Find the difference. 6rs – (-2rs)

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There is no difference, 6rs-(-2rs) if you get rid of the parenthesis you are left with 6rs- -2rs and two negatives make a positive therefore the answer will become 8rs... I hope this helps :)
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Find the slope of a line through each pair (8,10),(-7,14)

First u have to find Y2-Y1/X2-X1 , so u will replace the number to the y and x value.
step1: subtract Y2 and Y1. then find the different of x_value, which is 14-10/-7-8
step2: after u find the differences, u will get 4/(-15) .
finally, you will get a slope. y=4/-15x+b.

Find two consecutive integers such that ten more than twice the smaller is seven less than three times the larger.

One integer should be x
and the second one should be x+1 
according to the question 
2x+10 = 3(x+1) - 7
2x+10 = 3x+3-7
2x +10 = 3x-4 
2x-3x+10+4 = 0
-x + 14= 0
-x = -14
minus got canceled out
x = 14 and 
14+ 1
so the numbers are 14 and 15 

Write to explain two ways you can find the sum of 3+4+5.

Way one: put the biggest number in your head in this case 5 then count up 4 then 3 more so you get 12 

way 2: draw 3 tally marks then 4 more then 5 more then count them all together to get the sum 12

hope this helped:)

A complex number, (a + bi), multiplied by (2 + 3i) and added to -i gives the product of (-11 + 5i) and (1 – i).a = and b =


Hence, we have:

               a= 3 and b= 4

Step-by-step explanation:

It is given that:

A complex number, (a + bi), multiplied by (2 + 3i) and added to -i gives the product of (-11 + 5i) and (1 – i).



Since, we know that :


Hence, we have:


i.e. we have:




On multiplying equation (1) by 2 and equation (2) by 3 we get:


on putting the value of a into equation (1) we get:

2\times 3-3b=-6\\\\i.e.\\\\6-3b=-6\\\\i.e.\\\\-3b=-6-6\\\\i.e.\\\\-3b=-12\\\\i.e.\\\\b=4

Find a number between 364 and 384 which is multiple of 3 and7

378 is the number since it is found to be divisible by not only 7 but also 3.

F(x)=√(10-3x) find the formula

Let y=f(x)
you want to make x the subject

square both sides

now replace y with x

Doreen schmidt is a chemist. She needs to prepare 36 ounces of a 10% shydrochloric acid solution. Find the amount of 18% solution and the amount of 9% solution she should mix to get this solution

Total = 36oz
Amount of 18% solution = x
Amount of 9% solution = 36 - x

Using the fact that (amount of solution) * (percent HCl) = amount HCl we can set up an expression for the amount HCl in a mixture of 18% and 9% solutions with a total volume of 36oz.

Amount of HCl = x*0.18 + (36 - x)*0.09

If we divide this by the amount of solution we get percent HCl, and we have a target of 10% HCl. Now we have an equation to solve,

[x*0.18 + (36 - x)*0.09]/36 = 0.1

x*0.09 + 3.24 = 3.6

.09x = 0.36
x = 4

4 ounces of 18% HCl solution and 32 ounces of 9% HCl solution

[(4*.18) + (.09*32)]/36 = 0.1?
0.1 = 0.1   Yes.

The area of rectangle is 1936m sq. if the length is 4 times its breadth. find the dimension of the rectangle.

Let the breadth be x m.
So, length = 4x m.
Area of the rectangle = 1936m sq.
4x × x = 1936
4x^2 = 1936
x^2 = 1936/4
x^2 = 484
x = √484
x = √22×22
x = 22
Hence, breadth = 22m.
Length = (4×22)m = 88m.

Find the volume of cubical box . if the cost of painting of outer surface is rs 1440 at the rate rs 15 per mcube

Surface of a cubical box=6(side²)

1)We have to calculate the surface of this cubical box.
Rate=cost of painting / surface  ⇒surface=cost of painting/rate

cost of painting=$1440

Surface=$1440/($15/m²)=96 m²

2)We find out the length of the side:

Surface of a cubical box=6(side²)

Surface of a cubical box=96 m2

96m²=6 (side²)
side²=96 m²/6
side²=16 m²
side=√(16 m²)=4 m

3) We find the volume of a cubical box.
volume=(4 m)³
volume=64 m³

Answer: the volume of this cubical box would be 64 m³.

Given: F(x) = 2x - 1; G(x) = 3x + 2; H(x) = x 2 Find F{G[H(2)]}

F{G[H(2)]} = F{G[2*2]} = F{G[4]} = F{3*4+2} = F{14} = 2*14-1 = 27

How to find the positive value of x cubed, (equals 8)?

X equals 2. 2 times 2 equals 4, then you multiply it by 2 again, which equals 8. Basically you just have to find the square root of 8, which is 2.

A petting zoo has 5 lambs 11 rabbits 4 goats and 4 piglets. find the ratio of goats to the total number of animals. write the ratio in the simplest form then explain its meaning

First, add together the number of all the animals.

Then, find the number of goats and put that into a ratio with 24

This ratio means that for every 6 animals there is 1 goat

Hope this helps :D

A ladder 10 ft long rests against a vertical wall. If the bottom of the ladder slides away from the wall at a rate of 0.6 ft/s, how fast is the angle between the ladder and the ground changing when the bottom of the ladder is 6 ft from the wall? (That is, find the angle's rate of change when the bottom of the ladder is 6 ft from the wall.)

1) Set up an equation to model the situation.
    cos(Ф) = x/10

2) Take the derivative/gradient in terms of time (t) to find the related rates.
    d[cos(Ф)]/dt = d[x/10]/dt
    -sin(Ф)*dФ/dt = (1/10)*dx/dt
    dФ/dt = -(dx/dt)/(10*sin(Ф))

3) Substitute in the constants for the moment in time
    Given: dx/dt = 0.6; x=6 -> Ф = cos-1(6/10) = ~0.93rad
    Therefore: dФ/dt = -3/40 rad/sec

Twice the difference of five and n is the same as two subtracted from negative one times n

add 2n to both sides
add 2 to both sides

The sum of two consecutive integers is -67 . find the integers

I hope this helps you n+n+1=-67 2n=-67-1 2n=-68 n=-34 n+1=-34+1=-33

Twice the sum of a number and negative two is sixteen. find the number

N is the number
divide both sides by 2
add 2 to both sides

the number is 10