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N which phase of mitosis are chromosomes first seen as a result of chromatin coiling? prophase anaphase metaphase telophase

Sat 18/01/2020 10:35 AM answersmine
Prophase, because chromatin condensed into chromosome

Financial aid that is awarded based on a students academic, srtistic, athletic, or other exceptional ability is called what aid

Sat 18/01/2020 10:11 AM answersmine
Acafemic or Sports Scholership is what comes to mind on this one

What will happen if you change the length of the thread of the simple pendulum?

Sat 18/01/2020 10:10 AM answersmine
The pendulum swings at a slower rate and a longer amount of time.

What are the educational differences between UCLA and USC

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UCLA is a public school. UCLA is the #1 Public University in America.

USC is a private school. USC has a good Film School.

Overall, UCLA is more impressive than USC. UCLA has an acceptance rate of 16% or so. The degree would look better. UCLA is a difficult school to get accepted into. UCLA is the most applied school in the world.

What type of decision makers rely on their instincts or impulses to make a decision?

Sat 18/01/2020 08:49 AM answersmine


Intuitive means possessing the capacity to understand or know something without any direct evidence or reasoning process. Intuitive decision makers do not rely on analytics or facts when making decisions. Neither do they follow a structured format but rely on their instincts.

. In Florida the standard defined speed limit in a residential area is ___________ mph. A. 20 B. 25 C. 30

Sat 18/01/2020 08:08 AM answersmine
In Florida the standard defined speed limit in a residential area is 30  mph.

- Marlon Nunez

What is the #1 sport

Sat 18/01/2020 08:03 AM answersmine
I would say soccer or football

List two actions that other people do that annoy you. Then list any behaviors you have that might annoy others.

Sat 18/01/2020 07:18 AM answersmine
Things that annoy me : 1. when people smack there mouth while eating
2. When people don't fold the clothes right

Things about me that annoy others
1. Never shut the cabinet door
2. Repeat watching the same movies and never change them up

Review financial websites or publications and gather the following information for three company stocks

Sat 18/01/2020 06:58 AM answersmine
This website should help you and if it does not just let me know!

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What information can scientists obtain from tree rings?

Sat 18/01/2020 05:31 AM answersmine

What information can scientists obtain from tree rings?

Answer's I chose:

how narrow the rings are

how the climate changed in the tree’s life

how wide the rings are

Please correct me if there are more or less

Please give a brainliest and a thanks.

Which is the correct order of the following stars

Sat 18/01/2020 05:20 AM answersmine
Could we get the starts please and then i can help you!

The point where a row and column intersect is called

Sat 18/01/2020 03:59 AM answersmine
Cell is your answer!!!

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What’s the best setup for audience configuration

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Set up a slideshow!!!!

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Which of these objects would have the strongest gravitational force?

Sat 18/01/2020 03:46 AM answersmine
What are the options

What evidence leads scientists to hypothesize that continents have moved?

Sat 18/01/2020 03:04 AM answersmine
Initially the shape of the continents— which appear to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle — suggested the possibility. Matching geologic formations and ancient fossil groups in eastern Brazil and South Western Africa have further support to this theory.

Also, the discovery of the sea floor spreading, mid ocean trenches, and plate margins and subduction zones provides a firm foundation for the theory. With the advent of GPS astrologers where we could precisely measure the annual spread, the theory was confirmed in real time.

Under Florida law a driver who refuses to submit to a test for alcohol or drugs will lose thier license for?

Sat 18/01/2020 02:48 AM answersmine


For 1 year


If you drive in Florida you have agreed to take the tests if asked. If you refuse to take the tests when asked, your license will automatically be suspended for one year. If you refuse for a second time that will result in an 18-month suspension. In case of a DUI that involves death or serious injury, you can be required to take the blood test without your consent but the blood must be withdrawn by a health professional.

When researching a career goal it it probably most important to ask what you will need for this career

Sat 18/01/2020 02:02 AM answersmine
I agree. because you never know. you might go to the career and you dont like so you have to research about it to get a great job 

The two major organizations are for-profit and what

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The accounts payable account is a blank and it has a normal blank balance

Sat 18/01/2020 12:13 AM answersmine


its liability ; credit


On a job application, you should list all the following under "skills" except _____. A. job-related skills B. second languages C. computer skills D. athletic interests

Sat 18/01/2020 12:09 AM answersmine
On a job application, you should list all the following under "skills" except athletic interests. The answer is D.

A used car is priced at 2,695 of you borrow the money for the car your payments will be 122

Sat 18/01/2020 12:02 AM answersmine
It will be $122 for 30 months

Payment for one month =$122

Payment for 30 months =122⋅30=$3,660 (1)

Price of the car=$2,695 (2)

Subtracting (2) from (1),

Savings by paying through cash=$965

Define a caste system

Sat 17/01/2020 11:49 PM answersmine
Casting system is a of social stratification characterized by endogamy hereditary

Suppose a company makes an investment and opens another factory

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We need more information to answer this question

Many countries use gdp per capita to compare the - in

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Many countries use GDP per capita to compare the quality of life in different countries.


GDP per capita is gross domestic product divided by the number of inhabitants of a country. GDP is the sum of all goods in a country, and the higher the GDP, the more it demonstrates how developed that country is, and can be classified among poor, rich or developing countries.

Per capita GDP is used as an indicator of a country's quality of life, because the richer the country is, the more its citizens benefit. For this reason, we can conclude that many countries use per capita GDP to compare the quality of life of different countries.

What is inside of an pear

Sat 17/01/2020 11:31 PM answersmine
Inside the pear it a hard core

Georgia’s scores in six subjects are 89, 75, 92, 68, 78, 75, and 80. If she finds a single value that summarizes all the values in the data set, which measure could she be finding?well it might be meanrang or mode

Sat 17/01/2020 10:52 PM answersmine
Hey there! :)

Your answer is mean

Mean is the average value of the data set.
Mode is the number that appears the most
Range is the difference between the greatest value and the lowest value in a data set.

Finding the mode is pretty useless because you can't do much with the score that you got the most.

Range isn't that helpful because it's the difference between your best and worst score.

Mean is best for summarizing because you have 1 number that's the average of the whole data set.

Therefore, the answer is mean

Hope this helps :)