The air component in soil providesplants with the needed for photosynthesis

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Carbon dioxide : the air component in soil provides the carbon dioxide needed for photosynthesis
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Where would an air mass thunderstorm most likly occur

In a cool unstable environment

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A marine biologist is working on a research vessel to study whale calls. His recording devices are measuring depths above 1,000 meters. As his vessel travels to cooler waters and begins to measure at greater depths, the marine biologist needs to make adjustments to his monitoring devices. Why is that?

It's due to more pressure as the sound is searched deep into the waters. The adjustments were done to adapt and make clearer sounds.
Animal researchers use hydrophone arrays to determine the location of the whale calls. Another equipment is the Sound Surveillance system, it is used on the sea floor once during the cold war to detect warships and submarines. But now it is used in researchers to understand animals in the ocean. 

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I need help with a boating question. The question is "One drink on a boat is equivalent to approximately _________ drinks on land?" What would the answer be???? Please help. This is very important

The answer is one, it does not matter where you are drinking water or non-alchoholic drinks, it is still a drink.

If you are talking about alchohol, you are probably going to be even more sick the next day, because you are adding seasickness to your hangover, making it twice as bad... So.... One drink on a boat is equivalent to .5 drinks on land

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Which is the best way to summarize this passage? Jose de San Martin of Argentina has become the forgotten man of South American independence. In recent years, his rival Simon Bolivar of Venezuela has become much more prominent as the military leader who forced Spain to leave the continent in the nineteenth century. San Martin was the general who forced the Spanish out of Argentina and Chile, as well as in Peru where Bolivar's eventual triumph would have been impossible if not for San Martin's invasion. (2) Born in Argentina, the son of a Spanish colonial official, he moved to Spain as a child where he was educated and served in the army for 20 years, rising to the rank of lieutenant-colonel of cavalry. He fought against Napoleon's French troops for three years, but then in 1812 he sailed to Buenos Aires, Argentina and began fighting the Spanish colonial army. (3) He had a genius for organization and carrying out big plans. He quickly concluded that the key to securing Argentina's independence from Spain lay in the conquest of Peru, which was the bastion of Spanish power in South America. He gathered an army in western Argentina, and in a feat of supreme generalship, he led his 5,000 troops over the high Andean passes into Chile. There in 1817, he attacked the Spanish troops and defeated them at Chacabuco, a city in northern Chile near the border with Peru. Chacabuco was the site of a mine that produced a key ingredient of gunpowder. (4) In 1820, he put his troops on ships supplied by the British and sailed up the western coast of South America and landed in Peru. Peru was loyal to Spain and had many Spanish troops, more than San Martin thought he could defeat. He decided to try convincing the Peruvians to take up his cause against the oppressive Spaniards, but the Peruvians were not easily swayed. During these two years in Peru, his army fell apart due to disease and inaction. (5) At a meeting in the Peruvian city of Guayaquil with Bolivar in 1822, San Martin requested troops from the Venezuelan, who denied his request. Saying "there is not enough room in Peru for Bolivar and me," San Martin withdrew from fightthe Spanish. He lived the rest of his life in voluntary exile in Europe.

A 100 years i guess  i don't know 1234456778899

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Plants make their food using energy from the sun, carbon dioxide from the air, and _______

Water (H2O) 
remember the photosynthesis reaction equation!

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How many years of math do you need to graduate?

According to google: 
three yearsFive years ago.......  few states stated students do Algebra II to graduate from high school. Until recently, most states simply required high school students to complete two or three years of math, but they didn't require specific courses.

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What do rabbits need for shelter

Rabbits are not the cheap, low-maintenance pets that some sellers still claim they are. In terms of socialization, training, care and general expense, rabbits are as big a commitment as dogs, possibly more so. Along with vet costs, housing is one of the biggest expenses, as rabbits have specific habitat needs.


Wherever you keep your rabbits -- you should always have more than one -- they’ll need a secluded place to sleep and a spacious area to run and play. The typical rabbit hutch is suitable only as a sleeping area and a place to hang the water bottle. A hutch is nowhere near enough in itself. Plentiful bedding is required; if you keep your pets inside, you'll need at least one litter tray per rabbit.

Outdoor Shelter

Pet rabbits are descendants of the hardy European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) and can tolerate moderately harsh weather, provided they have a shelter. In the wild, they use burrows. As pets, they need a tough, weather-proof hutch with plenty of straw or hay -- for additional insulation, for comfort and for handy snacking. Although rabbits can cope with some cold, excess heat is dangerous. If you live somewhere hot, keep your pets inside.

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Which of the following is NOT a core component of the Federal Reserve Bank?

Where is the following?

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What would should u do if u r geting bullied and the person wont leave u alone. please help this is a serous problem for me i really need some advice

The following tips might be particularly helpful if you’re dealing with verbal bullying on your own.
When possible, ignore the bully. Ignoring can be helpful, particularly for one-time cases. Bullies are looking for a reaction from you and often lose interest if they aren’t given the satisfaction of making you upset.
Suggestions for ignoring the bully:
Walk away when the bully approaches you. Try and imagine that you’re walking away from a friend. This can be a way of making sure your body language (which you’re usually unaware of) doesn’t give away a sense of fear;
Concentrate on something else. Try thinking about what you’ll do next weekend, counting to 100, or planning your homework;
Have a saying or a statement that you can repeat in your head when the bully approaches you to block out a sense of fear.
Build a wall around you. It might be helpful to build an invisible wall around you by visualizing it in your mind. Any verbal abuse then just bounces off the wall.
Use visualization. Bullies can be pretty scary. Picturing that person looking silly might help to make them less problematic for you. For example, picture the bully’s head shrinking, or picture the bully in his or her underwear.
Stay positive. It can be hard to remember all your good points when someone is doing their best to be negative. Try to think of all the things you do well, and remember that you are a valuable person. Thinking of how bad the bully must be feeling can also help you stay positive.
Surround yourself with people who care about you. Surrounding yourself with positive people who know and like you for YOU can boost your confidence. This will help you let bullying comments more easily roll off your back. It’s important that you connect with people who genuinely care for you and recognize all of your great qualities.
Hang around other people. You might be safer if you stay in groups. If you are alone, try to identify people who can offer you safety.
Be confident. Bullies usually pick on people that they think are weaker than they are, so it might help if you stand up to them.
Suggestions on how to stand up to a bully:
Telling him or her to leave you alone may get a bully off your back;
Ever heard of the phrase “kill them with kindness”? Being nice to a bully may throw him or her off;
Using humor can also throw a bully off track;
Use positive self-talk. Try saying to yourself something like I know I am better than that. I’m not like that. I don’t have to pick on other people to know that I am good;
Remember that your friends accept you for who you are.
Keep out of a bully’s way. It might be possible for you to avoid the bully. This can mean getting to school in a different way, or avoiding the places that you know he or she hangs out. By avoiding a bully, you’re not giving in, but looking after yourself and making sure you are happier and more comfortable.

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Chapter 13 1. The point of the statement in the first paragraph, “The public is despotic… to its generosity” is to a. Argue that the public will eventually see reason b. Assert that the public upholds certain rights for its citizens c. Suggest that the public can be won over by a humble approach d. Emphasize that the public commonly faces complex dilemmas e. Refute the idea that the public is mercurial I chose C 2. In light of the line in the 2nd paragraph, “nay, more… good deeds since,” the clause which precedes it “Individuals… Frailty” would best be characterized as a. A hyperbole b. A metaphor c. An allusion d. An understatement e. A paradox I chose D 3. How does the speaker characterize the difference between “the rulers” (beginning of paragraph 2) and the “individuals in private life” (middle of paragraph 2) a. The rulers are more constrained in their thinking b. The rulers are wiser in their judgments c. The rulers are more prejudiced toward sinners d. The rulers are less compassionate in their responses e. The rulers are more benevolent toward those in need I chose C 4. Which of the following phrases could best be substituted for the phrase “it would have kept her” to make the meaning more explicit? a. It had the power to keep her b. It would likely have kept her c. It would have kept Hester d. It was thought it would have kept her e. It was known to have kept her I chose B 5. Which of the following best describes the words “Love,” “Passion,” and “Affection” as they are used ? a. Allusions to the father of Hester’s child b. Euphemisms for emotions forbidden by the community c. Ambiguous references to Hester’s contemporaries d. Exaggerations of her lover’s feelings for Hester e. Personifications of abstractions now denied Hester I chose E 6.The phrase “to effect” most nearly means a. To have an impact upon b. To assume the appearance of c. To alter d. To bring about e. To be caused by It's either C 7. “The sword” in the phrase “Men of the sword” (paragraph 4) is an example of a. simile b. analogy c. metaphor d. metonymy e. euphemism I chose C 8. The narrator uses the terms “deadlier crime,” “ shadowy guests,” and “perilous as demons” ( end of paragraph 4) to emphasize I. the community’s fear of free speculation II. Hester’s fear of the community’s censure III. Hester’s continued rebellion against the community’s standards. a. I only b. I and II only c. I and III only d. II and III only e. I, II, and III For this I choose C Chapter 16 of the scarlet letter The narrator hints in the first paragraph that A.Hester's sin is not unique in the community B.The minister is concerned about causing a scandal c.Any interference from Chillingworth would be cleverly concealed D.The minister's reputation has begun to suffer. E.Hester knows that she and the minister will not truly have privacy outdoors I choose E The subject of the main clause in the sentence beginning "But, partly that she dreaded...." is a.She b.Heart c.the minister and she d. they e. Hester I chose E In the context of the paragraph, Hester would most likely describe Pearl as A. Inquisitive and morose B. rebellious and spiteful C. Imaginative and compassionate D. Creative and obedient E. Enigmatic and energetic I chose E The antecedent of "this" in "There was no other attribute that so much impressed her with a sense of new and untransmitted vigor in Pearl’s nature, as this never-failing vivacity of spirits; she had not the disease of sadness, which almost all children, in these latter days, inherit, with the scrofula, from the troubles of their ancestors. Perhaps this too was a disease, and but the reflex of the wild energy with which Hester had fought against her sorrows, before Pearl’s birth." A.Vigor B.Vivacity C.Sadness D.Scrofula E.Troubles I choose C In the contest, the word"wanted" in "She wanted—what some people want throughout life—a grief that should deeply touch her, and thus humanize and make her capable of sympathy." is understood to mean A.lacked B.needed C.sought D.Desired E. Longed for I chose D This sentence "But there was time enough yet for little Pearl!" is most likely an example of A.Allusion B.Antithesis C.Foreshadowing D,Irony E,Symbolism I say that it is C Please check my answers

Yea your correct I believe... hardly understood what it meant when I read it so I could be wrongT.T

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Which of the following building components keep opposite walls from spreading apart

I believe Ceiling Joists is the answer for your question.

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Describe the process for cellular respiration in your own words. How is it similar and different to photosynthesis?

I hope this answers your question - The purpose of photosynthesis is to convert water and carbon dioxide to glucose. Purpose of cellular respiration is to convert energy stored in glucose to ATP. Sellier respiration is a process of oxidizing food mall cools, most importantly, like glucose, to CO2 and H2O. The energy released is trapped in the form of ATP for you spy all energy consuming activities of cells. A process like this occurs in two phases; glycolysis, then breakdown of glucose to pyruvic acid.

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N order for a driver to graduate from a learner’s license to an operator’s license, how many hours of driving need to be documented? How many nighttime driving hours are required?

It could vary from state to state. In NC, it has been 60 hours total documented driving under the supervision of a licensed driver 21 or older, and 10 of those hours have to be at night.

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Persons with weak visual memories need more repetition to learn information.


Hope it helps
If I am wrong plz tell me

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When a helium balloon rises in the air, it expands. If the volume of the balloon doubles, what happens to the density of the helium inside it?

You are asking a question I had in 6th grade ma dood

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I need lots of help on this one

I would help...but there is no

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Pls i need sources of inorganic manure

Potassium phosphate

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What score do you need on the act sat tests to get into college free?

Well, a good SAT score depends on the colleges you are considering. A 1200 on the SAT may be an asset to your application for one university but a liability on your application for another school. 
The SAT was redesigned in March 2016, and is now scored on a 400–1600 point scale. I can give you the average EBRW and SAT math scores for a typical college-bound junior or senior. Also, if you score close to the average, or OVER the average, you will likely be accepted in a college.

Evidence-Based Reading and Writing = Average 543
Math = Average 541
TOTAL SCORE = Average 1038

I hope this helps!


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____ identify the knowledge and skills needed to follow a pathway toward a career goal.

The answer that best fits the given blank above is the term CAREER CLUSTERS. In a career cluster, jobs or professions are being group according to skills and in each group corresponds the appropriate trainings that will help you in the given career. 

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How come every week I get a rash like I need to know

You could have ate something or touched something

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The four most important components of a good plan for safe use of flammable and combustible liquids are fire control, proper storage, safe handling, and ______________. B.control of ignition C.Health control

The answer B is the correct answer because if the ignition was wrong that it would explode!

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How are high pressure areas created around the poles with cool air?

The hot air rises to the poles, and clash with the cool air creating extensive pressure in the air.

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