In preparation for a group discussion, read about when Miep Gies found Anne Frank’s diary. Then I walked into Mr. and Mrs. Frank's bedroom. On the floor, amidst the chaos of papers and books, my eye lit on the little red-orange checkered, cloth-bound diary that Anne had received from her father on her thirteenth birthday. I pointed it out to Elli. Obeying my gesture, she leaned down and picked it up for me, putting it into my hands. I remembered how happy Anne had been to receive this little book to write her private thoughts in. I knew how precious her diary was to Anne. My eyes scanned the rubble for more of Anne's writings, and I saw the old accounting books and many more writing papers that Elli and I had given to her when she had run out of pages in the checkered diary. Elli was still very scared, and looked to me for direction. I told Elli, "Help me pick up all Anne's writings." —Anne Frank Remembered, Miep Gies In a group discussion, a participant says, "I would never have picked up the diary. It’s not worth the risk.” How would you respond to share your viewpoint? Write three sentences.

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