The hero of the deerslayer is natty bumpo

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Yes because he saved the day and kicked butt 
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Read the excerpt from Ernest Hemingway’s “Soldier's Home.”In the evening he practiced on his clarinet, strolled down town, read and went to bed. He was still a hero to his two young sisters. His mother would have given him breakfast in bed if he had wanted it. She often came in when he was in bed and asked him to tell her about the war, but her attention always wandered.What important detail about Krebs’s sisters and mother is revealed?Both of his sisters and his mother are very naive.His sisters and his mother have never left town.His sisters and his mother are very fond of him.Neither his sisters nor his mother care for Kreb

Answer: C) His sisters and his mother are very fond of him.

Explanation: In the given excerpt from Ernest Hemingway’s “Soldier's Home, we can see the description of how Kreb's mother and sisters really take care of him and admire him for all the things they think he did in war (even though they were all lies), the excerpt clearly reveals that Kreb's mother and sisters are very fond of him, we can see that in the way his mother treats him.

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The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton Do you think that randy is a coward or a hero? Support your opinion. What would you have done in his place and why?

I think that Randy is a little bit of both, but he ends up being sort of like a hero because he gives in to what he did and tells the truth. Randy also doesn't fight, but agrees to be friends with Ponyboy. 

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This excerpt is an example of which value important to ancient Greek society? he is gone from home for years and misses his family. he experiences success in battle and is assisted by the gods. he has been a beloved literary hero for hundreds of years. he changes in important ways over the course of his journey.

The correct answer for the question that is being presented above is this one: "perseverance." This excerpt is an example of a value that is important to ancient Greek society. perseverance. Greeks are known to its perseverance most especially to difference situations.

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What does odysseus do when his men eat the lotus plant that shows the epic hero characteristic of leadership?

Odysseus gets angry at them

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Create your own epic hero name: unusual birth: the call to adventure: supernatural helper: talisman or special weapon: crossing the threshold: trials: achievement of gods: reconciliation with father-figure: return home: Do a paragraph for each one. thnx so much

Super Magic Awesome Guy. Born in space with the amazing ability to move things with his mind. he wants to use his powers for good. His family had disappeared and was pronounced lost in action . His supernatural helper is Mr. Unusual who is a monkey/bunny/ground hog/pig. his best weapon is his mind. he is encountered with this super pretty lady who is evil and she wants him to join him. Shall he? or shall he not and arrest her?  He decides that he should save her and not convict her of the crimes. She claims to know where his father is. He believes her and they go on their huge journey around Europe to find his father. then when they got to England they bump into this dr#nk man wandering around the streets. they find out he is his dad. His dad takes him home and he has a secret space ship in his basement and all 4 of them went home. To the dwarf planet, Pluto.

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Does anyone know a similar site as course hero or wyz ant???

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Which are elements of a Shakespearean tragedy? Check all that apply. a wise character a farfetched ending a flawed hero an emotional release a misunderstanding a major catastrophe

A Shakespearean tragedy refers to the plays which are written by other authors in Shakespearean style or it has been penned by Shakespeare himself. It distinguishes itself from the other tragedy that's why referred as Shakespearean play. Indebted by Aristotle's theory of tragedy are consisted in the Shakespeare's works.

Therefore, the elements of a Shakespearean tragedy are:

A flawed hero

An emotional release

A misunderstanding

A major catastrophe

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What does odysseus do when his men eat the lotus plant that shows the epic hero characteristics of leadership?


THE ANSWER IS: (A) He forces his men to leave and continue the journey home


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. What is a ballad? extended narrative poem about the deeds of heroes 2.a songlike poem that tells a story, often one dealing with adventure and romance 3.a poem that utilizes the techniques of drama 4.a repeated grouping of lines in a poem that often share a pattern of rhythm and rhyme


2.) A songlike poem that tells a story, often one dealing with adventure and romance


Ballads are really old forms of art, rytmhical songs resembling poetry in estructure, it originated in europe in medievil times. As time went by, these songs were related with love songs, but mainly it represents stylized storytelling.

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How does Odysseus display the characteristics of an archetypal hero in his encounter with the Cicones?

I would say Odysseus is an archetypal hero both spiritually and physically. Being strong and intelligent. He is an authoritative and noble leader and, despite his travels and ordeals, maintains a strong loyalty to his family and home. 

Hope this helps. :)

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Which archetype fits Brutus’ character in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar? Father Figure Villain Witch Tragic Hero

In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, the archetype that fits the character of Brutus is of a Tragic Hero.

The character which reflects the most typical of a kind of person or quality is known as an archetypal character. Brutus was the friend of Caesar who later joined the conspiracy against Caesar. While addressing the crowd after the murder of Caesar, Brutus says that he has killed Caesar because of his growing ambition which would be very harmful to the citizens of Rome. According to Aristotle's concept of the tragic hero, Brutus qualifies all his characters. His reversal of fortune turned him from a friend to a killer of his own friend.

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Read the passage from The Rámáyan of Válmíki.- His brother, fell before his feet, And cried, "Thy claim all men allow: O come, our lord and king be thou." But Ráma nobly chose to be Observant of his sire's decree. The reader can conclude that the passage is part of an epic poem because Ráma- A. is a royal prince. B. has a loyal following. C. is a courageous hero. D. has a devoted brother.


C. is a courageous hero.  


One of the main characteristics of epic poems is the valorization of their heroes. In the case of the poem Rámáyan of Válmíki, the character Rama is the hero. He is portrayed as an incarnation of the god Vixnu. He is the eldest son and favorite of the king of Ayodhya. He is a popular prince, loved by one and all. He is the epitome of virtue. Dasaratha, forced by one of his wives, commands Rama to renounce his right to the throne for fourteen years and to go into exile by his father. While in exile, Rama kills the demon king Ravana.

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What hero was conceived by a drop of buffalo blood?

Kutoyis In a Native American Tribe, they told a legend of a boy conceived from buffalo. He was also called Blood-Clot Boy. 

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Which setting would best develop the theme in a play who's tragic hero's weakness is food?

A tragic hero refers to a character that is characterized by being full of greatness, someone outstanding. This hero puts the others neccesities before his own ones. Different events lead to his downfall which evoques in the audience pity and fear for him. Throughout the story he is constantly tested, as a result of his journey he increases his self-awareseness and self-knowledge. In this case his weakness for food will be tested, so he must be placed somewere were food is abundant and available. The best option would be a banquet to which he had been invited and could not refuse the invitation. There food would be free and in great amounts.

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The commended hero of the Robin Hood ballads who steals from the rich to give to the poor best reflects which characteristic of the medieval period

Many characteristics of the medieval period are associated with this subject of robin hood ballads. The most powerful i think is the desire for liberty amongst the poor a desire which was rooted in the oppressions of medieval life, and intensified by the social changes of the 16th and 17th century. Other characteristics are: the brutal enclosures of the land, civil war and encroachment of the market and the idea of the primative redistribution of wealth

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What traits do all heroes share? Who would be a hero today, based on the characteristics of an epic hero? Do you notice any specific differences between heroes of the past and present?

1. There are several traits that heroes tend to share. First of all, heroes tend to be selfless, and to care deeply about others. This is the main reason why they are willing to put themselves at risk in order to help others. Moreover, heroes are brave, even when they are scared. Heroes are also empathetic and kind. Heroes tend to be intelligent, and they usually complete their missions thanks to a combination of strength and intelligence.

2. A person who could be a hero today would be someone in a mission that employs all these characteristics to suceed. An example would be activist Greta Thunberg. In her recent journey to New York across the ocean, she showed that she was brave and strong. She has also shown that she is willing to go to great lengths in order to achieve her mission and help the world.

3. I do not notice any specific differences between heroes of the past and heroes of the present. In general, heroes have always shared the same characteristics.

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HIIIIII Have you read the book "to kill a mockingbird"? Can u think of three reason why Calpurnia is a hero?

I think that calpurniais heroic at times

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