Sometimes savings accounts earn a low rate when the balance is under a certain amount, and earn higher rates when the balance is more than a certain amount. this type of interest rate is called a _____.

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A group of careers which contain similar interests, skills, and values is called a ?

It is called a Holland Codes or RIASEC

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The process by which wind removes surface materials is called a. abrasion. b. plucking. c. deflation. d. inflation.

C. deflation

I don't want to write 20 characters like I have to to answer your question. 

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Do you believe that cutting or reducing the amount of pe in schools in favor of core academic subjects is a good idea? why or why not?

This questions seems to be a question where you are required to mention more than one point. The question has two options of course, I'll tell you my personal answer to the question in broken up points.

I disagree with this statement because I believe that Physical Education (PE) is a very important subject for each individual.
It has been proven that any sort of physical education improves the activity of your brain, if an individual's level of brain activity is higher, it means he learns more from other education and performs better on his tests. 
Physical Education is also a practical lesson that relieves stress off students from all the other core subjects that do not that involve as much practical activity.
Physical Education makes you healthier, the healthier you are the better your life style and (technically) life time will be.
Physical Education is also now proven to wake up students, this means students are less lazy and goes back to one of my previous points mentioning a students activity and performance in a lesson or a test.

I hope this helped, any other questions let me know. :3

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Which of the following loans will typically offer the lowest interest rate?

Federal student loan

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A breakout marketing technique called ______ advertising, based on psychological principles, was revealed in the 1950s.

It is called behavioral advertising and was invented by disgraced behavioral psychologist John B. Watson.

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True of False: The suns equatorial fluids spin faster than the fluids at higher latitudes.

True because of the latitude

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Some mammals survive cold winters in a state of reduced activity called

its Hibernation i think

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Building a relationship during your career is called

Building relationships during your career exploration is called Networking. 
when you're in career exploration phase, building a relationships with various people may expose you to various kind of opportunities that could benefit your career paths

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A/n _______ is a type of mass movement that occurs when a thin block of soil, rock, and debris separates from the underlying bedrock

That type of mass movement is called a landslide

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There are seven categories to consider when choosing a career. Which of the following is not one of the seven categories? Question 1 options: A) Working conditions B) Location C) Family Considerations D) Where your best friend works Save

I believe the option that is not one of the 7 categories would be D. Where your best friend works. The rest are all appropriate considerations when choosing a particular career.

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Is sand called sand bc its between the land and the sea

That is a good question

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3. Gathering information with your eyes is called __________.

Sight or visual information

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Someone who enjoys working with numbers and words, facts, and data would have an interest in _____. a. crafts b. the arts c. science d. office operations

The best answer for the question is (D) office operations.

Since the person enjoys working with a variety of stimuli, from numbers, words, data, and facts, it is better for her or him to work in office operations because the field would expose them to these things. Professions in this field would focus in managing the day to day aspect of businesses, and the field can range from human resources to finance.

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How did United States sought to advance its interests in world affairs between 1789 and 1823? I dont really understand how to start my first paragraph.

Look up facts on googles and try to make it into one paragraph to start it but make sure you cite your stuff

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Native Americans call the river muhheakantuk the river that flows both ways. Why do you think this is?

Muhheakantuck translates to Hudson, referring to the river's natural flow of both ways. 

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What is the force acting on a 0.5 kg object that is moving at a rate of 100 m/s?

F = m.a

F= 0.5  * 100/t

F = 500/t Newtons

where, t=time period in seconds

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Have a low credit score can make t more difficult to

Get a house or car lololo

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To rephrase something using other words sometimes to make it shorter is called

the answer is paraphrasing- apex xx

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