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Aerobic fitness is related to how well your heart gets _______-rich blood to your muscles.

It's oxygen since aerobic means with oxygen.

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Summarize the main steps an individual should take when developing an action plan

1. Identify a goal: The action plan is designed so that you can achieve something. For this reason, it is extremely important that you start your action plan by setting a clear and realistic goal, so that you can take the next steps according to the proposed goal.

2. Establish the actions needed to achieve the goal: Once you know what you are trying to achieve through the action plan, it's time for you to determine what you will do to complete the goal, what is needed and what actions. will be effective for you to reach your goal.

3. Review everything that has been established: Over time you will realize which actions were effective for you to achieve your goal and which were not. At this point it is important that you review everything you have set for the action plan, and exclude the factors that aren't helping.

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Which of the following is a function of the lymphatic system? A. Removing excess fluid that accumulates in tissues B. Transporting nutrients to help nourish the body C. Transporting oxygen through blood cells D. Removing waste products from the body, such as carbon dioxide

The answer is A. In this case of questioning, with the limit of options, removing access liquids is the closest answer. While it has many other functions, this one is just as important as all the rest.

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Juliana’s exercise partner is running a high fever and feels nauseous. She also has a rapid heart rate. What should Juliana do?

There is a very high possibility of some heat related illness, dehydration, or some other lesser illness.

What she would want to do is get her into some shade or a cool building, have her drink a lot of water.... A lot of water. If she has a condition involving byproducts of muscle tearing she needs to flush. You also want to make sure that she has something that will keep her cool like ice. Lastly, take her to a Healthcare provider or call an ambulance.

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Which of these contains genetic material but is not classified as living? PLZ HELP ME!

The answer is virus im 100% sure.

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What is a short-term benefit of quitting a dependence on drugs

You won't get addicted and won't hurt yourself in the long run

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Michelle needs to improve her overall muscular fitness. Which of the following activities will best help her meet her goal? Deep breathing Climbing stairs Rowing Walking

Climbing stairs and rowing are both good, but climbing stairs will help upper and lower body

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What is the estimated maximum heart rate for a 21 year old? Select one: a. 155 b. 199 c. 211 d. 177

B. 199
220-21= 199
199 * 0.50 = 100
199 * 0.75 = 149.
Hope this helps.

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Which of the following actions is a person most likely to take if he or she has a high level of self-discipline

Snacking on vegetables instead of eating chips

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A drug users body grows tolerant to the main effect and the side effect of the drug at the same rate

It depends on which type of drugs, different types of drugs can damage a certain part of your body.

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Is -0.45 a rational number?and is it an integer? (math)

It's a rational number because it can be written as a fraction. -45/100
It's not an integer because it is not a +\- whole number

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The preservation technique that attempts to remove moisture is

The preservation technique that attempt to remove moisture is called dehydration.

Food preservation is the method used to prevent any food from spoiling. Methods such as canning and drying are various ways by which food can be preserved.

Further Explanation

There are different ways food can be preserved, but one of the oldest methods and of food preservation is dehydration. Dehydration method is the process by which food is preserved for a very long period of time by extracting moisture, which prevents the growth of microorganisms.  Dehydration was used by ancient people in seeds sun-drying. In those days, the Native American preserved their meat by sun-drying the slices.  

When foods are dehydrated, it inhibit microorganism from growing on the food.  

We can dehydrate food by using different methods. We can use the sun, a conventional oven, electric dehydrator and a microwave oven. Just like every other type of preservation, dehydration also requires some energy.  Apart from using sun-drying, the energy cost to dehydrate foods at home is very higher than for canning, although in some cases, it is more expensive than freezing.

Food dehydration is cost effective. It helps us to save money. It is simple because it takes less energy and time.


The preservation technique that attempts to remove moisture


  • canning
  • sun-drying
  • freezing
  • dehydration
  • microorganisms

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Which one of the following leg excercises requires the use of a machine

The leg exercises that requires the use of a machine is a bicycle .

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Ethics come from the word ethos meaning

A spiritual belief--ethos is often used in persuasive writing

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If someone is unresponsive gasping but has a pulse what is the determined problem

Do not give CPR. CPR is only used if three conditions are met; they are apneic, unresponsive, or dont have a pulse. Usually if someone doesn't have a pulse then you can still do it. Do not do it or attach an AED to someone with one.

It is possible that the patient has an obstruction of the airway so clear it and start assisted respiration.

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What happened when phineas gage sustained an injury to his frontal lobes when he was shot through the head with an iron bar in a railroad accident? he lost all motor functions on the right side of his body?

No. Phineas Gage was an interesting case of brain damage back then that came came as a result of an accident while working on the railroad.

In September 13, 1848; Phineas Gage a quiet man of some 25 years of age was a blaster and railroad foreman who was setting up a tamping road, an iron rod which was set after drilling a hole in an outcropping of rock and filling it with explosive. In order to keep the explosion somewhat controlled the explosives were place at the head of "tamping" a combination of clay, sand, and then a tamping rod (or merely an iron rod). It is commonly suspected gage may have forgotten to add the sand, and while further not paying attention had turned his head as he had begun to be distracted by his men working behind him. This may have been lucky for him as he had opened his mouth and the trajectory put him sending the bar through an optimal way right through a smallish portion of the frontal lobe. After putting in the tamping rod the explosion happened prematurely which sent the rod through his head. He surprisingly suffered no inability of his walking, talking, or much motor function although his left eye would loose function due to passing through the optical nerve connecting it to the brain.

He would survive for 12 years, it was noted by friends and family that Gage had "changed". He was angrier and somewhat more aggressive, and his overall demeanor was munched changed. It was here that originated a correlation between the brain and the mind.

Eventually Gage would actually improve while working in Chile, although he would die thirteen years later due to a seizure.

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Does the nec make suggestions about how to wire a house that will be occupied by handicapped persons

The answer is true, they were able to find ways and more suitable and convenient ways for people who are occupying a house that are handicapped as they have raise methods into helping people who find it difficult to do task that are hard for them to do compared to those that are not handicapped.

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A 34 year old obese male presents to you with polydypsia (unrelenting thirst) and very high blood sugar. who should manage this patient?

Probably, this patient have diabetes.

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Private health insurance is a common form of healthcare payment in the united states. what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of private health insurance?

Disadvantage: some places might not accept private health care....?

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A person has a small intestine that has villi but a reduced number of microvilli. you would expect this person to be

The person is underweight.

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If the recommended dose of a drug is 445 mg for a 180 lb man what would be a suitable dose for a 135 lb man

This can be solved by setting up a proportion.

The answer and steps are attached

333.75 mg would be a suitable dose for a 135 lb man.

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Why should a person use a diet diary when attempting to gain or lose weight

To track what you eat so you can look at what you should avoid like high carbohydrates found in breads, pasta, and refined sugars. A dietician is most helpful in determining how many calories you should be eating.

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