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What will the Sun's approximate luminosity be during the subgiant stage?

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The Sun's approximate luminosity during the subgiant stage is 10Lsun.
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The amount of moisture in a food is described as available water and is expressed as

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This is expressed as Moisture Content or Water Content

Most food items have a water content. Even seemingly 'solidified' foods such as a piece of bread or bun have a certain water content in them.

For vegetables and fruits, the water content as a percentage of the weight can be huge.

For example, fruits such as Watermelons contain 92% in every bite with just 6% sugar and 2% fiber by weight.

Witch of the following is not a common barrier to getting proper exercise

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It usually depends on what the exercise is and what the affects are.

Describe what a trebuchet machine functions

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A trebuchet functions similarly, except that the pivot point of the lever is placed off-center (in this case, farther away from the load) to amplify the force that launches the projectile. The load, or object to be moved, is placed in a sling (composed of a pouch and two cords) attached to the long arm of the lever.

Whitney wants to become a cosmetologist. What academic requirements will she need to complete in order to find a job?

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She will need a vocational certificate


Vocational certificate is a type of certificate given to students who have completed a vocational course.

Vocational courses are particularly focused on professions and the ultimate goal of students. While undergraduate and postgraduate degrees usually provide different academic and professional paths for you to consider according to the field of study you choose, vocational courses have the advantage of preparing the student directly for a specific career, such as mechanic, cosmetologist, electrician among others. others.

Accordingly, we can ensure that a vocational certificate is an academic requirement that Whitney must fulfill to get a job as a cosmetologist.

Last year Elissa contributed 105 per month toward her 401 (k) account if her employer matches 15% of her contributions what was the total amount contributed to the 401(k) at the end of the year

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105 per month(12)= $1,260 (.15) =189

189 is the 15% times the total amount at the end of the year, (add) plus the year total and the total is 1,449 total.

Given the polynomial function below, find F(-4). F(x) = 2x2 - x + 9

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The correct answer for, find F(-4). F(x) = 2x^2 - x + 9 is 45

Explain 3 ways you can get home safely if the friend you rode with has drugs or alcohol in his or her system and you prevent him or her from getting behind the wheel.

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1) get them away from the wheel and call a taxi or an uber
2) call another friend to pick the two of you up
3) walk if you are not far away from either of your homes

What imposes a higher tax on the more wealthy?

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The Progressive Tax is a tax that imposes a higher tax on the more wealthy.It takes a larger percentage of income from higher income than from the lower income groups, and it was based on their ability to pay. For example, the progressive tax system tax the low-income taxpayers at 10 percent, and high-income taxpayers at 30 percent.

What prohibits you from increasing your speed until the vehicle that is passing you has completed the passing maneuver? Florida law Common courtesy Nothing Right-of-way laws

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Well, it should be common courtesy


Common courtesy is the politeness that people are usually expected to show in situations that require common sense. In this case, you do not require Florida Law officers to enforce it. As a driver, maintaining a constant speed until a vehicle that is passing you has completed the passing maneuvers is practicing road safety and courtesy.

Response questions genuinely focus on

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Response questions genuinely focus on gathering opinions from the readers on what they think about the work, without mentioning the author's or any other person stated inside the stories's view. However, this does not mean that the reader cannot agree to the author

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Scanning a text involves determining the author’s intent. looking for specific information. reading quickly for general meaning. summarizing the main points.

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Looking for specific information


The technique which involves reading a text quickly in order to find specific information is called scanning. You'd use this approach when looking for information such as names, numbers, terms, etc. Reading quickly to understand the general meaning is called skimming.

When scanning, you should concentrate well, search for specific terms that are related to the information you are looking for, and pay attention to italicized words as writers often italicize and explain terms the first time they use them.

Which process in the light-dependent reactions results in the release of hydrogen ions, electrons, and oxygen? A) chemiosmosis B) photophosphorylation C) water splitting D) electron transport

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The correct answer is :

electron transport


The light-dependent reactions utilize light energy to make two molecules required for the next stage of photosynthesis: the energy accommodation molecule ATP and the diminished electron carrier NADPH. In plants, the light reactions take place in the thylakoid membranes of organelles termed as chloroplasts.

Electron carriers are decreased during glycolysis and the citric acid cycle to NADH + H+ and FADH2. Certain carriers then donate electrons and protons to the atom carrier proteins of the electron transport chain. The last electron acceptor is oxygen. Coincidentally with oxygen, electrons and protons form molecules of water.

During the Industrial Revolution, why was the emergence of coal important to other rising industries?

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Coal was important to other industries, because in the beginning there were large amounts of coal, which led to technologies being built around using coal as the fuel. As more and more technology was built around the coal, coal became an important resource, and, those technology led to greater production of other experiments and inventions.

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True or false : Researchers can generalize from a sample to a population if the sample is representative of the population.

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I just got 100% on this test


Given the equation 2xt2\y = 4w+2, what is the value of x?

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The answer is x=-1+2wy+y 

A, B, C, D. Calculus Problem

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Um was there something attached?

If there is always a new moon where do the old ones go?

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It's always the same moon, however, it is referred to as a new moon because the shadow on the moon makes it appear as a new shape. Hope that helped !! :)

______ are at higher risk when they drink and drive

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What is a solution for preventing water hazard

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Posting warning and hazard signs near a pond, fencing your pool, etc etc

A change in short-run aggregate supply from AS3 to AS1 can be caused by a decrease in productivity. a decrease in consumer wealth. a decrease in the degree of excess capacity. an increase in consumer confidence. a decrease in business taxes.

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The correct option is A DECREASE IN BUSINESS TAXES.
Aggregate supply refers to the total quantity of goods and services produced in a country on a yearly basis. There may be short run or long run changes in the aggregate supply of a country as a result of changes in some factors. Short run changes in aggregate supply is said to occur when the prices of products and services change but the prices and productivity of the factor inputs remain constant. Short run changes in aggregate supply is caused by many factors and changes in government taxation is one of these. When the rate of business tax is reduced, it results in outward shift in the short run aggregate supply curve.

1. Disposable Income Consumer Spending $10,000 $7,500 $12,000 $8,500 What is the expenditure multiplier according to the information in the table above? 4 3 2 1 .2 2.If consumers expect a shortage of consumer goods in the future, what will happen to output and price level? Output / Price Level Increase / Increase Increase / Decrease Increase / No Change Decrease / Decrease 3.Which of the following would not cause a shift in long-run aggregate supply? An increase in aggregate expenditures. A decrease in capital investment. A technological advance in the consumer goods market. An increase in education for employees. An influx of skilled immigrants.

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1.) The expenditure multiplier is 2.
   The formula for expenditure multiplier is 1 / (1 - MPC). MPC is the marginal propensity to consume which can be computed by the change in spending over the change in income.
   MPC = 8500 - 7500 / 12000 - 10000
   MPC = 1000 / 2000
   MPC = 0.5
expenditure multiplier = 1 / (1 - 0.5)
expenditure multiplier = 2

2.) I think you forgot one option. The answer should be decrease/increase.
Because people will begin to purchase now, if a shortage is expected, which will increase price level because quantity demanded will increase. The output will decrease because supply decreases.

3.) A - 
An increase in aggregate expenditures.
   Because aggregate expenditure is an aggregate demand, not supply.

1. Suppose the wages of the cafeteria workers on campus increase by 10% forcing the price of meals to increase at the same time your scholarship income doubles. (Cafeteria meals are an inferior good.) How will these changes impact the quantity and price levels in the cafeteria food market? Quantity / Price Increase / Indeterminate Increase / Decrease Decrease / Indeterminate Indeterminate / Decrease 2. Which of the following would cause an increase in aggregate demand? I. Congress cuts personal income taxes. II. The degree of excess capacity increases. III. The quantity demanded of imports increases. I only. II only. III only. I and II only. I, II, and III. 3. Which of the following will cause an increase in aggregate demand? an increase in imports. an increase in exports. a decrease in consumer spending. a decrease in national income. a decrease in business expansion.

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The correct options are as follows:
We are told in the question that cafeteria meals are inferior goods. An inferior good is a type of good whose demand decreases as the income of the consumer increases. That is, when the income of a consumer increases, such consumer will buy less of inferior goods and instead move on to buy goods that are more expensive. Thus, the demand for an inferior good will decrease as the income of the consumer increases. People usually buy inferior goods when they have low incomes, immediately their income increases, they move on to buy more expensive goods. Examples of inferior goods are: cheap cars, cheap frozen foods, intercity bus services, etc.

Aggregate demand refers to the total demand for goods and services in a particular economy at a given point in time. The factors that affect aggregate demand include: consumers' expenditures, investment spending on capital goods, government spending and foreign goods. Shifts in these factors will either increase or decrease the aggregate demand. The following factors increase the aggregate demand: When the government reduces the income taxes paid by workers, increases in excess capacity and increase in quantity of foreign goods demanded.

An increase in the amount of goods exported by a country will lead to an increase in the amount of foreign incomes earn by the country, this in turn will increase the spending capacity of that country. Thus, increase in foreign incomes earn by an economy leads to increase in aggregate demand. 

If I say, "I am lying."am I telling the truth?

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Hey there! :-)

That would depend on the situation. If you were actually telling the truth by you told someone that you lied, then that would be a lie. If you actually lied and you told someone that you lied, that would be the truth.

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