Read the excerpt from "How a Cat Played Robinson Crusoe." Starving as she was, she could not sleep, but kept ceaselessly on the prowl. Which statement best explains how the excerpt contributes to the plot of "How a Cat Played Robinson Crusoe"? The cat can't sleep and needs a way to pass the time until her family comes. Much of the plot focuses on the cat's internal struggle as she waits for her famliy to return. The cat has become wild and kills without reason. The climax of the story occurs when the cat has become totally wild and is no longer tame. The cat is starving and so must find food quickly. The cat's struggle for survival in an unfamiliar and harsh world establishes the main conflict of the story. The cat is bored and hunts so that she has something to do. The cat's need for adventure and excitement drives the plot of the story and creates tension.

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