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When compared to defender and analyzer firms, early adopters of new technologies tend to be?

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Early adopters tend to be more specialized and profitable.


Frequently, in order to measure competitiveness in companies, it is assessed how advanced or lagged they are in terms of technology adoption. However, many companies do not know what their true position in this model is, or what they can do to evolve and become more innovative organizations.

If we take the technology adoption model, most organizations, and their employees, fall into one of these categories: "early majority", an important segment of the population that adopts innovative technology after a significant period of time, or "Late majority", which only adopts a new technology after the majority of the population has tried it.

There is no single formula or definition of adoption and adaptation of the technology that applies to all. On the one hand, this is because companies and their employees are rarely static agents; they tend to move forward and backward along the technology adoption curve. On the other hand, within the same organizations there are some areas that are more innovative than others, but also the areas and teams are made up of members who show greater openness to innovation and early adoption of technology and other members that are not. This is a key and complex aspect that each organization must take into account when analyzing and determining the life cycle of its technological adoption.

Peter gas recently bought a media player and a digital camera. he wants to buy a memory card for these devices. which memory.device should peter use in his digital camera and media player

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Best bet for a memory device that will surely fit both devices would be an SD (secure digital) memory card.

Jesse earned $420 a week, and he worked 5 days a week. what is his daily wage?

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84 a day 10.5$ if a 8 hour sheift

In linux ext file systems, a files data block addresses/numbers are stored in

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I think the answer is the superblock

"what is the #1 resource used when researching a product online?"

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I believe it would be customer reviews.

Upgrading only the motherboard will give some performance improvement to a computer system. Why would the improvement be limited?

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The motherboard connects different components of a computer system together. if you wanted improvement you would upgrade the CPU, RAM, GPU and maybe cooling.

In Google SketchUp, what does the Orbit Tool let you do? A. View your design from a closer or farther away perspective B. View your design from all sides C. Revolve a shape in a circle to create an object D. Undo or redo your steps

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B. View your design from all sides

The Orbit tool allows you to rotate your camera around your design to see different angles of your design.

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Write a while loop that prints 1 to user_num. Sample output for the given program: 1 2 3 4

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So the given program: 1 2 3 4


User num=4#assume positive

While (user-num>=i);



#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()

{int userNum=0;

int i=0;

userNum=4; ##assume positive


while (i <=userNum){

cout<<i>>" ";


cout <<endl;


In which of the following situations would you want to use a word processing template? A. You need to write a letter to a company you’d like to work with, and have specific questions to ask. B. You need to write a letter apologizing to 250 customers who received a shipment of defective products. C. You need to write a letter of complaint to a company after experiencing negative customer service. D. you need to respond to your supervisors email, answering her questions.

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The correct answer is A. You need to write a letter to a company you’d like to work with, and have specific questions to ask.


Applying for a job is a very formal type of document which contains all the required and necessary information about a person who wants to apply. So a letter is typed in Microsoft word format to keep the document aligned and beautiful. Word template can make it professional which otherwise becomes hard to apply for a job in the absence of quality editing.

Do not park more than _______ away from the curb. Six inches Six feet Ten feet One foot

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Your correct answer is Six inches


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10008 is the answer to your question

What are two details that could be used in an argument for raising the driving age?

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Teenagers are glued to their phones constantly and studies find that younger people often times spend the most time on their phones than people older. Teenagers are likely to drunk drive away from parties which can be a major hazard on the road.

Convert 0.86 into a fraction reduce to lowest terms

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0.86 in a fraction is 43/50

Kellyn needs to move Slide 8 of his presentation up so that it becomes Slide 6. What best describes how he can do this using the slide thumbnails to the left of the main view?

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Hold down the slide until the slide pops up then drag slide to the sixth position then drop slide into sixth postition to affirm its position

What series of buttons should Eric press to add each one of these slides?

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What slides are you trying to do....

Using a computer to create brochures and newsletters is called A. dissolving. B. desktop publishing. C. desktop video production. D. virtual reality.

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Hello there, I can help you with your question.
Your answer to your question is-
B! I did my research and that was the best answer!
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Does any one here know how to explain coding in detail?

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It's a language that computer programmers use to tell computers when to activate or deactivate something based off word functions

Which of the following was a major economic concern in the mid to late 1970

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The Great Inflation Of The 1970s , im guessing because there are no multipul question options shown in the question

If given the chance to own manage a business,what will be the name of the business?

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Honestly I would come up with the name Sweets N' Treats 

or something catchy and easy to remember.

Florida law requires every child blank years of age or younger use a crash tested federally be approved child restraint device

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The answer is age 5, did a quick google search,
This question doesn't really apply as a computer science question but I hope this helps you!

Are lenovo margins expected to be stable in the china operations

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Yes, Lenovo margins expected to be stable in the China operations.

Further explanation:

Lenovo group is a multinational company having headquarter in Hong Kong, China. Lenovo produces most of the technology products like laptop, desktop, mobile, tablets, PCs etc. China is a country which is always advance in technology. The net margin of Lenovo in China is stable and having aim to gain more profit in future. One of the biggest markets of Lenovo is China itself. China itself provide a profitable gain to Lenovo. In last few years, Lenovo has been investing large amount to expand their smartphone business.

Lenovo is world’s no. 3 PC company and expect to become no. 1 in near future. According, to the recent report, the net gain profit margin’s compared to first quarter is 12.5 percent.

Thus, in the long term Lenovo margins expected to be stable in the China operations.

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