If a circular pond is 162 feet across, how many feet long is the line a fisherman must have to be able to cast to the center of the pond? If necessary, round to the nearest tenth.

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You would have to divide 162 by 2 since you have to find what the middle if the pond is and you would get 81. your answer would be 81 feet.
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How does adding an outlier affect the measures of center if the outlier is greater than the rest of the data? What if it is less than the rest of the data?

If the outlier is greater, ot brings the average up, but if it is lower it brings the average down, since its further away from the other numbers in the set.

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HELP PLEASE!! Determine whether the statement is true or false then EXPLAIN: Line Plots display individual data.

TRUE. I'm going to be using a picture from Google to help me out. In the graph below the line plots are telling how much Sarah's is as the years past. Each line plot tell the data of how much her car cost in whatever year the plot is in. For example, in 2006 her car cost $10,000. How do we know? We know this because the line plot is point towards 10,000 and downwards to 2006. This is data that the line plots are displaying fro us.So yes, line plots do display individual data.
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Select the measures that are equal. Mark all that apply. A. 4 Feet. B. 12 Yards. C. 36 Feet. D. 480 Inches. E. 15 feet. F. 432 inches.

12 yards, 432 inches and 36 feet are all equal
12 yards = 36 feet
36 feet = 432 inches

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what are the steps of bisecting a line segment


Lets say that you're bisecting segment AB.

Step-by-step explanation:

1. Place the compass on point A, and open it wider than half the distance of the segment.

2. Swing an arc above and below the segment.

3. Keeping the compass the same width, place the compass on point B, and swing an arc above and below the segment.

4. Place points C and D on the intersection of the arcs created above and below segment AB.

5. Draw a line from point C to point D.

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Triangle ABC can't be mapped into triangle DEF with the reflection across the

Across the horizon i think... i hope i helped

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Line segment WX is the radius of circle X, and line segment ZY is the radius of circle Y. Points W, X, C, Y, and Z are all on line segment WZ. What is the area of circle C, which passes though points W and Z? 81 164 324 1296

Point D is the midpoint of the outer circle that we aim to find the area of

The circle has a diameter of WZ and radii of WC and CZ

We know that YZ=YD=10 cm

Let DC be x and CY be 10-x

The radius of the outer circle can be written as 8+8+x or 10+10-x which we can equate to find the value of x


Therefore, the radius of the circle is 8+8+2=18

And hence the area of the circle is   \pi (18^{2})=324 \pi

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Freddie is at chess practice waiting on his opponent's next move. He notices that the 4-inch-long minute hand is rotating around the clock and marking off time like degrees on a unit circle. Part 1: How many radians does the minute hand move from 3:35 to 3:55? (Hint: Find the number of degrees per minute first.) Part 2: How far does the tip of the minute hand travel during that time?


there are 360° in a circle (clock), and thus if we check how many degrees in a clock with 60minutes, then it'd be 360/60, or 6° per minute

now, the clock went from 3:35 to 3:55, 20 minutes, how many degree is that? 6*20


\bf \textit{length of an arc}\\\\
s=\cfrac{r\theta\pi }{180}\qquad 
\theta=\textit{angle in degrees}\\
\theta=6\cdot 20
\end{cases}\implies s=\cfrac{4\cdot 6\cdot 20\cdot \pi }{180}

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A 12 ​-foot piece of string is cut into two pieces so that the longer piece is 3 feet longer than twice the shorter piece. If the shorter piece is x feet​ long, find the lengths of both pieces.

The shorter piece would be 3 feet long and the longer piece would be 9 feet long.

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. Find the volume of the composite space figure to the nearest whole number. 210cm^3 180cm^3 120cm^3 60cm^3

 n           i              g             g                   a   :)

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The first painter can finish a paint job in 2 hours. The second painter can finish the same job in 8 hours. How long would it take them to finish the job if they were working together?

6 hours because the painter that took 8 hours which slow the one that takes two hours down

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Which line of reflection maps triangle MNO onto its image? x = 0 x = -2 y = 0 y = -2

Answer: b is the correct answer. X = -2.

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What is the y-intercept of a line that has a slope of 1/4 and passes through point (8, 3)? 1 3 5 11


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A funnel is shaped like a cone and is 4.5 inches high and has a diameter of 6 inches. What is the volume of the funnel? Use 3.14 for pi. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.


42.39 cubic inches

Step-by-step explanation:

A funnel is shaped like a cone and is 4.5 inches high and has a diameter of 6 inches.

Radius = 6/2=3 inches.

We have the height as 4.5 inches and radius as 3 inches.

The volume will be given by :

\pi r^{2} \frac{h}{3}

Putting the values we get;

3.14\times(3)^{2} \times\frac{4.5}{3}

= 42.39 cubic inches

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Identify the reflection of the figure with vertices P (2, −12), Q (−3, 13), and R (−5, −15) across the x-axis. P (−2, −12), Q (3, 13), R (5, −15) P (2, 12), Q (−3, −13), R (−5, 15) P (−12, 2), Q (13, −3), R (−15, −5) P (12, 2), Q (−13, −3), R (15, −5)

Reflections across the x-axis  leaves the x  coordinates the same but the y coordinates  change sign

so point P (2,-12) is reflected to (2, 12)
So now you can identify the correct choice

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On a blueprint, the scale indicates that 6 cm represent 15 feet. What is the length of a room that is 9 cm long and 4 cm wide on the blueprint?

The scale length is 9cm and the scale is 6cm/15ft which is 3cm/5ft, so we can say:

9cm(5ft/3cm)=15ft for the length

If you wanted the width too...

4cm(5ft/3cm)=20ft/3  (6'8", 6ft 8in)

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The equation of the line CD is y= 3x-3 write an equation of a line perpendicular to line cd in slope intercept from that contains point 3,1

Y = -1/3x + 49/10

Remember: Perpendicular means that it's the opposite reciprocal of the given slope. 

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During the month of February, Fabulous Feet Shoe Mart sold 30 pairs of red loafers. After an ad campaign to boost sales, they sold 36 pairs in March. Find the percent of increase in sales. 23% 15% 20% 12%

Percent increase = 36-30/30 x 100
percent increase = 6/30 x 100

      20 percent

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regular octagon rotates 360° about its center. How many times does the image of the octagon coincide with the preimage during the rotation?

An octagon has 8 sides, a rotation of 45° (360°/8) will map the octagon onto its preimage. Answer is 8.

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A pipe is 24ft long. It needs to be cut into pieces 3/4 long each. How many pipes can be made from the pipe?

24 ft to be cut into 3/4 ft that means 24 : 3/4

24: 3/4 = 24 x 4/3 = 32 parts of 3/4 each

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A triangle with vertices at A(0, 0), B(0, 4), and C(6, 0) is dilated to yield a triangle with vertices at A′(0, 0), B′(0, 10), and C′(15, 0). The origin is the center of dilation. What is the scale factor of the dilation?

Let s be the scale factor then:

4s=10 and 6s=15

s=10/4 and s=15/6

s=5/2 and s=5/2


The scale factor is 2.5.

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Divide. Round to the nearest tenth? 2.1/1.488

1.4 . Simply divide the two numbers and round to the first number spot to the right of the decimal point.

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