from each era

Precambrian Paleozoic Mesozoic and Cenozoic

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Aspergillosis is what type of infection

Lung diseases........................

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Which of the following is not a type of high cloud? A cirrostratus clouds B clouds C cumulonimbus clouds D cirroculumus clouds



. . . . . . . . . . .  .

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Carl Linnaeus developed a two-word system for naming organisms. It is called

Answer: Binomial Nomenclature


The bionomial nomenclature is a system that helps to name the organism present on earth. This system helps to give names to the organism that is valid everywhere.

Every organism on the earth can be named locally by the people living in that area, that is why it was decided to name the organism globally using certain set of rules.

According to this system, the name of the organism consists of two letter, one starts with a capital letter and other starts with small letter. The first word defines the genus and the word describes the species of the organism.

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Which organism first appeared during the Cenozoic era? A. cyanobacteria B. trilobite C. wolf D. dinosaur is it b or a or d? i know its not wolf

C. wolf 

mammals flourished after the comet it earth and killed the dinosaurs

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Is it true oil is formed from the remains of small organisms that once lived in seas and lakes

Yes sort of organisms millions of years ago break down into oil which could be small organisms

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A group of organisms of the same species that live in an area: A population B gene pool

A. Population because a gene pool would be the sum of all of the different species in a population of I'm not mistaken.

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If organism change sunlight and carbon dioxide into the oxygen and sugars it need to make enegery it is

This is photosynthesis

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What type of cell is capable of engulfing and digesting particles or cells harmful to the body?

Phagocytes is a type of cell is capable of engulfing and digesting particles or cells harmful to the body. This bone marrow-derived cell of myeloid origin engulfs foreign bodies by extending its cytoplasm into pseudopods surrounding the foreign particle and forming a vacuole. This way these cells can kill a wide variety of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, including microorganisms and tumor cells.

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