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What exactly do i do ?

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It's just telling you to read two articles that have different opinions but,have the same title .

SOMEONE PLEASEEEEEEE HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP MEEEEEEEEEEEE 1. What is fascism? 2. Other than Italy, what other countries were governed by fascist leaders? 3. Describe how living in a fascist country is different from living in a democratic country. 4. Describe how Mussolini controlled the country of Italy. 5. Describe Hitler’s actions in Germany.

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1. Fascism is a type of radical nationalist absolute government that oppresses all the citizen's rights.The power is centralised in a single person, the dictator, who makes all the laws and controls every power (legislative, executive and judicial).
2. Germany, Spain and Portugal.
3. People who live in fascist countries have no right to vote or even to have access to books any other of these means of dissemination that have opposite ideas to the government, in other words, they have no freedom of speech. As opposed to the democratic countries, who promote the freedom of speech of the citizens and give them the freedom of choosing their representative, by the elections.

One country which will be back this year is also the only one to participate in every World Cup ever staged. Which is it?

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I'm pretty sure the country to participate in every World Cup is Brazil.

What two details could be used in an argument for raising the driving age?

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We are too young to drive because we are more prone to making mistakes 

we havent had much experience with driving and the real world

Which of these statements would likely complete the flowchart ? A) bees live very short lives B) Flowers are pollinated by bees C) Japanese beetles are herbivore D) Sugar is used as energy by the cells

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that is correct d


Sugar is used as energy by the cells. This is the correct statement because it is the only answer choice that is on topic and would logically follow from the statement just before; that sugar is transported to the cells. Learning what happens to the sugar is the next logical step.

*****CRIMINAL JUSTICE******* Do you agree that "even the nicest cop will use your mistakes against you" as the attorney in the video asserts? Explain.

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Yes because at the end of the day it's their job and even if theh are super kind and nice when the time comes and they are asked about you then they will state your mistakes

When Mike was with his friends in the United States, they typically talked about parties and girls they were dating. Now, as an exchange student in Saudi Arabia, where this behavior is against the beliefs and lifestyle of most of his classmates, he consciously avoids these topics. What type of context is Mike conscious of in this example? temporal context physical context social-psychological context cultural context

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Cultural Context takes a gander at the general public the characters live in and at how their way of life can influence their conduct and their chances. Consider where and when every content is set. Consider the qualities and frames of mind that issue to these characters and about how they shaped.

It is a social setting as it may be alright to discuss those sort of things in the United States yet it isn't adequate in Saudi Arabia as the way of life is moderately contrast with the U.S.

What is the correct way to add the suffix hood to the word likely?

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English is not my mother tongue, hence I wonder if there was any rule to choose one suffix from another. For now, I use more of a it-sounds-better-than-the-other kind of rule.

What do you need to know in order to look up a word in the dictionary?

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You need to know the alphabet and how the words are spelled 

What is complex sentence

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It is a  sentence that contains both an independent clause and one or more subordinate clauses

Find the coordinates of the midpoint of the segment whose endpoints are given P -2 4 q 6 -2

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I assume that P -2 4 q 6 -2 means the two points that you are trying to find the midpoint to are meant to be coordinates.

This would mean that you would need to find the midpoint or point in the center on the graph. 
You would need to use the midpoint formula (x1+x2)/2 and (y1+y2)/2
The answer would therefore be the coordinate (2,1)

The greek instrument called the syrinx is also known as the

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CONCH-SHELL Is the name that people often use today.

Which is a reason that "Doc Rabbit, Bruh Fox, and Tar Baby” from The People Could Fly is considered a fable? It describes a character’s everyday life. It includes animals that talk. It reflects a real historical event. It occurs in a character’s imagination

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The answer is it includes animals that talk. A fable is a compact anecdotal story, in writing or verse, that highlights creatures, amazing animals, plants, lifeless things, or powers of nature that are humanized (given human characteristics, for example, the capacity to talk human dialect) and that outlines or prompts a specific good exercise (an "ethical"), which may toward the end be included unequivocally as a pointed adage or saying.

I need help on my homework its hard

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Well idk what the race strategy is

Kisi company dwara utpadit gharelu utpadan ka Vigyapan likhiye

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Aapko vigyapan likne ke liye pratham ye chunna hoga ke aap konsi company ya brand ka vigyapan likhna pasand karenge.

Koi pratishthit brand ke product ko aap chunkar uska chitra bana dijiye.

Fir apko uski tag line yani prachar vakya ko uske niche likh dijiye.

Antim vakya jo hoga, usse aap koi prachilit offer ya jaldi kharidein athva aaj hi lein aise likha ja sakta hai.

In sabhi aksharo ko aap aapke man mutabik bada aur akarshak likh sakte hai.

Apke behtar samajhne ke liye humne ek udharan chitra jod diya hai. Kripya ussey dekh kar mila le.

What element is the focus of the song “Twelfth Song of Thunder”?

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D. The voice. I took the test.

What is the samas vigrah of पवनहंस

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Visit -

What is the samas vigrah of सेनानायक

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Visit -

What is the samas vigrah of पवनहंस

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How could Caroline best improve her analysis?

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all three women are extremely supportive of the men whom they love (almost to a fault). Caroline is indulgent with Victor and seemingly with his siblings, and she compassionately takes care of her ailing father before she marries Alphonse. Elizabeth writes Victor, listens to him, and endures his aloofness and neglect while maintaining her love for him. Safie gives up wealth and her home country to be "exiled" with Felix.

What makes a customers shopping experience seamless?

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Seamless?Not the right word choice

Can someone translate this It's written in korean language

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It means...
“Do you know how much I dislike you, human? To cause pain to your heart is to do you a favor...”

Why is bias sometimes difficult for readers to detect?

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Because the author has hidden it into their stories to not seem biased because if they arent biased it is considered a "better" article