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Emergency oxygen can help a person who may be experiencing:

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Emergency Oxygen help people with asthma  

On a global scale, energy _____ ecosystems whereas chemical elements _____ ecosystems. see concept 55.1 (page 1237) on a global scale, energy _____ ecosystems whereas chemical elements _____ ecosystems. see concept 55.1 (page 1237)

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The choices for this question are:
-is biologically magnified in ... are recycled in
-is dissipated in ... flow through
-flows through ... are recycled in
-is continuously supplied to ... are continuously removed from
-is recycled in ... flow through

On a global scale, energy flows through ecosystems whereas chemical elements are recycle in ecosystems. So the answer is the third option. 

Energy flows through the ecosystem. Most energy comes from sunlight and it is transformed into chemical energy by autotrophs. When they are consumed by heterotrophs the energy is passed on, until it dissipates as heat.  

Chemical elements like carbon and nitrogen, on the other hand, are cycled between biotic and abiotic factors in an ecosystem. This is not possible for energy. These chemical elements come from abiotic factors like the air, light and soil. They are incorporated in the biomass of the photosynthetic organisms and are consumed by other organisms. They are changed back into their inorganic form when the organism dies and are broken down by decomposers and the cycle goes on. So they are constantly being recycled. 

In summary, energy needs a continuous source to be able to maintain and sustain the energy flow in the ecosystem. Chemical elements, on the other hand, are just recycled through processes between abiotic factors and biotic factors. 

The small pear-shaped muscular organ that lies in the pelvic cavity (except during pregnancy) is called the

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The answer is the uterus. 

The uterus is part of the female reproductive system. It looks like an inverted pear. It is also known as the womb. Normally, the size of the uterus is about as big as a fist but when a female is pregnant, it can stretch many times its size to accommodate the growing fetus. 

During cold periods, marmots enter a state of torpor which alters their lower critical body temperature. in comparison to the body temperature of a bear during its long winter sleep, the temperature of the marmot drops _______, and the duration of the torpor is _______ the bears period of sleep.

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The answer is A. much more; much shorter than

Torpor is a short sleep that aims to conserve energy of the animal. In torpor state, the animal will have much lower temperature because the metabolic rate is decreased. Hibernation basically a multiple and longer torpor. The animal will be easier to wake in torpor than hibernation.

What percentage of cancer deaths are related to smoking? 20% 40% 30% 50%?

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That would be 30% of all cancer deaths but accounts for 87% of lung cancer deaths

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Which artery is highlighted? which artery is highlighted? external iliac common iliac internal iliac inferior mesenteric?

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Which artery is highlighted? external iliac is your best answer however we need to consider that we see that ther eare nothing to see

Which accident and health policy provision addresses preexisting conditions?

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The accident and health policy provision that addresses preexisting conditions is the time limit on certain defenses. 
Time limit on certain defenses is a provision that must, by law be included in all individual health policies. The provision limits the length of time the insurer has to claim that the insured's claim was caused by a pre-existing condition that was not reported at a certain particular time.

Consider the group of giraffes in the image below Which of Charles Darwin’s main points will be evident as these giraffes reach for food in tall trees

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first answer is wrong  its Some organisms in a population are better equipped to survive than others

Which part of the brain assists the digestive system by moving food through the digestive tract?

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The hypothalamus is the part of the brain. It is located at the bottom region of the brain typically near the pituitary gland. It plays important functions like releasing hormones, and regulating the body temperature.

It has connection with the autonomic nervous system. It can send signals to various parts of the body and can influence the functions such as heart rate, perspiration, digestion which are not under the voluntary control of the organism.

Typically, pga sockets give better contact than lga sockets.

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Answer: False

LGA  sockets give better contact than PGA sockets. 

PGA sockets has small delicate pins in the processor which were easily bent while LGA sockets have blunt protruding pins that connect with pads giving a better contact to the bottom of the processor. 

What is the recommended method for disposing of the insect that causes lyme disease?

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The recommended method for disposing of the insect that causes lyme disease is to drop it and 70% alcohol or diluted bleach. 
Lyme disease is a disease that is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and is transmitted through the bite of infected black legged ticks in humans. Its symptoms include fatigue, headache, fever and a characteristic skin rash. 

What is the work generated by a healthy adult who circulates 9 l of blood through the brachial artery in 10 min 2 kj?

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You have also the total power generated is 200W

To figure out the kind of exercises, you need to master the definition of each unit. for example
power: watt (W) is joule/sec
Work: is Newton. meter = Joule

To obtain the work done by the adult, we have to convert the power (watt) into a work by multiplying by the time  ( \frac{Joule}{seconds}   * seconds = Joule)
10 minutes is 60 * 10 = 600 seconds

200Watt * 600 second = 120000 joules = 120 Kj

So the work is 120Kj

What is the function of the diaphragm on a compound microscope?

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The diaphragm on a compound microscopes serves to control and regulate the amount of light reaching the specimen

Why are archaea in a different domain from bacteria apex?

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They are thought to have separate paths of evolutionary development. ~Apex    

Why does primary succession often proceed very slowly?

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Established of a community in an area of bare Rock or bare sand where no topsoil is present

What is a structure found in plant cell but not in animal cells

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Cell wall,chloroplasts and other specialized plastids, and a large central vacuole, which are not found within animal cells.

What is the average for the following set of measurements? 3.1mL,2.7mL,4.6mL,1.9mL,8.7mL a.4.2mL b.21mL c.8.7mL d.3.5mL

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The average or the mean is given by getting the sum of the total items in a given data and then dividing it with the number of items in the data.
That is;
the sum = 3.1 + 2.7 +4.6 + 1.9 + 8.7 = 21
number of values = 5
The average = 21/5 = 4.2
Thus, the correct answer is 4.2 mL

Describe how the role of phloem would would be affected if the leaves start to die off

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The conductive tissues of the angiosperms are the xylem which drives the raw sap and the phloem which conducts the elaborate sap.The phloem, or liber, drives the elaborate sap, solution of organic substances rich in carbohydrates, from the leaves to the other organs.

The elaborate sap (which contains organic substances produces by photosynthesis) is produced in the leaves, where the majority of the chlorophyll subsist, so if the leave die off, the production of organic substances and the elaborate sap are reduced, so its transport by the phloem will be reduced, and this is how the phloem will be affected by the dying of the leaves.

Your coworker is known to have diabetes and begins to act tired. he becomes confused and loses the ability to sit up and swallow. what should you do to help him?

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Diabetes may be defined as the medical condition in which the normal blood sugar level of the individual is not maintained. Two main types of diabetes are diabetes insipidus and diabetes mellitus.

The individual should help each other if some one is suffering from diabetes. The coworker is diabetic and has lost the ability to swallow and sit. The one should call on the number 911. As 911 is the emergency helpline number and provide medical help to the coworker.

Why is tall grass prairie north america's rarest biome? historically it only occurred in a very tiny region of north america. because over 90% of this biome has been converted to agriculture. global warming has resulted in the conversion of most tall grass prairie to short grass prairie. pollution has degraded most of our tall grass prairie region?

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The answer is - because over 90% of this biome has been converted to agriculture.

This biome has been much larger before the development of the agriculture in this part of the USA, but because this biome provided large territories with deep fertile soil and predominantly lowland areas, people started using it for agriculture because it was the most suitable for that. So little by little, the biome was declining and more and more of it was becoming agricultural land.

Which is a malignant disorder of mature antibody-secreting b lymphocytes or plasma cells?

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The malignant disorder of mature antibody-secreting b lymphocytes or plasma cells is called the Multiple Myeloma. 
Multiple Myeloma is a cancer of plasma cells in the bone marrow.  The condition features abnormal proliferation of plasma cells in the bone marrow, destructive bone lesions, and the production of abnormal proteins, specifically antibodies. Its symptoms may include, fatigue, bone pain, bone fracture, kidney failure among other symptoms.  

What is the correct order of phases in the menstrual cycle? (1) progestational phase, (2) ovulation, (3) estrogenic phase, (4) menses (1) menses, (2) estrogenic phase, (3) ovulation, (4) progestational phase (1) estrogenic phase, (2) menses, (3) ovulation, (4) progestational phase (1) menses, (2) ovulation, (3) estrogenic phase, (4) progestational phase?

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The correct order of phases in the menstrual cycle is; 
 menses, .estrogenic phase, ovulation, and progestational phase.
The menstrual cycle is complex and is controlled by many different glands and hormones that these glands produce. 
There are four phases of menstrual cycle; namely, menstruation, the follicular phase, ovulation and the luteal phase. 

I need help with this question. I’m really confused at the moment

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I believe the answer should be mitosis.

Mitosis is a kind of cell division that produces 2 daughter cells that are genetically identical to both the other daughter cell and the parent cell. It is a process of exact duplication of the genetic material (chromosomes) in the parent cell, then dividing, each with the same original number and sequence of chromosome.

It is used for growth and development because they're the process of where the number of cells increases, and how? By mitosis. These new cells must be exactly identical to the other originally existing cells, as for example you wouldn't suddenly grow some skin cells as a replacement of nerve cells. Mitosis of nerve cells produces the same type of nerve cells, mitosis of skin cells produces skin cells.

Therefore, your answer should be mitosis.

Which organelle is responsible for a newborn having distrinctive toes and fingers instead of webbed digits? nucleus endoplasmic reticulum mitochondria lysosome golgi apparatus?

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The nucleus stores the DNA; the ER synthesizes proteins (rough), steroids and lipids (smooth); the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell; the Golgi aids in transportation; therefore, the lysosomes would be the organelle to ensure that humans did not have webbed feet, as it would "dispose" of that extra tissue.

What does the range of a population tell you that density does not ?

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It specifies what exactly the variations are of whatever population is being examined.

The acute diffuse or spreading inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue is known as

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The acute diffuse or spreading inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue is known as Cellulitis. 
Cellulitis occurs when certain types of bacteria enter through a cut or crack in the skin. It is commonly caused by Staphylococcus and Streptococcus bacteria. Skin injuries such as cuts, insect bites, or surgical incisions are commonly the site of the infection. 

Some of the features of the process of blood coagulation are listed. determine whether each label refers to the intrinsic clotting mechanism or the extrinsic clotting mechanism. drop each label into its appropriate box. one label is used more than once.

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Let's talk about coagulation to help you drop these labels:
Coagulation involves a cascade of enzymatic reactions involving coagulation factors, several of which are serine-active proteases at the active site and subjected to activations and inhibitions. The final step is the transformation of soluble fibrinogen into fibrin filaments that encircle circulating cells in their meshes. The factors of coagulation are designated by numbers from I to XIII. With the exception of the factor XIII which intervenes in the last stage of the coagulation.
Coagulation involves two pathways, one intrinsic, the other extrinsic, leading to a common final pathway.

The intrinsic pathway
involves the factors present in the circulation (which are factor XII, IX, and XI, they are triggered in that order. and also cofactor VIII which helps to activate the factor IX).

The extrinsic pathway involves the tissue factors not normally present in the circulation but which are released during a vascular lesion (thromboplastin (factor III) and factor VII).

Factor Xa is the meeting point of the intrinsic and extrinsic pathways. The Xa, Va, Ca2 + set and a platelet phospholipid are sometimes called prothrombinase (or prothrombin activator).

Which organisms are most likely to survive in a population in which disrupted selection is occurring?

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Organisms that have extreme traits