Last casing: 7 5/8” 29.7 lb/ft ID 6.975” set and cemented at 8000 ft. The hole is vertical to this point. FIT Pressure: 2330 psi for 7 5/8" casing string Bit size: 6.5” Drill pipe: 5” 19.5 lb/ft ID 4.276” X-95 Premium Class BHA: 600 ft of 6” X 2” Drill collars 85.4 lb/ft Derrick is strung with 12 lines Traveling block weight: 20,000 lbs. Top Drive Weight: 35,000 lbs Triplex pump. 6.5” liners, 11 inch stroke. 95% efficiency Pump Rate: 100 strokes/minute Mud Weight: 9.8 ppg SG of Cuttings: 2.6 Washout: 0% The hole is at a 20 degree angle from 8000 ft MD to TD (Final Depth). It is vertical to 8000 ft MD. Given the above listed FIT was performed to 2330 psi and the fracture pressure increases by 0.045 psi/ft/1000ft for the rest of the well. The pore pressure gradient at the shoe is 0.721 psi/ft increasing by 0.012 psi/ft/1000ft. Given a safety margin of 0.3 ppg for both pore pressure and fracture pressure. What TVD can be achieved before needing to run an additional string of casing?

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