The differences between two molecules include the type of sugar that forms a section of the molecules and the identity of one of the four nitrogenous bases that make up another section of the molecules. these two molecules are —

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Use diffusion to explain what happens when you drop a sugar cube into a mug of hot tea. Explain

When you drop a sugar cube into a mug of hot tea the sugar cube diffuses 

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During osmosis do water molecules move from hypotonic areas to hypertonic areas or the other way around. explain

Hypo to hyper.....

this is cuz,  hypotonic means filled with water and during osomosis water moves from greater to less  

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Includes everything that exists anywhere in space

Hi , I think that the answer is Intergalactic space , I think that anything exists in the empty space between the galaxies .

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A covalent bond is formed when atoms share electrons true or flase

The answer is trueA covalent bond is formed when atoms share electrons. 

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What planet was formed by a giant

Jupiter and Mars Mercury

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Explain the processes of ACTIVE and PASSIVE TRANSPORT- include their similarities and differences?

This is going to be passive

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Photosynthesis is important to living organisms because it is A.the foundation of most food chains. B.the source of nitrogen gas in the air. animals get carbon dioxide to breathe. D.the process that occurs in most ecosystems.

Photosynthesis is important to living organism as it is the foundation of most of the food chains.

Further Explanation:

Food chain is a linear advancing process from producers to the last/apex or tertiary consumers. This chain starts from producers which are the organisms such as plants. Plants undergo photosynthesis and produce simple carbohydrates which are the source of energy for every organism which is directly or indirectly dependent on them.

Let us consider an example of linear food chain,

Lion feeds on deer and deer consumes grass for nutrition.

In the above given example grass is the producer and is the base of a food chain or we can say a starting point of a food chain. While the deer is a primary consumer a herbivore which is directly dependent on grass for food. The lion consumes the deer for nutrition and is a apex carnivore for the given example. The lion is indirectly dependent on the producer that is grass for nutrition.

Therefore the photosynthesizing plants play a vital role in the continuity of life as the energy entrapped by them is passed through all the trophic levels.

The producers (plants) thus; are the base or foundation of most of the food chains and play a vital role for living processes and organisms.

Learn more:

1. Learn more about biotic

2. Learn more about scientific processes

3. Learn more about process used by the plants to remove carbon from atmosphere

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Grade: High School

Subject: Biology

Chapter: Ecology


Photosynthesis, food chain, carbohydrates, producers, consumers, carnivore, herbivore, nutrition, continuity of life, life, plants, grass, carbon dioxide, ecosystems.

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A digital camera would be most beneficial to someone who investigates A. the aerodynamics of hummingbird wings. B. how insects use sound to communicate. C. the wavelengths of light produced by chemical reactions. D. the colors produced by different atmospheric conditions

Its either a or d 
a because if someone takes a photo of the wings they could see how the wings work
d because then the person could see the colors in the pictures

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What type of air mass would form over the northern alantic ocean

Maritime Polar air masses

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How are arteries and veins different?

Arteries carry blood out of the heart except for the coronary arteries( brings blood back to the heart). Arteries are larger than veins. Veins bring blood back to the heart after a trip to the lungs for oxygen.

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How is the end result of mitosis different than the end result of meiosis

Mitosis and Meiosis start the same but Mitosis will end with the create of two complete cells. Where as Meiosis will end in the making of two gametes.

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Frost wedging is a form of weathering caused by water seeping into the cracks of rocks. This type of weathering is common in regions that have very cold winters. How does frost wedging take place?

This is a physical weathering process — when water freezes, it expands, pushing the rock apart slowly over a period of time.

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How is a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse different

I think (not too sure) that a Solar Eclipse is when a planet is in front of the Sun, covering it for us. In a Lunar Eclipse, that is when the Moon is in front of the Sun. Sorry if I got that wrong! That's just what I think the difference is.

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35 POINTS Sort the actions and terms based on the type of pollution they directly cause.AIR POLLUTION OR SOIL POLLUTION spreading chemical fertilizers on the ground combustion of fossil fuels mining activity smoke from a forest fire smoke from factories flooding

Spreading chemical fertilizers on the ground - soil pollution; ;combustion of fossil fuels - air pollution; ;smoke from a forest fire - air pollution; smoke from factories flooding - air pollution I hope I helped!

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Briefly explain what happens to energy and to molecules when bonds are formed and broken in molecules of ATP and ADP ( explain at a 6th grade level )

ATP has three phosphates attached to it. In order to form ADP, one of the phosphates is released. To form ADP back into ATP, the phosphate has to be reattached.

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as a tree ages it needs to keep making more xylem and phloem cells to carry water and food how does this occur

Meristem cells divide and some of the new cells differentiate into xylem and phloem. 

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30 POINTS Sort the activities based on whether they decrease or maintain biodiversity. planting more trees excessive mining to obtain minerals releasing sewage water into lakes prohibiting fishing during breeding season

Maintains :planting more trees

Decreases: excessive mining to obtain minerals

Decreases: releasing sewage water into lakes

Maintains: prohibiting fishing during breeding season

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What feature forms over the vent of a volcano when very thick lava builds up?

The answer is lava dome

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What is an example of form following function?

Wainwright Building by Louis Sullivan. Form follows function is a principle associated with modernist architecture and industrial design in the 20th century. The principle is that the shape of a building or object should be primarily based upon its intendedfunction or purpose.

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Which type of mutation always creates a stop codon? missense nonsense silent point


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What type of mutation is albinism

Albinism is caused by a mutation in one of several genes. Each of these genes provides instructions for making one of several proteins involved in the production of melanin. Melanin is produced by cells called melanocytes, which are found in your skin and eyes. A mutation may result in no melanin at all or a significant decline in the amount of melanin.

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Discuss how compounds in different types of organisms can be used to benefit people??


There are various compounds that can be obtained from the living species. These compounds are majorly used as drugs. Various researchers are performing work to determine the compounds found in the living species that may be beneficial to human beings. They analyze several of the thousands of compounds and select only those that exhibit the desirable features.  

There are various chemical compounds found in living beings, which can help in bettering human health. The natural compounds are used in distinct cultures for thousands of years. On certain occasions they are utilized as drugs, the prime example is the use of penicillin, that is, a compound obtained from a fungus, and is widely used as the first available antibiotic. Like this there are other various medicines, which are obtained from plants.  

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How are carbohydrate polymers formed? A. by hydrolysis B. by dehydration synthesis C. by replication D. by transcription

The are formed by cells building carbohydrates polymers, they use energy to form glycosidic linkages..the bonds between monosaccarides...which is made by joining two specific monomers, glucose and fructose.

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