The Great Rift Valley is being formed by tectonic plates that are pulling away from each other. What would we expect eastern Africa to look like tens of millions of years in the future as a result of this activity? A. A large mountain range will be created along the rift. B. Eastern Africa will continue to move closer to South America. C. A sea will split the eastern coast of Africa from the rest of the continent. D. The continent will look about the same.

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The answer is definitely C I just took the quiz.

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Millions of people come to Queensland every year _____. A) to see the famed Opera House B) as tourists C) to visit the outback D) as immigrants

The answer to this question is the letter "B" as a tourist. Millions or a great number of people come and visit Queensland every year as a tourist, they were very fascinated with the attractions and a lot of tourist destinations in this place.

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Which of the following statements best describes changes to the culture of the Inuit people? A. Traditions have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. B. Many traditions remain unchanged, but others have been modernized. C. Traditional culture has been completely replaced by popular culture. D. It is impossible to tell the difference between traditional and modern cultures.

The correct answer is - B. Many traditions remain unchanged, but others have been modernized.

As big portion of the native people of the Americas, the Inuits faced big problems in order to be able to preserve their culture. In some part they managed to preserve significant amount of it, and that was mainly because they were living at the far north of the continent, so they didn't had big outside pressure because of the relative isolation.

On the other hand, as the time has been passing, the modern world has reached them, and has started to influence them more and more, especially the younger population. So there's some evident changes in the life-style of the newer generation that are trying to fit in with the rest of the people in the country.

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Mining is the most common economic activity in Southern Africa. True or False

The correct answer is true

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____ was the first music to take hold in early America during the colonial period

The Appalachian folk music is the first music to take hold in America during the colonial period. The Native Americans don’t really have an indigenous music; it was the pan-tribal cultural elements like powwows and Edward MacDowell and Henry Franklin Belknap Gilbert used the native American theme in their compositions.

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What physical feauture separates Spain from Africa?

The straits of Gibraltar

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Which statement best describes India’s population? A. India has many more females than males. B. The people of India have a long life expectancy. C. There are fewer people younger than age 40 than age 40 or older. D. The birth rate in India is very high.

The infant mortality rate of India was an estimated 1000 compared to the number of deaths which is 41 last 2016. The answer is D. The birth rate in India is very high.  Other choices do not apply because on the record during the same year there were more males than females. On the record, people who were younger than 40 are higher in population compared to those who were above 40.

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Wegener first began to think about his continental drift hypothesis when he noticed a similarity in _____ on different continents.

The correct answer is


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1. Deep ocean currents are driven by differences in _____. A. temperature, pressure, and pH B. density, salinity, and temperature C. the alignment of the Sun, moon, and Earth D. evaporation, condensation, and precipitation 2. Which of the following is NOT one of the three processes that were most intense during the first few hundred thousand years of the Earth's history? A. Radioactive decay of unstable isotopes B. cooling of the mantle C. extraterrestrial impacts D. gravitational contraction of the Earth's interior 3. Wilson's farm is in the mountains of Arizona. Byron's farm is in the flat plains of Kansas. Which of the following statements is true? A. Wilson's farm has more fertile soil than Byron's farm. B. Wilson's farm would be more likely to have coarse soil than Byron's farm. C. Plucking and hydraulic action are problems on Wilson's farm. D. Slides, slumps, and rock falls are problems on Byron's farm. 4. Select all of the answers that apply. _____ is one of the primary ways that heat can be transferred. A. Conduction B. Convection C. Transpiration D. Respiration E. Radiation F. Sublimation 5. Which of the following cycles don't cycle through the atmosphere? A. water cycle B. nitrogen cycle C. carbon-oxygen cycle D. phosphorus cycle

1. Density, salinity and temperature 2.Gravitational contraction of the earth's interior 3.Wilson's farm is more likely to have coarse soil than Byron's 4.Conduction, convection and radiation 5.Phosphorus cycle.

Reasons: 1) deep within the oceans the water would be more dense due to higher pressure and the water would be cooler than near the surface 2. Gravitational contraction of the earth's interior would probably take much longer than the first few 100  1000's of years as this is but a short time in geological  history 3. Mountains would be expected to have coarser soil than plains because the soil would often be in place whereas on the plains it most likely has been transported say by rivers and therefore it would be more broken down by transport 4.conduction would be heat transfer within a commonly solid body without movement of the material and convection is heat transfer within a fluid due to hot less dense material rising and cooler more dense sinking by gravity and radiation is like the sun's rays type heating 5. Phosphorus is usually solid at the earth's surface so doesn't affect the atmosphere.

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Most of Kenya's people live in the ___ of the southwest part of the country. A. Rugged mountains B. High arid region C. Deep Valley D.Fertile Highlands

Most of Kenya's population live in D.) Fertile Highlands

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Fragments of rock that form during a volcanic eruption is called

That would be Pyroclastic material

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In the winter large landmasses such as Asia develop seasonal____?

High pressure system

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What is the result of sea floor spreading?

Seafloor spreading is a process that occurs at mid-ocean ridges, where new oceanic crust is formed through volcanic activity and then gradually moves away from the ridge. Seafloor spreading helps explain continental drift in the theory of plate tectonics. 

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Microbursts are the result of ____________.

a small column of exceptionally intense and localized sinking air that results in a violent outrush of air at the ground.  

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"!PLEASE HELP ME OUT!" What might happen to agricultural production in southeast asia of the urbanization trend continues?

Urbanization will required more land and forest to be destroyed in order for cities to be built. Many farmers will lose their land and the agriculture industry will fail.

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Describe what the term "Equatorial Africa" refers to and countries and physical features found in Equatorial Africa.

1. Equatorial Africa is an ambiguous term that sometimes is used to refer to tropical Africa, or the region of Sub-Saharan Africa traversed by the equator.

African countries traversed by the equator are: 
São Tomé and Príncipe
Republic of the Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Equatorial Guinea
Central African Republic

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How many different plates are clearly shown on the map

Refer to photo attached

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Which viral STI may result in cervical, vaginal, penile, and/or throat cancer? hepatitis B human papillomavirus (HPV) herpes human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

The answer is human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV has been shown to increase the risk of throat cancer, cervical cancer, vaginal and penile cancer. This particular STI can be transmitted orally or through sexual intercourse and may result in genital and oral warts as well.

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What city is located at 34 degrees South and 151 degrees East?

Kingsgrove, New South Wales, Austrailia is the location for the coordinates 34 degrees S, 151 degrees E

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"!PLEASE HELP ME ON THIS QUESTION!" How could the resources of Southeast Asia help Japan's economy and its ability to continue fighting in World War 2?

I'm not affluent in this particular question but SE Asia could have industries and farms, oil. etc. that Japan lacked.. my guess

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