In 1597, the Guale and Mocama Indians revolted against Spanish missionaries in Georgia. What was the name of the conflict between the two groups?

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I believe the answer is: Juanillo Rebellion

The Juanillo rebellion was caused by cultural opression that directed toward the indigenous people on spanish Florida (at that time, spanish florida was a part of georgia). The rebellion actually ended after Chief Juanillo defeated by other native American tribes who swore their alliance to the spanish empire.

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What was the primary goal that spanish settlers share in the south and southwest regions

Gaining global power

Finding wealth  

Conquering the native Americans ••

Entering the fur trade business

All conflict will be between you and another person. true false

False, you can have inner conflicts with yourself as well as outer conflicts with other people

There can also be outer conflicts between you and environment

What is one way that the eastern woodland Indians could have adapted each seasons?

The Eastern Woodland Culture consisted of Indian tribes inhabiting the eastern United States and Canada. The Eastern Woodlands were moderate-climate regions roughly from the Atlantic to the Mississippi River and included the Great Lakes. This huge area boasted ample rainfall, numerous lakes and rivers, and great forests. The rich earth and forests from the Ohio River to the Gulf of Mexico comprised the southeastern part of the Eastern Woodlands. This culture region abuts the Plains Culture to the west and the Subarctic Culture to the north.

The Adena and Hopewell were the earliest historic Eastern Woodland inhabitants. Between 800 B.C. and A.D. 800, they lived in the Ohio and Mississippi river valleys. Both societies are noted for their prominent burial mounds, frequently graced with sophisticated grave goods. Like earlier archaic groups, the Adena were hunters and gatherers who erected seasonal camps. The Hopewell also were hunters and gatherers, but like later Woodland tribes, they lived in villages and supplemented their diet with cultivated plants.

How did the Spanish most exploit the people of the americas

The Spanish raided, tricked, and slaved people of the Americas. Their trades were not fair and were mostly an excuse to take everything from the natives of the land. There were many armed conflicts as well that Europeans won. Many of the Spanish wins were due the fact that they transmitted diseases that the locals could not handle. Eventually, the Spanish started enslaving the natives.

Why do you think the Iroquois may have preferred to be neutral between the conflict of France and England? What can you infer about how the Iroquois felt about the European conflicts in North America?

The iroquois weren't exactly pleased with the conflicts in north america. one- they were already on their land and had claimed it their own without helping any native americans out, and two- both (english and the french) were starting more problems in their land. 

Which groups conquered the western empire?

Barbarians (the Germanic peoples) conquered the western empire of Rome

What religous beliefs did Native American groups share

Native American religion tends to focus around nature. The landscape, animals, plants, and other environmental elements play a major role in the religion of Native Americans. Many of the legends passed down were an attempt to explain events that occurred in nature.

Henry Ellis is MOST LIKELY remembered as the second founder of Georgia because he

1. Brought more newcomers and slaves to the colony! Population grew to 10,000 and 3,600 slaves2. Larger and more profitable farms.3. More merchants with a larger variety of goods to sell.

Mark views society as a system of interrelated parts, while john views society as composed of groups competing for scarce resources. mark would be considered a(n) ________ and john would be seen as a(n) ______.

Mark views society as a system of interrelated parts, while john views society as composed of groups competing for scarce resources. mark would beconsidered a functionalist and john would be seen as a conflict theorist.

Miguel Hidalgo's "Grito de Dolores" called for Mexico to rise up against the Spanish for independence and racial equality. His timing was largely due to ________________.


Napoleon changing the government leadership in Spain to his brother.


Hidalgo belonged to a secret society supporting independence from Spain in San Miguel (near Dolores). When the plot was betrayed to the Spanish, several members were arrested. Warned to flee, Hidalgo decided instead to act promptly. In 1810, he rang the church bell in Dolores to call his parishioners to an announcement of revolution against the Spanish. Hildago called for Mexico to rise up against the Spanish for independence and racial equality this was due to Napoleon changing the government leadership in Spain to his brother.

Some groups in society share values, norms, and behaviors that are not shared by the entire population. The unique cultural characteristics of these groups form a

Answer choices are:

A. Cultural relativism.

B. Subculture.

C. Cultural universal.

D. Counterculture.


Correct answer choice is:

B. Subculture.



A subculture is a collection of individuals inside a culture that distinguishes itself from the original culture to which it refers, often keeping some of its originating teachings. Subcultures form their own norms and distinctions concerning social, governmental and intimate affairs.


  1. Alcoholics Anonymous - a society for retrieving drunkards.
  2. BDMS - Sensual methods of servitude, regulation, masochism, and cruelty.

Explain two reasons why the defeat of the spanish armada was an important historical event.

Off the coast of Gravelines, France, Spain’s so-called “Invincible Armada” is defeated by an English naval force under the command of Lord Charles Howard and Sir Francis Drake. After eight hours of furious fighting, a change in wind direction prompted the Spanish to break off from the battle and retreat toward the North Sea. Its hopes of invasion crushed, the remnants of the Spanish Armada began a long and difficult journey back to Spain.

How did the economies of many native american indian groups devaloped

The is the same as to why did European societies develop different cultural traditions in different regions.

The answer is that different groups of human beings living in their own regions are going to naturally develop their own traditions, different from other groups, as well as their own languages, etc, because they are only or mostly in contact with people in their own individual groups.

Before 1720, what was the difference in the relationships between the spanish and the apache compared to the spanish and hasinai

The choices can be found elsewhere and as follows:

A. The Spanish made peace with both the Apache and the Hasinai.
B. The Spanish had a working relationship with the Hasinai while the Apache continued to distrust and often attack them.
C. The Spanish were attacked often by the Hasinai but had a pleasant relationship with the Apache.
D. The Spanish were unable to create a positive relationship with either the Hasinai or the Apache.

I think the correct answer is option D. The Spanish were unable to create a positive relationship with either the Hasinai or the Apache. Hope this helps. Have a nice day.

What were two different types of economies found among different native american groups?

The use of tribal land is further complicated by its legal status. Indian land is owned one of two ways: Either wholly by the tribal government or through a combination of tribal jurisdiction and individual tribal landowners that received a land allotment.