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Match each law with the effect it had on the British population. PAIRS The unemployed moved into workhouses. Small farmers had to move to cities. Workers had to endure poor working conditions. CHOICES Enclosure Act Combination Acts Poor Law

The enclosure act in Britain during the Industrial Revolution meant that many small farmers could not afford the rent to the large landowners so had to move into the cities and usually take up industrial work. As a result of the Combination Act of around 1825, unions were banned or made illegal so that workers could not fight for higher pay or better working conditions so workers had to endure poor working conditions. Due to the Poor Law later version in the 1800's the unemployed could live in workhouses as a form of relief.

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Which us bridge were bicycles first allowed to cross for the first time in 1970?

The US bridge that allowed the passage of bicycles for the first time in 1970 was GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE. On February 28, 1970, Golden gate bridge west sidewalk was opened to bicycles used during non-work hours. During the working hours, the bridge work forces uses that west sidewalk to carry out maintenance and repair works on the bridge.

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In what ways did overseas expansion change how europeans viewed american indians

The more they spread the more there was a feeling and a belief of superiority developed among them. The colonists saw the Native Americans as more and more savage as they expanded and they kept enslaving them or kicking them out of their land towards the west.

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Why do some historians argue that the advent of agriculture was an unfortunate development?

There are many reasons. One is that it caused many wars because countries wanted to take the resources and food of other countries who were good at agriculture. Another is that it brought the rise of things like slavery and inequality. People started getting enslaved as prisoners of war while women were often considered inferior because they couldn't be as efficient at farming because physical strength.

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What affected african americans’ rights to vote in the south during the gilded age?

Although the 14th and the 15 amendment pushed with the right to vote for African people, it did not become possible because of segregation and white supremacy in the government who were in the government during those times. They prevented the Africans from their right. 

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Which two friends were leading poets during the augustan age of latin literature?

The answer is Horace and virgil

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Why was the u.s. quest for an atomic bomb  dubbed the "manhattan project" started?

The Manhattan Project refers to the joint US-UK-Canadian determination to develop the atomic bomb. It was dubbed because the US Army component of this effort was initially headquartered out of 270 Broadway in NYC. The Los Alamos National Laboratory was built in a secluded spot nestled in the Jemez Mountains to house Project Y, the team tasked with actually developing and building the bomb, headed by J. Robert Oppenheimer. It was started because Albert Einstein warned Roosevelt that Nazi scientists were already working on developing an atomic weapon. The research ultimately produced two atomic bombs, which were used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of the war in August of 1945. While there was a "race" going on between the Allies and Axis powers for the first nuclear weapon, the superior resources and better chemists (Oppenheimer and Einstein are some) allowed the Allies to secure the first atomic bomb and give us an advantage over The Soviet Union at the war's decision with regards to the testing of the atomic bomb.

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In which us territory were the people given the option to choose whether or not they would allow slavery?

The correct answer is the Utah territory. This was done as a compromise on allowing new states into the union. The states in the region actually did support slavery and the vote passed even though it had been previously forbidden. This was because it was in the south where slavery was a common thing.

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What did marcus garvey, founder of the universal negro improvement association, advocate?

He advocated African-American independence, pan-Africanism, and the idea that African-Americans should return to Africa. It was because he believed that they would be free there because the United States were a country where people are being oppressed and he wanted to end that.

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Since the 1950s, the percentage of the u.s. labor force represented by unions has _____.

It has steadily declined. The unions are not used nowadays at all. In the 70s approximately 35% of people were unionized. In 2013 only 11.5% of workers belong in a union and fight for workers rights. Unions strength has weakened because people are not interested in them.

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According to the constitution, which of these is not an explicit authority of the president?

The right to be above the law, right to basically dictate things.

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President polk replaced general zachary taylor with _________ during the war with mexico.

The correct answer is Winfield Scott.

This is a famous American war general and a hero in the Mexican war who was even a nominee for presidency because of his popularity. He replaced Zachary Taylor even though Polk was reluctant to do this. His famous nicknames are
"Old Fuss and Feathers" and the "Grand Old Man of the Army"

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Which line from the text best illustrates the "inevitability" of the civil war? they must repeal their personal liberty laws and respect the dred scott decision of the federal supreme court. neither in their own legislatures nor in congress should they trespass upon the right of the south. and this great crisis was only the bursting into flame of many smaller fires that had long been smouldering. mason and dixon's line had been a line of real division separating two inherently distinct portions of the country?

The correct answer should be
and this great crisis was only the bursting into flame of many smaller fires that had long been smouldering

That is because that sentence points out to how the numerous compromises were just small fires that were eventually going to become a big one because of the seriousness of the situation. It burst into flames that engulfed the entire United States.

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How many seasons does the cartoon hellsing have?

It had only 13 episodes

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How did european society transform through crisis in the late middle ages?

The period between the Middle ages and the Renaissance is called the Late Middle Ages. This period was also called the Rebirth because man have improved in the field of arts, politics and learning. The middle ages were filled with dark events such as the Great Famine and the Black Death. To add to that, warfare was also very rampant since revolts are arising everywhere. 

However, the time came when man understood philosophy. The unfortunate events may have driven the people to improve themselves. Change of focus was their initial step. New discoveries in science were proposed, the business of printing flourished giving free democratic learning to the people.  

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What might be the best way for the palestinian to regain control of their land?

According to Abraham Tamir, the best way for Palestinians to regain control of their land is by establishing peace. He says that if Arab confrontation states did not initiate wars against Israel or pose threats to its existence then there would be no war.

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How should american policy makers err in liberty v equality when there two american principles collide?

The policy is that when the two collide, equality will always come out on top. Equality is the main principle and is mentioned in the constitution among the first things when it says that all men are created equal. Liberty can be taken away if it impedes on the equality of the people.

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On the eve of the civil war, approximately how much of the world's cotton supply came from the southern united states

On the eve of the Civil War, the percentage of the world’s cotton supply coming from the Southern parts was 75 percent. The plantations and farms of the South supplied this percentage of the world cotton crop. This was the source of textile manufacturing in Great Britain and the United States.  

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How did gorbachev's policy of democratization change how elections were held in 1987?

In the past, voters could only approve candidates who were picked the communist party. Now, they could choose from a list of candidates for each office. Gorbachev gave way toward full-scale electoral democracy by taking initiative in changing the way the elections were handled in the past. There were multicandidate elections all over the country and at the same time unlimited nomination of candidates.

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Which group showed how motown reacted to the crossover success of sly and the family stone?

The correct answer is Jackson 5.

It's the band where Michael Jackson started from and they were known for how they combined funky dance music with vivid colorful outfits that were amusing for everyone. They became an instant hit in the youth market and were a huge source of #1 hits.

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Who were considered to be the two leading composers of the 1900s?

Igor Stravinsky and Arnold Schoenberg were the leading composers.

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What did the crisis over the Missouri Compromise expose? the nation’s weak foreign policy the growing sectionalism over the issue of slavery the dangers of excessive nationalism the trade imbalances that result from protective tariffs

The correct answer is the growing sectionalism over the issue of slavery.

The Missouri Compromise was a result of tensions between Northern and Southern politicians in Congress. As America was expanding and new territories, the question of whether or not slavery would exist in these new territories became a prominent question. For southerners, they saw slaves as property and thought that the institution of slavery should absolutely be allowed. Northerners, on the other hand, did not want slavery to spread. This was due to their fear of Southern politicians gaining too much power in Congress.

This is where the Missouri Compromise comes in. After tense negotiations, it was decided that Missouri would become a slave state, Maine would become a free state, and that slavery would only exist in new territories below the 36'30 parallel. This compromise would be only the beginning of problems over slavery in the US during the 1800's.

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What is the unemployment rate in North Korea

6.4 percent is correct. They rely on themselves to survive. Please rate brainliest and everyone thank ;)

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By what way were the first known settlers to the americas believed to have traveled?

Land bridges over the Bering Strait

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What did the supreme court determine was unconstitutional in brown v. board of education? integrated schools poll taxes segregation of schools unequal school funding school busing?

The correct answer is
segregation of schools

It ended the policy of separate but equal, declaring that not accepting the African-Americans into Caucasian schools is unconstitutional and that those who wanted to do it were committing something illegal. There was an outrage in the south because of it but they had to accept it.

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True or false: after world war ii, the united nations was created for the purpose of preventing future conflicts.

I'm pretty sure the answer's true.

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How many people born before 1900 are alive?

If we are to believe them, then there are currently 5 people alive who were born in the 1800s. All of them were born in the final two years of the century and have 113 to 115 years, located all over the world, places like Japan, Italy, etc.

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What was the impact of the racial structure of the spanish colonial period on post- colonial mexico?

Before Spanish colonization, Mexico has established its own class structure among the population. However, after colonization, the class structure changed drastically. The Spanish elites imposed a caste system with different levels of biological mixtures between different ethnic groups living in Mexico which decided one's status in society. Those who were biologically more Spanish enjoy a better standard of life than those from Indigenous or African lineage. The strict hierarchy caused discontent among the people which led to civil unrest and an inevitable revolution.

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What two actions did gorbachev and his army do when lithuania declared independence?

He ordered an economic blockade of Lithuania because he wanted to ruin their economy so that they come back. The second thing they did was order troops to go into the capital and they created problems for the civilians, even attacking them on a few occasions.

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Anyone know the similarities between the Taliban and ISIS? Writing a 5-pager please help lol

Thats ridiculous we can give you main ideas and you just support them 

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