Give two examples of the importance of water to human activities explaining how the water is used

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Straits, estuaries, and gulfs are all examples of __________. A. landforms B. rivers C. valleys D. bodies of water

D.Bodies of water because im grate

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What might explain why yellowstone is an explosive volcano, even though it is a hotspot? I NEED HELP PLEASE

It build up alot of pressure so it is a hotspot and is going to blow gigantic

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Which compnent of the earth includes the water above and below and on the earths surface

hydrosphere should be yor answer

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For items 1–5, match each term with its description below. Type the letter of your answer choice in the box below each description. A. Australia's natural wonder that can be seen from space B. chain of islands C. the deepest ocean depth in the world is found here D. 75 percent of the world's active volcanoes are located here E. destination for hikers in New Zealand 1. Mariana Trench (1 point) 2. Archipelago (1 point) 3. Great Barrier Reef (1 point) 4. Ring of Fire (1 point)

The correct answers are:

1. Mariana Trench - the deepest ocean depth in the world is found here;

Located near the North Mariana Islands, the Mariana Trench is a place where the Eurasian, Philippine, and Pacific plates have their boundary, which contributed to this incredibly deep crack in the ocean crust.

2. Archipelago - chain of islands;

Archipelago is a term that is used for a chain of islands, made in the same way by the same factors, and usually they are in close proximity,even though there's exceptions.

3. Great Barrier Reef - Australia's natural wonder that can be seen from space;

This is the biggest coral reef in the whole world, and it stretches along the eastern and northeastern coast of Australia;

4. Ring of Fire - D. 75 percent of the world's active volcanoes are located here;

The Ring of Fire is located alongside the boundary of the Pacific plate with the other plates, and since there's subduction zones all over its boundary, there's lots of active volcanoes.

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Which industry besides tourism is most important to Mexico’s economy

The answer is (cash crop agriculture)

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Explain why Dublin, Ireland, is considered a primate city.


because its the largest city in its country or its region

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Rhyolite is an example of

Polymineralic and igneous rock

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What is Human Environment Interaction

Interactions between the human social system and (the “rest” of) the ecosystem

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Whats your opinion on water pollution?

Its bad for fishing.

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How does the potato crop failure in Ireland demonstrate the relationship between humans and the environment?

Due to the crop failure, many people died of starvation during this time. 

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A lake is fed by an underground spring. Is it likely to turn into a forest? Explain why or why not.

No, because as long as the under ground spring doesn't feed to much, it wont turn into a rain forest

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How do the Brandt line, Walt Rostow's Modernization model, neocolonialism, and Wallerstein's world systems theory inform and intersect with each other when explaining economic development?

These models provide various explanations for the disparities in economic development. Wallerstein’s world systems theory divides the world into core, semi-periphery, and periphery nations. According to this theory, core nations are highly developed nations, semi-periphery are developing nations, and periphery are underdeveloped nations. This theory intersects with the Brandt Line model of economic geography in that most underdeveloped nations fall within the Brandt Line, which divides the world between the North and South, the North being developed nations. Furthermore, according to Wallerstein, core and periphery nations work together for their developmental needs. Yet, from a neocolonialist perspective, these core nations also once were the colonizers of the peripheral nations. As a result, they continue to dictate the underdeveloped nations' economies and trade, and subsequently, their independence. Economic growth is required for periphery countries to move from subsistence/agricultural economies to industrialization, as the Rostow Modernization model demands.

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Natural resource consumption per person tends to be lower in developing nations as compared to developed nations. Yet environmental degradation in some developing countries can be quite high. Which of the following statements explains this condition?

Although natural resource consumption tends to e lower in developing nations there is often worse environmental degradation because there are weak environmental regulations in place to protect the environment. Additionally major industries fail to institutionalize environment saving policies. Also there is often ineffective waste management systems as well that create problems for the environment as well. 

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All of the following statements describe the importance of environmental protection in North America except _____.

Environmental protection in North America will not affect Europe of Asia...

I has this question in school.

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Compare swidden and wet rice agricultural practices. It doesn't give any answer choices and I'm confused about how to go about it. Thanks.

Swidden is a term used for a land that is devoid of trees due to the cutting and burning of trees to make way for a vast area. It is also called slash and burn agriculture. Whereas wet rice agricultural is the planting of trees on a land that is dry and then filling it with water to help the seeds grow and when it is harvested, the land is to be drained with water.

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The wearing away of soil and rock by wind and water is called

Erosion blows away things, like soil, water, it blows away alot of things in nature.

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WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST What is the dominant language of Sub-Saharan Africa? Afrikaans Hutu none

None of the above also afrikaans is spoken in south africa

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WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST Population growth of Sub-Saharan Africa is _____. positive stable


The answer is positive!!!

Sub-Saharan Africa's population is increasing at a faster rate than anyplace else in the world. Consider that the world's population is predicted to increase by 50 percent by 2050. The population of the region is expected to increase by 130 percent in the same time period.

Hope this helps!!!

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Explain how the Tuareg practice Islam in a unique way?

Tuareg's are people who are mostly located in Niger, Mali, Algeria, Libya which practice Islam in a different way. Tuareg's are Muslims but they believe in some rituals that Muslims did not believe. They believe in spirits and the Tuareg women did not use Hijab which are worn by Muslim women.  

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Human Geography what are some possible solutions that would allow for greater equality in global economic development?

Promotion of fair trade. Aid. Promotion of sustainable development

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How do the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) and the Human Development Index (HDI) differ from GDP as measures of development?

The GDP is a measure of development which is strictly focused on the economy of a country, its nominal GDP and the GDP per capita. While this can be a nice indicator in most cases for the development of a country, in some cases it can also be very misleading.

The GPI and HDI have to be taken in consideration as measures for development, as combined with the GDP they can provide a much clearer picture for a country and its citizens. The GPI and HDI are showing the index of the human rights, the independence are rightness of the law institutions, the infrastructure of a country, and they are pretty accurate measures by which a country can be judged at what degree of development it is.

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Explain how changes in weather in weather are caused by the interaction of air masses?

The nature of air masses is determined by three factors: the source region, the age and the modifications that may occur as they move away from their source region across the earth's surface.

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Which of the following cities is a example of a grid city? A. Boston B. London C. Tokyo D. Mohenjo-Daro I know its not A because the test says thats wrong

the answer to the question is D

your welcome :))

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