. Read the passage. It is true that I am very averse to bringing myself forward in print; but as my account will only appear as an appendage to a former production, and as it will be confined to such topics as have connection with my authorship alone, I can scarcely accuse myself of a personal intrusion. According to her introduction to Frankenstein, how does Mary Shelley feel about writing about herself “in print”? A. She would rather write an autobiography than a novel. B. She says she’s proud of her ability to write. C. She does not like to call attention to herself. D. She wants to publish her writing on her own time line

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The given passage above is actually taken from "Frankenstein" and this is a novel that was written by Mary Shelley. Based on the passage above, how the author feels about writing herself "in print" based on the introduction of this novel is that she wants to publish her writing based on her own pace. The answer would be option D.
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