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Gender hierarchy in a society is an example that would fall under the macrosystem of ecological systems theory ture or false

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That statement is true

In sociological term, macro system refers to the culture that dictate the situation which would face by each groups of society as a whole.
Gender hierarchy would determine the allocation of power in society as a whole between male and female citizens.

"which are more likely to be injured in a car accident in the united states"

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Kids because they do not use seatbelts.

Tort reform is a big part of health care reform because

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Tort reform is a big part of health care reform because "It works to cut legal costs and keep medical issues out of the courts".
In general, after finding factually noteworthy confirmation we see that therapeutic tort reform is related with a lessening in health care services costs. In testing the impact of one, two, and three changes, we locate a critical negative connection between tort change and social insurance costs in states where two restorative tort changes were passed. In particular, we find that the section of two therapeutic tort changes altogether diminished both aggregate premiums and manager commitments to premiums. The outcomes were to a great extent irrelevant for states that passed one and three changes. 

What does "stereotyped" mean in the context of dog behavior?

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The answer is "A behavior that recurrs frequently in a repetitive fashion with little variability, without any apparent cause or consequence".

If we look at the term stereotype in animal behavior, it refers to many meanings, prompting uncertainty in the logical literature. A stereotype is a term for a gathering of phenotypic practices that are dull, morphologically indistinguishable and which have no undeniable objective or capacity.

When naval engagements occur they are carried on at such great ____ that the intervention of mist may obscure the contestants from each other?

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I believe the answer is: Ranges

In warfare, they use long-distance controlled missiles as the main weapon for naval engagement. This means that victory would be held by the sides who are able to pinpoint the location of the oppostion's naval ships or submarine.
Intervention of mist could make the location seeking process become much more difficult.

_________ are discussions between two or more people where the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong.

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The correct answer is crucial conversations

Crucial conversations, as the name suggests, are important conversations between two or more people or parties, where the stakes are high. Depending on how the conversation goes, there can be a lot to lose or a lot to gain for the parties involved. These conversations might also get heated due to differences in opinions and strong emotions. An example of a crucial conversation can be an important meeting between a CEO of a company and a potential investor. 

Regarding attitudes towards change according to Schwartz framework for openness to change self-direction is a driver of change that

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I believe the answer is:  Seeks fun and pleasure, wants to enjoy life.

 According to schwartz framework, people would most likely become driven to conduct self driven change if they genuinely believe that the change would personally benefit them in the pursuit of happiness. 
For example, a person is more likely to put in more work hours if the type of job that they're in is aligned with their passion

Why is it more difficult to prove mens rea in an attempted crime?

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The correct answer is: attempt is not a completed crime.

Mens rea refers to when an individual is completely aware and knowledgeable about the fact that he or she has or is going to engage in activity that is criminal. In other words, men rea refers to when someone intentionally went ahead to commit a crime. Mens rea is an important element in legal cases, since it establishes whether or not a crime was intended by the perpertrator. In cases of attempted crime (where no crime actually occurred), mens rea is difficult to establish because there is no physical evidence of the crime, despite a perpetrators intention to commit it. 

Your friend recognized that you were down after your interview, so she asked how the interview went. what characteristic of a competent communicator is she displaying?

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The characteristic of a competent communicator that she is displaying is called empathy. This is a kind of competent communication by which an individual has the capability of being able to recognize and feel one's or what the others are feeling and that he or she is likely to be able to imagine their feelings or put themselves in their shoes to understand what they are feeling and be able to provide comfort.

Which person is at the greatest risk of developing delirium?

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A person on the second day after hip replacement is at the greatest risk for developing delirium. Age, gender, and chronic illnesses are not generally associated with delirium triggers. Critical care units, postsurgically, or during withdrawal from CNS depressants like alcohol, narcotic agents are autonomic nervous system overactivity which delirium is associated with and typically develops in 2 to 3 days.

How does global stratification impact the United States?

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-There is no overall increase in the wealth of the United states.
-Big corporations and companies are making more money while the individual citizens are gaining very little.

Twins Tamara and Theo grew up in a conservative-leaning household, where both their parents, nonetheless, were registered Democrats. As they aged, neither adopted the party identification of their parents. How are they likely to define themselves?

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They are likely to define themselves as what they likely believe in or what they wanted to be as they are not likely to live up with what they had learned when they are still a child nor adopted what their parents have thought them. It is likely that they define themselves as someone who they want to be defined or who they really are and not based on where they grew up.

"which of these familiar sayings is best supported by social psychological research?"

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The answer is "Birds of a feather flock together".

The saying "birds of a feather flock together" is supported by social psychological research and recommends that individuals who coordinate each other in attitudes, interests, appearance, and different ascribes have a tendency to be more pulled in to each other. Getting to be mindful of your own qualities can give you pieces of information to the sort of individual who may best fit with you.

Soc101 the two regions with the highest risk of social unrest are

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I believe the answer is: Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East-North Africa region 

A region would have high risk of social urest if they possess very little resource to sustain the living of their citizens and there are a lot of groups who fight to obtain centralized power which caused political instability within the nations. We can see this characteristics in sub saharan africa and the middle east.

Mrs. hart is a first-grade teacher and she is doing research in her own classroom. this type of descriptive research is called:

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This type of descriptive research is called "action research".
Descriptive research is utilized to portray attributes of a population or wonder being considered. Subsequently, descriptive research can't depict what caused a circumstance. In this way, descriptive research can't be utilized as the premise of a causal relationship, where one variable influences another.

Which perspective describes joshs perspective about gender? he says to a friend, i agree that men and women should have equality. however, women are just better at taking care of the kids, and men are just better at earning the income. both roles are important, but having two distinct roles is helpful in society.?

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The perspective is structural functionalism

This is a theory that tries to explain why the society functions the way it does by putting emphasis on the relationship between various institution. In this perspective, a social structure such as a family establishes roles for members in relation to other structures in the society such as economy.

Only about _____ percent of american adults reach the level-three stage of moral development.

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Twenty percent

Moral development is the process through which children develop proper attitudes and behaviors toward other people in society, based on social and cultural norms, rules, and laws. The process does not end and is classified into three stages.  Individual judgment in the third stage is based on self-chosen principles, and moral reasoning is based on individual rights and justice.

All social interaction involves select one: a. verbalization. b. communication. c. vision. d. hearing.

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B. communication because it covers all selections

When kathy is in the shower and someone flushes the toilet, the water turns hot and she gets burned. soon, kathy becomes classically conditioned to fear the toilet flushing when she is in the shower. when kathy visits her parents she does not get burned when someone flushes the toilet while she is in the shower. when she returns home and hears the toilet flush while in the shower, kathy immediately feels a surge of fear. this example best illustrates the fact that extinction is?

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The correct answer is:  a form of learning that inhibits, not deletes, what is learned

When it comes to the theory of classical conditioning, extinction refers to when a previously learned behavior disappears when reinforcement stops occurring. In this instance, 
when Kathy visits her parents, and does not get burned when someone flushes the toilet while she is in the shower, the reinforcement stops occurring. However, when she returns home and hears the toilet flush while in the shower, Kathy immediately feels a surge of fear. This demonstrates that extinction (due to lack of reinforcement) might inhibit, but does not completely delete learned behavioral responses. 

In the late 1800's, you live on an absolutely fixed income (retirement plan). should you oppose the unlimited coinage of silver?

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Yes I should.

The Free Silver Movement was a political alliance of Western silver diggers and Midwestern and Southern agriculturists who upheld an inflationary financial strategy by utilizing the free coinage of silver for a bimetallic standard for U.S. cash in the conviction that an expansion in the measure of cash available for use would raise crop’s costs and take into consideration simpler obligation reimbursement. As an individual living on a fixed income I would have been hugely affected in negative way due to my fixed income which would not have increased as opposed to the general inflation in prices and goods.

Special intersections that allow bicyclists ahead of motor vehicle traffic in order to make it safer for them to turn or cross are known as __________

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Answer: B. bike boxes.

Answer choices are:

A. sharrows.

B. bike boxes.

C. bike lanes.

D .all of the above

All of the above are designated places for the exclusive use of bicycles. A  sharrow is a street marking installed at locations to indicate where people should preferably cycle while a bike lane is just a portion of the roadway for the exclusive use of the bicyclists.  A bike box is a special intersection that allows bicyclists ahead of motor vehicle traffic make it safer for them to turn or cross. 

Sherif is to the study of _____ as asch is to the study of _____.

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The correct answers are: norm formation; group pressure

Answer 1: 
Sherif was a social psychologist who is well known for the classic "Robbers Cave Experiment". The Robbers Cave Experiment was a social psychology research study in which Sherif investigated inter-group conflicts. His main finding was that stereotypes, biases and prejudices result from two or more groups competing for the same limited resources. Sherif claimed that the tension and conflict between groups leads to the formation of norms when it comes to inter-group interactions. 

Answer 2: Soloman Asch was a social psychologist well known for his experimental study on group pressure and conformity in 1951. Asch's experimental study specifically investigated how social pressure from a majority group influences a person's likelihood to conform to the majority.The findings from his study revealed that over 75% of participants conformed to the majority, indicating that group pressure is significant .

What is one way the concept of stability is seen in chemistry?

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One way the concept of stability is seen in chemistry is the atoms with full octets form stable elements. The rule of the octet alludes to the tendency of atoms preferring to have eight electrons in the shell of valence. When atoms cannot have complete eight electrons, there’s a tendency to react and form more stable compounds.

Why did religion guide the growth of the New World?

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The exploration of the new world was seen by many religious missionaries as a chance to spread out their teaching to another region.

During the process of this missionary, cultural exchange would happen which make each culture able to obtain new knowledge, art style, or ideology that held by the other culture, which create the growth in the region.

Researchers argue that changes in ________ with aging, such as declines in working memory, may lead to an increase in a need for closure with age. emotional selectivity processing resources personal control possible selves

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The correct answer is processing resources.

As part of the aging process, many individuals experience a decline in their processing resources or abilities. For instance, they might be more forgetful, have slower reflexes, longer reaction and processing times, etc. Due to this decline in processing, there 
may be an increase in a need for closure with age. This means that older individuals prefer completion and finishing tasks or assignments rather than leaving them unfinished. 

Name some of the legal restraints on police action, and list some types of behavior that might be considered abuse of police authority

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Probable cause. An officer has reason to believe that a crime may be comitted. (physical evidence, observations, statements, video/audio.)

Searches. Officers are only allowed to do a pat down (terry search, frisk) as a protective measure. They can do a full search if a suspect is taken into custody.

4th amendment protects against unreasonable search and seizures.  

When a suspect is being questioned (for incriminating information) they must be read their Miranda rights before proceeding. Basic questions are allowed. ("How are you doing?").

Abuse of police authority could be requesting to see an ID when there is no probable cause.