Read this excerpt from James Baldwin's "Notes of a Native Son": When he died I had been away from home for a little over a year. In that year I had had time to become aware of the meaning of all my father's bitter warnings, had discovered the secret of his proudly pursed lips and rigid carriage: I had discovered the weight of white people in the world. I saw that this had been for my ancestors and now would be for me an awful thing to live with and that the bitterness which had helped to kill my father could also kill me. Which sentence best explains how Baldwin conveys his ideas on bitterness and acceptance in this excerpt? A. He blames racism for his father's and his ancestors' deaths and is resigned to living with the racism. B. He accepts the power of white people and will not let bitterness build up inside him. C. He learns that racism causes bitterness and accepts the reality of having to live with it. D. He learns the source of his father's bitterness and knows that if he succumbs to it, it would kill him.

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