Many drugs can be applied to the skin without entering the blood. How is this fact explained by the structure of the skin

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Medicines which are applied on skin they penetrate into the skin through hair follicles or epidermis and then into the circulation.

Further explanation


It can be defined as the largest skin organ with an all-out territory of around 20 square feet. The skin shields us from microorganisms and the components, manages body temperature, and grants the vibes of touch, warmth, and cold.

Layers of skin

It comprises three layers which are following.


It is the first layer of skin and it is a waterproof obstruction that gives skin its tone. Dead cells are shed consistently from the epidermis as new ones have their spot. Every day 500% million skin cells are shed by us. Indeed, the furthest pieces of the epidermis comprise of 25–30 layers of dead cells.

Layers of epidermis

  1. stratum corneum
  2. stratum lucidum
  3. stratum granulosum
  4. stratum spinosum
  5. stratum germinativum


It makes sweat and oil, gives sensations and blood to the skin, develops hair. It is connective tissue, and it shields the body from anxiety It gives the skin quality and versatility. On the off chance that the dermis is extended a great deal, for example, during pregnancy, the dermis can be torn, and this appears as supposed stretch imprints.

It comprises two layers

  1. Papillary region
  2. Reticular region

Subcutaneous tissue

It joins dermis to the body, controls body temperature, stores fat. The most profound layer is called subcutaneous tissue, the hypodermis. It isn't actually part of the skin however appends the skin to hidden bone and muscle. Subcutaneous tissue likewise gives skin nerves and blood supply.

Absorption through skin

Drugs penetrate from the external surface of the skin both into the skin. Skin assimilation identifies with the level of introduction to and conceivable impact of a substance which may enter the body through the skin. Human skin comes into contact with numerous operators deliberately and accidentally. Skin assimilation can happen from word related, ecological, or shopper skin introduction to synthetic concoctions, beautifying agents, or pharmaceutical items.

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