Scientists sometimes describe a society or a group of humans as "highly civilized." Explain what you think it means to be highly civilized, and provide specific examples. Make sure to use these words in your answer: 1)Civilization 2)Artisan 3)Cuneiform 4)Social structure 5)Scribe 6)Pictograph 7)Technology 8)Ziggurat 9)Merchant 10)Culture

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In a *civilization, you have to know how to write, and the people could in *cuniform. Another thing you have to have in order to be civilized is a *social structure. In the social structure there are *scribes, *merchants, and *artisans. In the people's *culture they were pretty civilized. They had *technolighy like the wheel, *pictographs, and *ziggurats. So yes I think the people were civilized. You can change the stuff around but those are the answers I passed this in class also by people I meant summeranians or whatever u r studying just fill in the stuff u think needs to be filled in
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What government structure did the Aztec and the Inca have in common?

Both were ruled by emperors and they had an allience called la alianza de la triple nahua 

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Which social scientist primarily studies how people change resources into goods and services

The social scientist that primarily studies how people change resources into goods and services is called: economist

Basically, Economist study how people will utilize the resource that they have at their disposal to fulfill their needs. (for example, you can't use words directly as your clothing and paper)
A lot of  Resources that people found around the environment often couldn't directly fulfill their needs. So, they transform those resources in a form of goods and services so it can fulfill it.

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Which statement best describes the impact of scarcity?

Scarcity is the main force that affects all economic decisions. There is a large demand of products and resources which are limited, and the economic theory, in fact, is the science that defines how such goods are allocated among individuals that desire them in order to satisfy their needs. Scarcity requires that every decision reached needs to be based on the opportunity cost or value of the alternatives which are rejected.

Scarcity is the basic and central concept in economics.

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The pic is the Questions and answers plz help

It would be the population is growing rapidly  

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Please help ASAP <3 For this assignment consider the following quote by Hermann Ebbinghaus, and write about 250 words explaining its meaning: "Psychology has a long past but only a short story" Can someone just tell me what that quote basically means?

Psychology is defined as the following:
1) science of behavior and mind, embracing all aspects of conscious and unconscious experience as well as thought.
2) an academic discipline and a social science which seeks to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases.

Even before Psychology was named as such, people have been observing, thinking, and implementing behavior based on their own understanding as well as other influential factors. However, there has been no established criteria or principles that differentiate it from other social sciences. Thus, the long past.

The short history began when Psychology was determined as a social science that is different from other social sciences like philosophy. During those times, the study of behavior among people have been done according to the established principles and criteria of psychology. 

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How do Kepler's laws describe planetary orbits especially Earth's

Kepler’s laws show the effects of gravity on orbits. They apply to any object that orbits another: planets orbiting the Sun, moons orbiting a planet, spacecraft orbiting Earth. It all depends on the shape of the orbit

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Which of the following accurately links a group and the national organization that advocates for their rights? A.LULAC and Women; NOW and Hispanics; NAACP and African-Americans B.LULAC and Hispanics; NOW and African Americans; NAACP and Women C.LULAC and African-Americans; NOW and Hispanics; NAACP and Women D.LULAC and Hispanics; NOW and Women; NAACP and African-Americans

LULAC ( League of United Latin American Citizens) is an organization to empower Latinos. NOW stands for the National Organization for Women and The NAACP stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Question: Which of the following accurately links a group and the national organization that advocates for their rights?

Answer: D.LULAC and Hispanics; NOW and Women; NAACP and African-Americans

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Which is a belief held by sociologists who work from a structural-functional perspective

Functionalism, or as it is also known: Structural functionalism, or even just functionalism, is "a framework for building theory that sees society as a complex system whose parts work together to promote solidarity and stability". This is a micro level approach that believes that society evolves like an organism. That being said, in this context, social structures provide a necessary framework for life.

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Which is an example of something​ outlawed by the 14th amendment? A. Owning slaves B. Passing Jim Crows laws C. Requesting voters to take tests D. Having different laws for different races

The answer to your question would be D.Having different laws for different races. Hope this helps:)

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What is an ideal solution to solve human right

Can you provide more details to the question?

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In “Letter to His Son,” why does Robert E. Lee write his letter to his son? A. to share his decision to leave Virginia B. to explain why he voted on behalf of secession C. to share his plans to join the Confederate army D. to explain his ultimate loyalty to Virginia

Robert E. Lee write his letter to his son: (B.) to explain why he voted on behalf of secession

In the letter,  robert E. Lee described to his son that even though he personally opposed to the secession, he couldn't find himself capable of waging the war to southern states, so he voted otherwise.

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The president signing a trade agreement with china is an example of

Trade agreements and laws signed by the President are examples of Legislation and executive orders. This means once the agreements are signed it should be implemented immediately because it is already signed by the President. It is also called the process of enacting the law.

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In India, which aspect of society has been most heavily influenced by religious beliefs, tradition, and the division of labor?

My Answer: Caste system

Hope I helped! :D

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Is this answer b? I can't remember this one.

I believe C is the correct answer. Obesity was an unexpected result of the social breakthrough.

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Describe the creation of the United Nation. Include what came before its creation and why it was necessary to create the United Nations.

The United Nations was born of perceived necessity, as a means of better arbitrating international conflict and negotiating peace than was provided for by the old League of Nations. The growing Second World War became the real impetus for the United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union to begin formulating the original U.N. Declaration, signed by 26 nations in January 1942, as a formal act of opposition to Germany, Italy, and Japan, the Axis Powers.

The principles of the U.N. Charter were first formulated at the San Francisco Conference, which convened on April 25, 1945. It was presided over by President Franklin Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin, and attended by representatives of 50 nations, including 9 continental European states, 21 North, Central, and South American republics, 7 Middle Eastern states, 5 British Commonwealth nations, 2 Soviet republics (in addition to the USSR itself), 2 East Asian nations, and 3 African states. The conference laid out a structure for a new international organization that was to “save succeeding generations from the scourge of war,…to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights,…to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom.”

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Select the four major jobs of program directors. assess needs designate funds design programs provide individual assistance grant wishes meet federal and state regulations evaluate effectiveness of programs

the answer is: Design programs

Assess needs

During this process, program directors would ask their clients regarding on what the programs would be used, and the budget of the clients.

evaluate the effectiveness of a program

The program directors would do this by conducting a test to see whether the program could address the goals that the clients want to achieve.

designate funds

The directors would see whether the programs that effective to the client would be within the their budget. If not the directors would either make an adjustment or reject the offer.

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Men make up what percentage of prisoners in the united states

Male inmates make up 93.2% of the population in prison, while females make up 6.8%.

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How does POWA protect citizens against human rights violation?

POWA stands for People Opposing Woman abuse

They  protect citizens against human rights violation by: 
- Providing assistance for both women and children that are being abused in their household
- Providing Education for poor women who can't afford on their own
- Trying to eliminate all forms of discrimination to women in the workplace.

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The nurse asked whether she has noticed a change in her stools. the woman answered that they were hard to flush (they float and kind of gray-looking. why did the nurse ask about stools?

The nurse ask about the stools because: Someone with difficulty converting bilirubin into bile will have trouble digesting fats, and they will go out in the stool.

Biliburin consists of Fat-soluble vitamins that will absorb the fats that needed to be excreted from our body. If someonehase a difficulty converting bilirubin, the fats will stay at the small intestine and have to be manually excreted using medical equipment.

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Which or the following insurgency elements are active sympathizers who provide important support services but do not participate in combat operations?

The insurgency elements that are active sympathizers who provide important support services but do not participate in combat operations is: Auxiliary

Within a combat operation, there is always be a group of individuals that exist in battlefield without any intention to fight for both groups.
One example of this is the Red Cross.
In every combat, The Red Cross will provide medical assistance to any participants that are injured in the battlefield without seeing which side those participants are in. It is a very common norm in a battlefield that members of the red cross should not be attacked under any circumstances.

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Every high school student who is enrolled in a special education program is to have _____ as part of his or her iep.

Every high school student who is enrolled in a special education program is to have  an Individualized Transition Plan or ITP as part of his or her IEP.

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In north america, parents tend to prefer children with a(n _____ temperament, whereas in china, a(n _____ temperament is more highly valued.

The answer to the blanks provided is unhibited and inhibited. Temperament has two categories which are the unhibited and inhibited. Where as north america, they tend to promote and discipline their children of having an unhibited temperament, where the children should be active and sociable towards other people. In China, in the other hand, they tend to practice their children of being fearful in which they value more because they think that a child being like that is somehow respectful.

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Ten-year-old svana has recently immigrated from iceland to the united states. if we say that svana is undergoing acculturation, we mean that she is:

If she undergoing to acculturation, then it means she is trying to adopt on the ways and attitudes of the culture of where the country that she is now living to. She is most likely adopting the behavior and the attitudes of the Americans for she is now living in United States. That is how acculturation is being defined as.

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Which adjective best describes you at work? a. charming b. ambitious?

The adjective that describes someone at work is letter b, ambitious. It is because in doing your job, it is always vital to think that a person should work hard in order to complete tasks and achieve their goals. Being ambitious is where a person shows a strong desire for something or someone who most likely want to succeed. These is the best adjective to describe a person who is working.

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