Marcy is running for student body president. Which sentence in this excerpt from her campaign speech uses parallel structure? Hi, I’m Marcy! Many of you know me from your ninth grade classes. I’m running for student body president because I know I can make a positive difference for you, my fellow students, and for the school. I think I will make a good president because I am honest, trustworthy, and I’m behaving responsibly. I will set a good example for the school. I have many plans for the student council, such as making the council more organized, to ensure everyone has a voice, and I’ll be managing meetings more efficiently. I will take your suggestions into consideration and try to implement as many as possible. I will convince the school board to install vending machines with healthier snacks in the school cafeteria and ensuring that they review the cafeteria lunch menu to include healthier meal options. A healthy student body is a happy student body! I also plan to organize more school dances and give my fellow students more opportunities to interact socially.

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