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Beberapa ekor semut sedang menghurung bangkai seekor belalang yang terjatuh di atas sehelai daun kering pada sebatang kayu yang tumbang.Bangkai belalang tersebut hampir reput.

Some ants are menghurung fallen dead grasshopper on a piece of dry leaves on a wooden tumbang.Bangkai the locusts nearly destroyed. i'm not sure if you wanted it translated or not

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How can an audience become involved in a theatrical performance?

From my experience, some good ways to involve your audience in a theatrical performance, is to have them talk back. Ask them a question, and then they can all shout an obvious universal answer. For example, the performers may say "When I say Brainly, you say Yay! Brainly--" then they can respond. Or, you can say, non directly, but to make it seem like your speaking and interacting, you can say "hey, kids!" or, "parents, are we having fun, tonight?" or things like that. I hope that I helped :)

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In what ways can music be used in theatre

The performers may dance to a song, performers could sing, and when something bad is about to happen, you can play scary sound track. Also, when something good is about to happen, or is happening, bubbly and/or cheerful music may be played. I hope I helped :)

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What influence has Greek theatre had on Western theatre?

Greek theater has made a big impact on Western theater. Actually, I have found 4 main reasons as to why.

First, the dialogues/ text play a huge part. Aristotle stated that the sort of language required of a tragedy was heightened language/ verse. The Western theatrical tradition (created by Shakespeare) owes a huge debt to the Greeks on this requirement of verse in drama.

Next, there'es the audience, obviously. This one isn't a big surprise. People can have fun performing with their friends, of course, though it isn't really a performance without an accurate audience. Greek stadiums have impacted us all, more specifically, Western theater.

Thirdly, the actors made an influence. Greek theater began with the idea that the performance was a group event whose players were known as the chorus, and their job was simply to narrate the story. Over time, first one actor emerged as the protagonist to speak solo lines, and then more "characters" stepped forward. These characters began to engage in conversation, or "dialogue," to enact rather than narrate the story. Thus, the idea that the actors don't simply tell a story but inhabit the characters and speak dialogue is an invention of the Greek theater. Though the chorus remained a part of Greek theater, the course of Western theater was forever changed.

Finally, he scenery comes into play. In the Greek theater. The actors made their entrances and exits from a building called a "skene," a term that gave rise to the Western concept of scene or scenery. By the time of Sophocles, there were actual painted backdrops to enhance the unchanging environment provided by the skene for each performance. The entrance of gods was staged by the effect of lowering the actor from the top of the skene, so that he flew above the stage. These simple devices are still employed today, and continue to be tested and developed, as the producers of the Broadway show "Spider Man" can attest. (Yes, it is spelled "skene", not scene.) 

Once again, I hope I helped :)

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Which artistic element of theatre (costuming, music, art, etc.) would be the most challenging? Describe at least three challenges that someone might face when doing this work for theatre.

I would say doing the music.
1) the music may not download correctly or in the proper saving device
2)the tech may not work when you need it to
3)the music itself may not be the right one, you might think that you downloaded the right version but it may not be the one you need

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If a company makes products entirely out of plastic? Could it still be eco- friendly? Why or why not?

Depending on the plastic used, if it is recycled plastic then yes it could. 

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Which 20th century play addressed the issues behind the AIDS epidemic and it's impact on the gay community

R.E.N.T. is the play you are talking it about it has a character named angel who has AIDS and dies from it while also being gay

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Flying buttresses are a characteristic of Gothic style architecture. (True or False)

The answer is True .

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Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the medieval music styles of motet and madrigal.

I'll give you the two definitions,

In classical music, a motet is a highly varied choral musical composition. The motetwas one of the pre-eminent polyphonic forms of Renaissance music.
- sacred
- latin text
- male voices
- for glory of God
- For professionals
- no nonsense syllables
- Flemish composers

a part-song for several voices, especially one of the Renaissance period, typically arranged in elaborate counterpoint and without instrumental
- secular
- vernecular-language of people
- Male and female voice
- For entertainment of singers
- for amateurs
- nonsense syllables
- English Composers

With the following information given above, should help you get a clear image of the two.

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Is this statement true or false? Artists in ancient Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, and Egypt made seals and cartouches by either carving designs into small pieces of stone or carving and painting them on building walls

Answer: The answer is True.

Don't Believe Me? Then your going to fail I don't want you to so please take this. PS, Mark Me Brainliest Please ;D

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How is costuming an art?

By developing or visualizing different costums.

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What is the ph of shampoo

All shampoo pH values ranged from 3.5 to 9.0. 38.21%

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Some called Rembrandt's technique

Illusion, if I understand your question correctly I believe the answer would be illusion

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Why is Bernini’s sculpture of the biblical character, David , different from other famous sculptures of David?

I agree with the answer above.

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Instruments that needs air forced through them to produce musical sound

I would have to say. Wood winds

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How did renoir glamorize his clintele?

By replacing them with his young artist friends and their models

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Do you like penguins?!

Yes penguins are interesting

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What is the primary benefit to construction using ferroconcrete?

The answer is C. i just took the test

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FLORAL DESIGN 4. Glue dots are best used for A. keeping ribbon ends from unraveling. B. gluing foliage in an arrangement. C. gluing foam into a container. D. attaching prices to flower buckets. 5. Individual leaves are usually wired by A. pierce wiring. B. insertion wiring. C. clutch wiring. D. line wiring. 6. The tip of a steel pick looks like A. a nail. B. a steel staple. C. an arrowhead with serrated edges. D. a toothpick. 8. A _______ container isn't compatible with floral preservatives. A. glass B. straw C. metal D. plastic 13. A pick machine affixes a A. stemmed flower to a foam base. B. wood pick to a flower stem. C. steel pick to a flower stem. D. wood pick or a steel pick to a flower. 15. Which one of the following countries is a major exporter of cut flowers? A. Portugal B. Canada C. Uruguay D. Colombia 18. A floral arrangement's appropriateness for an occasion depends upon the A. floral designer's credentials. B. season of the year. C. country in which the flowers are grown. D. longevity of the flowers. 19. A #5 floral ribbon is how wide? A. 7/8-inch (2.2 cm) B. 2 5/8-inch (6.6 cm) C. 5/8-inch (1.5 cm) D. 1 3/8-inch (3.4 cm) 20. What should you keep in mind when bidding on items at an online flower auction? A. The product is almost never guaranteed. B. There are no tools or ratings available to assess the quality of the merchandise. C. You'll have no competition from other bidders. D. Prices generally don't include freight.

In the order in which you asked: A, C, C, B, C, ?, B, ?, ?

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Can you give me a tip about art?

Art is expressing yourself in a picture

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The image above shows Mount Rushmore, which is located in the U.S. state of South Dakota. Mount Rushmore is considered a relief sculpture because _____________

Because it was sculpted along with explosives and to show characteristics of  human features, I've taken many art history and art classes and I'm still not sure if this is correct.

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Can someone tell me pls what this note mean?/ que quiere decir esta nota?

Im pretty sure that is a double note and the ine on the top is a double but dont tongue.

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What characteristics identify early modern architecture? a. emphasized organic shapes and materials b. used modern materials c. both A and B d. neither A nor B

The characteristic that identifies the early modern architecture is where it emphasizes the materials used or shown, as well as the organic shapes. The correct answer is letter a, where it is emphasizing organic shapes and materials in which is a characteristic used in identifying early modern architecture.

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Which one looks better

The second one. It looks a bit more out together, you can see more three dimension in it than the first. They are both very nice though. 

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