Solve the equation. Show your work. Check your answer. 4y + 5 = – 31 (show how you check the answer pls)

Answered by answersmine:

4y+5=-31 you subtract 5 from both sides so you get 4y=-36 then you divide by 4 from both sides so you get y=-9 and to check you put -9 in for y and multiply 4 and -9 add 5 to get -31
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For y=5+8x when x=4,what does y equal?

Y=5+8x X=4




In the order of operations you always start with parentesses.I hope I helped.

Oh and I wanted to make sure if it was correct so I went on calculator soup and it's correct .

A copy machine repairman makes $12.50 per hour plus $4 for every service call he performs. Last week he worked 34 hours and made 6 service calls. How much money did he make?

Hours = 34 Income per hour = 12.5$ Service calls = 6 Income per call = 4 Therefore, total income = (time of working * income per hour) + (service calls * income per call) = (34*12.5) + (6*4) = 425+24 = 449

Currently my monthly wage is £840. Next month i will recieve a 7% rise. Fill this sum in: £840 x ______ = £_______________

In order to find out what our next monthly wage will be we have to multiply 
100% + 0.07% x £840 

Now you cant really multiply percents.. So we have to turn the percents into decimals. 
100% = 1.00
0.07% = 0.07 

Now add those two decimals together. 
1.00 + 0.07 = 1.07 

So our answer would look like this. 

£840 x _1.07_  = _898.8_

Good Luck! :)

A road construction crew is resurfacing the highway between point D and point E. The distance between point D and point E is 93 miles of road. The crew has completed 35 miles. If they work at a pace of 2.9 miles per day, how many more days will it take to finish?

Answer: 20 days.

Step-by-step explanation:

Given: A road construction crew is resurfacing the highway between point D and point E.

The  distance between point D and point E =93 miles

Since, the crew has completed 35 miles.

And 90-35=58 miles is the remaining miles of road which crew has to resurface.

If they work at a speed of 2.9 miles per day, then the time it take to finish will be Time=\frac{Distance}{speed}=\frac{58}{2.9}=20\ days

Hence, the crew will finish the work in 20 more days.

Factorizing and solving quadratic 2x^2+7x+3

There are 2 possible answers to this question, -3 and -1/2 :)

Factor the equation x^2+x+26

1*26 equals 26

I think there is NO SOLUTION

Write to explain two ways you can find the sum of 3+4+5.

Way one: put the biggest number in your head in this case 5 then count up 4 then 3 more so you get 12 

way 2: draw 3 tally marks then 4 more then 5 more then count them all together to get the sum 12

hope this helped:)

5+3×2-6 where do you put the parentheses to get the value of 10

(5+3) times 2-6 is the answer and i wrote times because i dont have a mulitiplcation sign

Work out the volume of a cuboid 10cm by 3cm by 2cm?

10 x 3 x 2 = the volume
10 x 3 = 30
30 x 2 = 60 cm^3
it is cm^3 because all of the numbers you have are in cm

3-3x6+2= we have 3 answers so far -17 -13 2 any idea's on which is correct

-13 In England we remember the order with the word BODMAS. Brackets,Of,Divide, Multiply, Add and lastly Subtract

Amy Is training for a half marathon. In practice, she runs 2 miles in 15 minutes. If she continues at the same rate, how many miles will she run in 1 hour ? Please answer! ❤️️❤️️

Since an hour is 60 minutes, divide 60 by 15, you get 4. since she runs 2 miles in 15 minutes, and there are four 15 minutes in 60, 
2 * 4 = 8.
she will run 8 miles in a hour.

A complex number, (a + bi), multiplied by (2 + 3i) and added to -i gives the product of (-11 + 5i) and (1 – i).a = and b =


Hence, we have:

               a= 3 and b= 4

Step-by-step explanation:

It is given that:

A complex number, (a + bi), multiplied by (2 + 3i) and added to -i gives the product of (-11 + 5i) and (1 – i).



Since, we know that :


Hence, we have:


i.e. we have:




On multiplying equation (1) by 2 and equation (2) by 3 we get:


on putting the value of a into equation (1) we get:

2\times 3-3b=-6\\\\i.e.\\\\6-3b=-6\\\\i.e.\\\\-3b=-6-6\\\\i.e.\\\\-3b=-12\\\\i.e.\\\\b=4

Solve 60=10√y-3A.y= -39B.y= 39C.y= 39,-39D.y= -10,39


we have to chek the possible answer:

Answer: B.  y=39