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Should eyewitness testimony be allowed in the courtroom? Write at least three paragraphs discussing your position.

(Paragraph 1) Should eyewitness testimony be allowed in the courtroom? No but at the same time yes. There are many reasons why they should but shouldn't. It is a risk to their safety, some eyewitnesses are not liable, they could be paid off but at the same time their testimony could help win a case. (Paragraph 2) Depending on a crime, the eyewitness safety could be in danger. If the case was against a member of a gang or mafia. They could send someone after that witness. This is reason why we have the Witness Protection Program. If they testify they put their lives at risk. (Paragraph 3) Having a witness is a key thing to have. If you have a witness you are the one who most likely the one to win the case. In some cases you could have problems with the witness not being liable, getting paid off to not say anything or to lie. Or in most cases if they are confused they will not have them testify. Or they aren't straight on the details and keep changing the story that usually means they are lying on what they saw. Note: This is a summary. Add more and edit it to make it sound like something you would type.

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Which of the following statements about federal student loans is TRUE

What are the answer things? (A, B, C and D)

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How would I go about solving question one?

But where is the question so I can help you?

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____ can be produced independently of the consumer and then stored and shipped.

The answer is goods :)

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Do you think that modern society has contributed to the number of youth suicides? Why or why not?

I believe so because the introduction of new technology has lead to more places for people to bully other (instagram,facebook,snapc-hat, etc.).
And society as in its self is Screwed

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Do you think that you try to be completely unique or imitate others as you develop your personality? Why? Give some examples of how you develop your personality.

Unique because of you try to imitate them you could possibly come off as a rude person or someone that doesn't get a long with. I change it around others. Depending who I am with it is different. I know what annoys them. When you know someone's dislikes and likes you try and ignore the traits of what they don't like. Say if they hate whispering but you usually whisper you would try and talk louder. You try and shape your personality so you don't annoy the other person or they don't like you. You follow what they say and you don't argue with them or at least try not to. If it's avoidable then avoid it. But if they have an opinion but you do not agree on it you respect it. But if it's not then you work together on it. If you want a relationship with someone you try and fit with their needs and they should too. Both should respect each other, their choices and what they dislike or like.

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What is the Weberian Paradox?

The weberian paradox is idea of the increase of knowledge and technology causes the decease of morals and traditions

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What is anomie? What effects does it have?

Anomie is the lack of the usual social or eithnical standards.

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What is the commodity-self? Give an example of the commodity-self.

Commodity self refers to one's own subjective identity arising from the commodities (goods or services) one purchases and uses.

Ex. You wear clothes that make you popular and the only thing people know you for is "your style "

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Which best describes what is represented in the business cycle model?

C i just took the quiz!

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Most job leads are discovered through _______. a.Networking b. Classified ads c. Internet listing d. Cold calling

The correct answer is A

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Which best describes an investor’s primary goal?

An investors primary goal is to make money. More specifically, money that is greater than the sum amount initially invested.

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Where do you get your information about the world from? Do you think you are getting a complete picture of the world and social problems from this source? Why or why not?

Internet more specifically Google. Yes to some extent because what you find on the internet you will not find if you watch the news. The more information you want the more you will need to look at the other resources.

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George and Miguel are considering opening up a shoe store but first need to do market research. Which one of these is NOT part of the market research process?

It seems that you have forgotten to post the given choices for this question, but i hope this answer will help you with what you are looking for. Anyway, The market research process consists of the following steps: Identify research objectives, Determine methods and sources, Gather secondary research, Conduct primary research, Organize and analyze data, and Draw conclusions.

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What is a good way to prepare for the likely request, “Tell me about yourself”?

Make a list of your most valued skills, hobbies, and a brief description of your background. For example what level of schooling you have achieved, where you were raised, a few things you do in your free time, and in general what type of person you are. 

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Advancements in medical technology often lead to new careers. True False

The answer is true your welcome hope I helped :)

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Jessica decides to order smaller amounts of inventory at a time for her arts and crafts store. she is obviously concerned about _______ costs.

Do you want to do it in my butt 
no yes

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What are some actions people may take when preparing for a career fair

I would say to think about what you may or may not be interested in. If you know there are any jobs in particular that you are already interested in, or are put off by, keep that in mind so that you have some idea of where you want to flock to during the fair. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that even though a particular subject may seen very off putting to you, do not just put it aside and never look further into jobs around that area. Just because you hate math doesn't mean that there are no mathematical jobs you may find interest in. Keep an open mind to all fields of study. 

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Which type of training would be considered vocational training?

Any type of sports would consider vocational training, such as basketball, football etc.

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What is the difference between net gain and net loss?

Net gain is the amount of money you get minus the tax, and net loss is your stock going down 

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Brenden wants to set aside money for times when he may be without work due to illness or layoffs. Which method would be best?

Personal savings account

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Assigning children responsibilities like putting away their toys, handing out milk cartons, or helping a new child teaches them A. protective skills. B. prosocial behavior. C. how to count. D. how to play.

I'm 100% positive the answer is b. prosocial behavior

Just took the pf test and got 100%

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To reinforce social behavior teachers should A. choose one staff member to deal with unacceptable behaviors. B. try not to involve parents in “school rules.” C. foster independence in children. D. give children words to use in place of physical aggression.

C. I hate questions like this because it honestly is nothing but opinion based. C would make the most sense in this situation because Social Behavior is basically just what the name says. Social behavior is the interaction between two people(or animals) If a teacher wanted to reinforce Social Behavior it would make sense to give reinforcement to independence in the children so they can be themselves. If anything this is just my opinion. I don't know what your teacher put as the answer. I hope this helped! Good luck!

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Which will help you when you file a claim for home insurance?? A: home loan B: home budget C: home inventory

the answer to your question is c

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