Read the excerpt from It's Our World, Too!: Young People Who Are Making a Difference. Andy Percifield had been busy, too. There were only two days before the next game. He was determined that his school would do the right thing, no matter what the principal said. He had an idea: maybe the students themselves could write a letter against racism that could be read over the microphone in the press box to everyone at the game. It would have to be powerful enough to satisfy the protesting players and shame the racist fans. Which statement best describes how Andy has been affected by the conflict? Andy has lost his faith in the system after talking to the principal and he has decided to act on his own. Andy has become very angry about the racist fans and he will put an end to their comments no matter what. Andy is intent on making a change for the better and putting an end to the racist comments coming from the racist fans. Andy feels bad for the protesting players, but he does not want to get too involved in other people’s problems.

Do you know the better answer!

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