Drag the tiles to the boxes to form correct pairs. At a railway yard, locomotives are used to haul containers carrying oil. A locomotive is chosen according to the volume of oil it can haul, as shown in the table. Locomotive Capacity A450 0−750 cubic feet CG35 750−1,500 cubic feet BR73 1,500−2,500 cubic feet YH61 2,500−3,500 cubic feet The four cylindrical containers listed in the table need to be hauled. Cylinder Length (ft.) Diameter (ft.) Fill Level A 40 12 half B 24 8 full C 16 16 full D 6 12 full Match each container to the locomotive needed to haul it. A450 cylinder A CG35 cylinder B BR73 cylinder C YH61 cylinder D arrowBoth arrowBoth arrowBoth arrowBoth Reset Next

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