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The average score on a standardized test is 500 points with a standard deviation of 50 points. If 2,000 students take the test at a local school, how many students do you expect to score between 450 and 550 points?

500-50=450 (-1 standard deviation(34%))
500+50=550 (+1 standard deviation(34%))
(0.68)(2000)=1360 students

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How did the symbolism of the events of the new years festival with its ritual reading and recreation of the story of the creation myth validate such concepts as kingship the primacy of Babylon and mankind relationship to the gods

During the Akitu Festival, the King is stripped off of his crown and insignia. The King then kneels in front of the Bel and ask forgiveness of to the gods and promises to do better in the new year. This practice reminds the king of his imperfections and the feeling of being a commoner. Without his crown, he is powerless. This traditioned teaches the king to be humble and trust on their gods.

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Jonathan enjoys working with numbers, recognizing patterns, problem solving. The learning style that best fits Jonathan is _____. a. bodily/kinesthetic b. interpersonal c. visual/spatial d. mathematical/logical

Since Jonathan enjoys problem-solving and number-related activities a lot, the best learning style that will fit him is (D) mathematical-logical.

The other learning styles might not be that suitable, since bodily/kinesthetic refers to how the individual will learn about body movements better, such as sports and dance, while interpersonal refers to how the individual has a better chance of learning something through communicating with other people. Visual/spatial is also unsuitable since this learning style will be more suitable with someone who prefers to read diagrams or make them.

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Most motor vehicle crashes in Florida in 2012 occurred on __________ roads. 1. Wet 2. Dry 3. Oily 4. Dirty

Correct answer is:

1. Wet Roads


Speeding is one of the various common circumstances adding to transportation crashes and at a great cost.

Speeding was a circumstance for 20 % of the drivers affected in deadly accidents on dry roads in 2012 and for 23 percent of motorists affected on wet roads. Racing was a constituent for 36% of the motorists affected in deadly collisions when there was snow on the road and for 44% of motorists affected in lethal accidents that happened on icy roads.

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In the Freudian scheme of personality development, a/an _______ phase immediately precedes the emergence of a genital stage.

The Latency phase immediately precedes the genital stage, from around 6 years old to puberty where sexuality is highly repressed 

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A shaded-pole motor coil will have a resistance of approximately

It will have resistance of approximately 5 - 10 OHMS. A shaded pole motor is a small cage motor in which the auxiliary winding is made up of a copper ring which surrounds a portion of each pole. Shaded pole motors are used to power driving fans and other equipment that start easily. 

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Interdependence is a mixed bag, many times it can rise powers up by having strong trade relationships that benefit both states, but it can also drag powers down if one of the states their interdependent with experiences serious problems. A more clear cut example would be if you were a member of a nation that imported the majority of it's food from another country. Then if that country had a famine from their bad agricultural practices, people in your country starve. There wasn't as broad of a network of interdependent states as we have today in the bronze age, so you couldn't just buy food from your other neighbor, you could be at war with them or maybe you don't even know of any other states where you could trade with. You can quickly see that if states are dependent on one and other, if one falls they can all topple like dominoes really quickly. Broader interdependence protects you from this more, but if a number of states that are interdependent experience problems, they can cause the entire world to fall into crisis. Good modern examples of this would be the 2009 financial crisis or the Great Depression.

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Identity one key similarity and one key difference between societies that developed in central and South America to those that developed in north American.

One key similarity would be that they all started off as colonial powers ruled by larger power in Europe. Most of these nations gained independence through revolution as well, while a smaller amount gained it by the European state giving the colony independence (canada, Jamaica), Cuba was also technically both (revolution against spanish to be ruled by America, given Independence by America). A big difference is that most of North america was ruled by the British and the French, while South and Central America were settled predominantly by the Spanish and Portuguese. This resulted in huge differences in culture, including language (English/french vs Spanish/Portuguese) and religion (Protestantism vs Catholicism).

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In what ways did native peoples transform north American environment before European colonization?

Native peoples transform north American environment before European colonization by:• Houses - Whether a house was constructed as a permanent building or with nomadic tendencies in thoughts, resources were put to use in their building. The eldest identified permanent in North America is at Sky City, New Mexico. It stood constructed by the Acoma community which is now riven into Acoma/Laguna. 
• Agriculture - Growing and collecting plants needs fertile soil to be cultured. This need a definite amount of clearance of land. 
• Trails - Nomadic communities would have shaped trails they toured at definite times of the year. Enduring homes would need travel ways whether for water, food or trade. These paths could not relate to the roads we know today but there could be well toured zones in abundance. 
• Tools- Native Americans used numerous kinds of tools. These tools might not have essential a foundry to melt metals but none the fewer there are thousands of tool artifacts that have been found all over North America. Natives formed the landscape everywhere

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Which of the following would not be helpful in analyzing wn item or situation cost and benefits

Hi what are the options given ?

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What is the average alcohol content of beer by volume

Many light beers have almost the same amount of alcohol as regular beer about 85% or 4.2% versus 5.0% alcohol by volume (alc/vol) on average
Hope I can help (≧∇≦)

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Why can't the field of human geography exist without studying physical geography

Human geography is impossible to determine without studying physical geography because we wouldn't know our exact position or where we are and how it appears from our angle and point of view.

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How did the neolithic revolution transform the material life and social organization of human communities?

The advent of farming provided more food per person per square acre (or hectare, if you will) so that people did not have to spend so much time hunting and gathering. This gave them more 'idle time' to develop language and culture.

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Suppose someone gives up a job and disposable income to go to college, this is an example of a

Resource allocation is the answer. 

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1.Why do you think DNA has had such an impact on forensic science?

DNA has had such an impact on forensic science because by using DNA you could find out a persons genetic code.

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within blank minutes after drink is consumed all of the alcoholic content has probably been absorbed in the body

Answer: Within 20 minutes after drink is consumed all of the alcoholic content has probably been absorbed in the body

Explanation: When alcohol is consumed, it takes about 10 to 20 minutes for the body to absorb the alcohol contents in the body. A time range is given because every individual reacts differently to alcohol some take time whilst for some immediate absorption of alcohol occurs.  

After the absorption of alcohol, it enters the bloodstream and is carried throughout the body.

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How did the rulers of the Native American, European, and African Empires and Kingdoms secure and sustaine their power

By adding taxes on the goods being carried by traders. Kingdoms would often thrive on taxes. Taxes would often come in form of goods or weapons. In most cases, food always used to pay for the services. This is because of the growing agricultural sector of many civilizations

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Which of the following decreases the chances of an alcohol overdose

What is the following options?

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What is the signifance of Renaissance Humanism?

It helped old McDonald find his farm- EE-iii-EEee-iiii-OOooOO

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Auto Technician A says the total volume of all the cylinders in an engine is called the compression ratio. Auto Technician B says horsepower is a measure of the amount of twisting force created by an engine. Which one of the following statements is correct? A. Only Technician A is correct. B. Neither Technician A nor Technician B is correct. C. Both Technician A and Technician B are correct. D. Only Technician B is correct.

The correct option is B, the two technicians are wrong. Compression ratio refers to the proportion of maximum to minimum volume in the cylinder of an internal combustion engine while horse power is a unit of measurement of power, that is, the rate at which work is done. 

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What is the name of the degree an undergraduate earns at a four year college?

Assuming you pass every single year, you earn a Bachelor's Degree.

2 years= Associate's Degree
4 years= Bachelor's Degree
6 years=Master's Degree
8+ years= Doctoral Degree/Doctorate

These numbers may be off if you fail a credit, pass an AP exam, transfer credits, enroll in a dual enrollment program, undertake a minor, dual degree programs, etc.

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If you accrue more than 12 points on your license within 12 months you will lose your license for

It will be lost permanently

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