Heat Flow Inside Earth Activity Alert! The newspaper has been hacked, and all of the headlines have been changed to reflect old legends. It is your task to make sure they are corrected. Choose one of the newspaper headlines. You will rewrite the headline and a one-to-two-paragraph article to make the news scientifically correct. Be sure to include the following in your corrected newspaper article: New title reflecting correct information Detailed information about the processes and tectonic plate interactions that are causing the geological event to occur. Include an explanation of convection currents. Real-world example of where to find the geological event on Earth (picture and location) Also review the grading rubric before you begin. Newspaper with headline of Shake, Rattle, and Roll: Giants Battling Zeus Create Catastrophic Earthquake. Image of an earthquake damage in a city Newspaper with headline of Explosive Situation: Fire- Breathing Dragon Caught Inside Mountain Creates Volcanic Eruption. Image of a dragon breathing fire Newspaper with headline of Islands Popping Up Everywhere, Maui uses giant hook to pull islands from the ocean. Image of an island in the ocean Newspaper with headline of Ocean Expansion: Poseidon Pushes Tectonic Plates Apart, Creating an Ocean. Image of a wave in the ocean

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