How is the end result of mitosis different than the end result of meiosis

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Mitosis and Meiosis start the same but Mitosis will end with the create of two complete cells. Where as Meiosis will end in the making of two gametes.
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In cellular membranes, why do the tails ends of the lipid molecules face toward eachother?

The tails are hydrophobic and the heads are hydrophilic, causing the tails to go inward and the heads to face outward.

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Having an extra chromosome results in

That is correct I tried it on my quiz.

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Match each term with its definition. A. Carrying capacity Growth increases, accelerates, then slows B. Exponential growth Results from an abundance of resources C. Logistic growth Slowing growth at this level D. Population crash Results from overshooting the maximum

Here are the terms with their corresponding and correct definitions:
A. Carrying capacity: slowing growth at this level 
B. Exponential Growth: increases, accelerates, then slows 
C. Logistic Growth: results from an abundance of resources
D. Population Crash: results from overshooting the maximum
Hope this answer helps.

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Design an experiment to investigate how distance from the ground will affect a ball’s potential energy. Write out the materials you need and the steps you will follow. Record your results and observations. I need help......Fast!!!!

The formula for potential energy is decided by mass, height, and gravity. 

Increasing the height of the object is directly proportional to increasing potential energy. 

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When magma hardens in a volcanos pipe the result will eventually be a landform called a

99% sure it is volcanic neck    
please make me brainlest

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Earth land masses united into one supercontinent near the end o which era

I believe your answer is The Geological time, the super continent was called Pangea. Hope this helps!!!

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Explain how a change in the sequence of nitrogen bases in a dna molecule could result in a gene mutation

Well, the order and set processes of the nitrogen bases has dominance over the order of the amino acids in the protein. If the bases are altered or mutated, then the amino acids that theseems nitrogen bases code for, are changed. This leads to a different set of amino acids, and therefore a different protein. A different protein is composed, and then the gene containing this different protein will also be different. This has a greater overall impact on some genes than others, depending on which part of the DNA polymer/polymerase is mutated

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Which best describes a cell that was formed as a result of meiosis?

A gamete is created as a result of meiosis. 

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Jimmy held the end of a metal bar over a fire while holding on to the opposite end. After a few minutes, the end he was holding began to get very hot. Which of the following processes correctly describes the heat traveling from one end of the bar to the other?

Answer: The heat is transferred by the process of conduction of heat.

Explanation :

It is given that, Jimmy held the end of a metal bar over a fire while holding on to the opposite end.    

After some time, the end he was holding began to get very hot.

The process of traveling heat from one end of the bar to the other end is called conduction. It is the process of transfer of heat by the interaction of particles and motion of electrons.

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Nerve endings in the skin are located in the

Dermis should be the right answer

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Nerve endings in the skin are located in the

They are present at Stratum granulosum

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1. What happens to the DNA molecule at the beginning of transcription? 2. Then one strand of DNA serves as a template for? In the strand that is formed, the base pairing for the nitrogenous bases is… 3. What signals the beginning and end of transcription?

Transcription starts with an enzyme, called helicase, which opens up the DNA molecule (separate the two strands). RNA-primers will then locate a site in the DNA which is the site that codes for a protein. These areas are inbetween a series of bases which tells the RNA-polymerase to start or stop adding bases. RNA-polymerase adds nitrogenous bases in an order, complementary to the template DNA strand, except that the base T is replaced with the base U. 
When the transcription is over, the mRNA strand that was just made is carried out of the nucleous, and it will find a ribosome to which it can bind and create a protein (translation).

Hope this was any help.

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Biology quiz, please help! 6. Viruses CANNOT be classified in any of the Kingdoms of classification. What is the reason for not being able to classify viruses? Viruses are missing some characteristics of life such as being able to reproduce on their own, so they cannot be considered living therefore they don’t fit in any kingdom. Viruses are only harmful, therefore, they can’t be places in any kingdom. Viruses are living organisms that exhibit all characteristics of life so they do not fit in any kingdom. 7. Taxonomy is the science of classifying and naming organisms. Scientific names are in Latin and follow the rules of binomial nomenclature. All organisms are named using the Genus and species so that scientists all over the world know which organism is being studied. Which of the following shows the scientific name of a Box Turtle? Box Turtle Terrapene carolina Terrapene 8. Proteins in eukaryotic cells that controls gene expression are called Enzymes Transcription Factors Hormones 9. Which of the following cells are produced through meiosis? Haploid somatic cells Haploid gametes Diploid sex cells 10. Using the picture in question 35, which statement correctly describes a difference between photosynthesis and cellular respiration? Photosynthesis produces carbon dioxide, while cellular respiration produces water. Photosynthesis produces glucose, while cellular respiration produces ATP. Photosynthesis produces ATP, while cellular respiration produces glucose. 11. Which is an example of passive transport across a cell membrane? Osmosis Sodium-Potassium pump Endocytosis



C (Guess)



A (Pretty sure)

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Dead zones in waterways can occur as the result of fertilizer runoff. Please select the best answer from the choices provided T F

The statement is true. Dead zones are the zones of oxygen depletion, which is caused by excessive running off of the fertilizers into the water body. These chemicals, particularly the nitrates, which are used by algae etc. which bloom by using the nitrates and use the oxygen present in the water. When they die, oxygen levels become critically low till then, for other aquatic animals like fishes etc., to survive. 

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Population X and Y live in the same area. The size of population X increases over time. As a direct result, the size of population Y decreases. A. Individuals of population X are predators. B.Individuals of population X are prey. C. Individuals of population Y caught and spread a disease. D.Individuals of population Y lost their shelters after a flood. Which is most likely the limiting factor of population Y?


A. Individuals of population X are predators.


The size of population X increases and simultaneously the size of population Y decreases then the most like possibility is that individuals of population X are predators of individuals of population X. The population of X is increasing because individuals of this population are hunting individuals of population Y because of which their population is growing as they do not have intraspecific competition for food. This is also the reason why population of Y is decreasing because more predators means more hunting of Y individuals. Option C is wrong because if Y individuals are dying due to disease then the population of X can't increase because it means that Y decreased because of natural cause not because they were fed upon by X. Likewise option D is also wrong because population Y lost their shelter because of that they died not because of hunting by individuals of population X.

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In an experiment to test a new drug’s effectiveness, one group is given a larger dosage than is typically prescribed, and a second group is given a smaller dosage than is typically prescribed. Then, the results of the groups are compared to each other. What is missing that would improve this scientific design?


The correct answer will be- control samples.


A scientific experiment is performed to test the proposed hypothesis because on the basis of results the hypothesis could be proved and disproved.

The experimental design must contain two types of experimental samples: the samples on which the experiments are performed called "experimental samples" and the samples which act as a reference to the experimental samples called "control samples" as they lack the variable to be studied.

In the given question, the statements provide the clue that the experiment is performed on the experimental samples whereas the control sample on which the variable to be studied is missing.

Thus, control samples are the correct answer.

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Radio active cytosine was added to an actively growing culture or E. coli bacteria. Which of the following would be the result if a cell replicated once in the presence of this radioactive base?

If replication happens once, then it will create two daughter cells. Both cells will contain a DNA which is radioactive. This happens because prokaryotes like E. coli exhibits semiconservative replication, wherein each daughter cell receives one template strand from the original molecule, in this case, it's made up of the radioactive cytosine.

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A mutation may occur in a gene as a result of the... 1) synthesis of a spindle apparatus 2) loss of a chromosome part 3) loss of a nucleolus 4) replication of centromeres

Ugh! I remember taking this test! your best bet would be B buddy! 

good luck on that test! :D

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What is cyclic about the reactions that make up the Krebs cycle? A. The molecules that start the reaction are circular. B. The molecules that end the reaction are circular. C. The first reactant and last product are the same. D. The reactions start without any outside energy.


The correct answer would be C. The first reactant and last product are the same.

Cyclic reactions are the reactions in which the reactant is regenerated at the end of process in order to repeat the reaction again.

For example, in Krebs cycle oxaloacetate is the reactant used in the first step of the cycle. It accepts acetyl group of acetyl-CoA to form citrate. Citrate then undergoes various steps to produce carbon dioxide (waste product), NADH, and GTP.

Oxaloacetate is then regenerated at the last step of the cycle where malate is dehydrogenated to form oxaloacetate with the help of malate dehydrogenase.  It also results in the formation of NADH + H⁺ from NAD⁺.

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Sarah is doing an experiment on pea plants. She is studying the color of the pea plants. Sarah has noticed that many pea plants have purple flowers and many have white flowers. Sarah crosses a homozygous white flower and a homozygous purple flower. The cross results in all purple flowers. What is true of the color of pea plants? A. Purple flowers and white flowers are recessive to red. B. Purple flowers are dominant to white flowers. C. White flowers and purple flowers are codominant. D. White flowers are dominant to purple flowers.

Answer:  Option B. Purple flowers are dominant to white flowers.


  • Since, Sarah is crossing a homozygous white flower to a homozygous purple flower and yet is getting only purple flower in the progenies it makes it clear that the allele for purple flowers are dominant over white flowers.
  • The reason for this is that the recessive alleles are only able to express themselves when they are in homozygous state. Whenever a heterozygous condition occurs the phenotype corresponds to the one encoded by the dominant allele.  

Thus, as the progenies in heterozygous condition are purple, white is recessive in nature.

Refer to the attached diagram to see the cross between the plants.

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Is a source of genetic variation that involves the swapping of sections of chromosomes during meiosis.


Crossing over.


Crossing over is the process of exchange of genetic material between two non-sister chromatids of a homologous chromosome pair. It occurs during pachytene of prophase I of meiosis I. Crossing over creates new gene combinations that were otherwise not present in the parent cells. In this way, genetic variations are created by crossing over.

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