How did the Black Plague affect the city of Florence? a. It killed nearly 10% of the population. b. It killed nearly 50% of the population. c. It killed nearly 80% of the population. d. The city was evacuated before the plague could spread.

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C, The black plague killed and contaminated so much almost all the population was killed off
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When Atticus first thinks that Jem was the one who killed Bob Ewell, what is Atticus ready to do? What does this show the reader about Atticus

Atticus is ready to speak the truth,Sheriff Tate convinces Atticus that it is in nobody's interest to tell the whole truth when it comes to this particular case. Everyone will lose if the truth came out.

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List of comic book movie released over the last 10 years

Do you need a list of comic book movies from the last ten years? not sure what you're asking

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Bach's family included over 50 notable composers t or f

The answer is trie, Johann Bach's family included over 50 notable composers. I hope this helps.

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The arches of the Prayer Hall, in Cordoba were characteristic of Islamic art. The arches were __________________ Please select the best answer from the choices provided double flying arches made of red brick and white stone. single arches made of red stone and black bricks. adorned with calligraphy and figural imagery. at least 55 feet high in the main room of the Prayer Hall.

The arches were double flying arches made of red brick and white stone. This feature of architecture exists in the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba which has experienced many changes of culture. The Prayer Hall in the Mosque-Cathedral has horseshoe-shaped arches. This architectural design shows the characteristic of an Islamic Mosque.

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Please help. I need it quick. 1. What is composition? a. the method used to determine the artist's intended meaning for an artwork b. the way digital tools are used to create digital artworks c. the way different art elements are arranged to communicate a single idea d. the amount of art elements that were used to create an artwork 2. what is lag? a. a graduent that is both radial and linear b. a method of creating fractional perspective c. a way of making Inkscape's filters use fewer computer resources d. a delay between when you do something and when that thing happens 3. which of the following is true about Inkscape's filters? a. they are not discussed in the Inkscape manual b. they can only be used once on each object in a project c. they use a lot o computer resources d. they have to be added without the use of special tools 4. when depth is added to a 2D shape, it becomes _______. a. A 2D abstract shape b. a 3D form c. a collage d. a pattern 5. what are highlights? a. the parts of an object that catch and reflect the most light back to the person looking at it b. the parts of an object that catch and reflect the least light back to the person looking at it c. the Inkscape sliders used to change the transparency of a stroke dd. the neutral colors used most frequently in an artwork 6. which type of computer graphic can be blown up to a much larger size without getting distorted or losing quality? a. a vector graphic b. a raster graphic c. a bitmap d. a pixel 7. which of the following artist was part of the Expressionist movement, which emphasized emotional experience rather than the physical world? a. Franz Marc b. Paul Gustave Dore c. Richard F. Outcault d. Leonardo da Vinci 8. A red object looks red because _________. a. it is reflecting the entire visual spectrum b. it is a complementary color c. it is absorbing the red parts of the visual spectrum and reflecting the rest back d. it is absorbing all parts of the visual spectrum except for red, which it reflects back 9. if you want to create a perfect curve, which tool would be most helpful? a. the pencil tool b.. the bezier tool c. the select tool d. the node tool 10. what are preconceptions? a. artworks that meet most people's criteria for beauty b. a person's internal assumptions about something c. the intentions of an artist d. different types of art 11. what is gradation? a. the lightness or darkness of a color b. the effect caused by shining light on a color c. the range of values for a specific color d. the difference between two colors 12. how is perforance art different from visual art? a. performance art requires less skill to create b. performance art is not subjective c. performance art focuses on sound instead of sight d. performance art focuses on both sight and sound. 13. what is optical color mixture? a. the way the human brain interprets color b. the emotional impact that a group of colors creates in an artwork c. the effect that makes complementary colors seem brighter when placed next to each other d. the effect of small dots of different colors appearing to combine into a new color 14. __________ are the main things people notice in a picture. a. negative shapes b. positive shapes c. backgrounds d. surrounds 15. what are pigments? a. small dots that appear to create new colors b. substances that absorb certain parts of the light spectrum c. theories about the relationships between colors d. methods of creating optical effects I really appreciate it guys.

2. d  
3.c i think?
6. a

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How did postmodernist robert rauschenberg convey the energy and chaos of modern city life in estate?

Postmodernist Robert Rayschenberg conveyed the energy and chaos of modern city life in Estate in the following way:
he included vigorous and uneven brushstrokes, and repeated and tilted images throughout the composition
This technique added to the feeling of chaos in modern city life in this painting, because of how his brushstrokes are quite sharp and the painting has vivid and strong colors, which represents the chaotic feel.

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Music unit test? connections 10

What are the questions?

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Which element of art is critical to successful black and white photography

The element of art that is critical to successful black and white photography is value.

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How did shakespeare affect modern theatre?

He was writing stories about people 
that was his big dream to do a play and plus he created the theatre with some help

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In to kill a mockingbird how long does it take for the jury to reach their verdict

It took them about 3 and a half hours (3 1/2)

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HELP I NEED HELP ON SOMETHING! I'LL GIVE BRAINLIEST! THERE IS 10 QUESTIONS! 1-Is this statement true or false? Kuna women traditionally made molas as a way to decorate functional items of clothing. A. False B. True 2-Which statement about molas made by Kuna women is true? A. They are made using the appliqué technique of layered fabric. B. They are made by painting designs onto paper. C. Kuna make molas only for people in their society. D. Their subjects are limited to animals. 3-Which statement about Zapotec woodcarvings from the Oaxaca Valley, Mexico, is true? A. They depict real animals, not imaginary ones. B. Artists use soft colors and a limited amount of patterns on them. C. They are carved from oak wood using saws. D. They are an example of folk art. 4-Is this statement true or false? Entire families in the Oaxaca Valley in Mexico often make woodcarvings called alebrijes. A. False B. True 5-Is this statement true or false? Woodcarvers from the Oaxaca Valley in Mexico make woodcarvings as a hobby, not as a source of income. A. True B. False 6-Which statement about arpilleras made in Peru is true? A. They have three-dimensional details. B. They are made using glued paper. C. They are examples of abstract art. D. They show fantasy scenes. 7-Which statement about kapa apana made by Hawaiian natives is true? A. They are made using two colors without much contrast. B. Their designs are not based on recognizable subjects. C. They have echo stitching. D. They are made using many small pieces of fabric sewn together. 8-Which type of balance does a Hawaiian kapa apana have? A. divisional B. informal C. formal D. radial 9-Is this statement true or false? Descendants of the Inca and Maya keep their culture alive by making weavings based on traditional weavings made long ago. A. False B. True 10-Which statement about weavings from Central and South America is true? A. The colors and patterns on them are the same in each region. B. Many of them have extra designs embroidered on them. C. They are woven using machines in factories. D. They have dull colors and a limited number of patterns

1. True

2. A

3. D

4. True  

5. False

6. A  

7. C

8. D

9. True

10. B

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Syracuse, New York, is an urban area with mostly flat terrrain. The city is near Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes. If you lived in Syracuse, you may have experienced _____. a rain shadow effect lake effect snow the urban heat island effect tropical breezes

If you are allowed to have more than one answer, then I'd pick lake effect snow, as well as the urban heat island effect.
B is correct given that the city is near Lake Ontario, and C is correct because it is a big city, and it may be warmer than the rest of the island. A is incorrect because there are no mountains nearby, and D is incorrect because Syracuse is very far from any tropical regions.

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In art, I'm supposed to make a "MAP" not like a navigation, but like a small city, or a town. I want to do something interesting, and not something most of the students in my class are doing. I cross out: Steampunk, city, town, neighborhood, abandoned (city, town, etc.) Museum, and forest. Any ideas?

You could always make a map based off one of your favorite book or movie. Maybe there is a specific scene in it. Like i think it would be cool if someone made Ariels (the little mermaids) kingdom underwater. Its still a city kind of thing but with a twist and obviously underwater city would be a lot different from something like Boston or NYC.

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What do the azaleas symbolize in to kill a mockingbird?

In the fight for justice innocence is lost its is a sin to kill a mocking bird because in singing their hearts out for us they have no malice or personal agendas much like tom robinson in feeling sorry for mayella Ewell and trying to ease her apparent suffering Btw this answer came from google

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Why does Mr. Tate claim Bob Ewell killed himself even though that isn’t what really happened??

Atticus is convinced that his son, stabbed Ewell with a knife, making him responsible for his murder. Sheriff Tate explains to Atticus how Bob Ewell fell on his own knife and died. Atticus does not accept Tate's explanation of Ewell's death. Sheriff Tate sticks with what he said about dwell falling on his own.

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The reign of French King Louis XIV from 1643 – 1715 was marked by power and wealth. How did that historical context affect the art of the time?

ANSWER: King Louis XIV fought many expensive and never-ending series of wars across Europe. This enhanced the reputation of the King at home and abroad and also refilled the luxury fashion industry in the country. He transformed a hunting lodge outside Paris into the best place to showcase French culture and industry. He promoted not only fashion but art, music, theater, landscape gardening, and cuisine. He ordered a strict court dress code and etiquette to ensure a steady market for French clothing and jewelery. The King controlled his nobles to follow the French fashion even by bankrupting themselves. He believed luxury was necessary for economic health and reputation, survival and prestige of the monarchy.

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Name 2 locations in new york city that were popular jazz clubs in the 1920s

The Cotton Club was the most famous jazz clubs in NYC as Duke Ellington had often perform there. (Sorry but I could only answer one club)

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Which of the following pairs of colors has the strongest contrast? A. Red and orange B. Magenta and pink C. Blue and purple D. White and black

Hello there.

Which of the following pairs of colors has the strongest contrast?

White and black

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