The purpose of political maps. What information do they contain? What is able to be gleaned from studying political maps? Definition of popular vote and electoral vote Description of the Democratic Party and Republican Party Selection of maps: Select two presidential races from 1940-2000 that are interesting to you. One should be pre-1970, and the other should be post-1980. Based on your research, analyze the spread of power through the nation for each election. What part of the nation had the most votes for the president-elect? Evaluation and interpretation of maps: Based on your research, what conclusions can you make about the balance of party power between the years 1940-2000? How did the balance change? What could possibly account for those changes? Conclusion: What did you learn about political maps? About the voting process? About party power and the political changes in the United States?

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Political maps are maps that have to do with government. They show where the boundaries and locations of countries, states, cities, towns and counties are. These boundaries and locations are generally determined by people rather than nature.

Countries are parts of continents with their own central government, sometimes referred to as nations.

States are a unit or part of a country, such as the United States, that have a federal government. Federal means that powers are shared between the states and national government. Capitals are the seats of government for states or where the government of a state takes place.

Counties are the parts in which a state is divided for purposes of government. In some states such as Louisiana these divisions are referred to as parishes. The county seat is the city or town in which the governing of the county takes place. Cities are the parts of states with great concentrations of people living and/or working there. Towns are like cities, but are smaller with fewer people. In addition different areas of a political map may be described as rural, meaning a farming area that is not as populated, urban areas that include big cities, and suburban areas that are the areas that surround cities that are not as populated

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The __________ serves as a border between the Northeastern United States and Canada

St. Lawrence River between them

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Summarize the significance of the Military Demarcation Line for the people on either side of the line. What political and economic differences does it define?

Both are ran completely different than one another that creates tension within the country.

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For items 1–5, match each term with its description below. Type the letter of your answer choice in the box below each description. A. Australia's natural wonder that can be seen from space B. chain of islands C. the deepest ocean depth in the world is found here D. 75 percent of the world's active volcanoes are located here E. destination for hikers in New Zealand 1. Mariana Trench (1 point) 2. Archipelago (1 point) 3. Great Barrier Reef (1 point) 4. Ring of Fire (1 point)

The correct answers are:

1. Mariana Trench - the deepest ocean depth in the world is found here;

Located near the North Mariana Islands, the Mariana Trench is a place where the Eurasian, Philippine, and Pacific plates have their boundary, which contributed to this incredibly deep crack in the ocean crust.

2. Archipelago - chain of islands;

Archipelago is a term that is used for a chain of islands, made in the same way by the same factors, and usually they are in close proximity,even though there's exceptions.

3. Great Barrier Reef - Australia's natural wonder that can be seen from space;

This is the biggest coral reef in the whole world, and it stretches along the eastern and northeastern coast of Australia;

4. Ring of Fire - D. 75 percent of the world's active volcanoes are located here;

The Ring of Fire is located alongside the boundary of the Pacific plate with the other plates, and since there's subduction zones all over its boundary, there's lots of active volcanoes.

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The light colored area at the top of the map has one of the lowest population densities on Earth. Which part of Africa is it?

I need a picture of the map, please. So I can help you. :-)

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How far is the earth from the sun? A. 1 light-year B. 1 parsec C. 1 AU D . 1 kiloparsec

B im pretty sure

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A pyramid had a hexagonal base with the side lengths of 4 slant base of 6

This is geometry not geography

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How do the Brandt line, Walt Rostow's Modernization model, neocolonialism, and Wallerstein's world systems theory inform and intersect with each other when explaining economic development?

These models provide various explanations for the disparities in economic development. Wallerstein’s world systems theory divides the world into core, semi-periphery, and periphery nations. According to this theory, core nations are highly developed nations, semi-periphery are developing nations, and periphery are underdeveloped nations. This theory intersects with the Brandt Line model of economic geography in that most underdeveloped nations fall within the Brandt Line, which divides the world between the North and South, the North being developed nations. Furthermore, according to Wallerstein, core and periphery nations work together for their developmental needs. Yet, from a neocolonialist perspective, these core nations also once were the colonizers of the peripheral nations. As a result, they continue to dictate the underdeveloped nations' economies and trade, and subsequently, their independence. Economic growth is required for periphery countries to move from subsistence/agricultural economies to industrialization, as the Rostow Modernization model demands.

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All of the following regions in the United States have higher population densities, except the __________. A. Southwest B. Northeast C. Pacific Coast D. Great Lakes

The correct answer is - A. Southwest.

The Southwest of the United States is one of the least densely populated areas in the country. The reasons for that are mainly the geography and climate of the area.

The Southwest is predominantly arid and semiarid. The rain is very rare, and the temperatures are very high. The soil is not suitable for agriculture.

This region also has mountains, plateaus, deserts, all of which are pretty inhospitable for human life, so understandably, the people avoided this place for settling down.

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In which part of geologic time are fossils extremely rare? a. Precambrian b.Jurassic c.Triassic d.Carboniferous

The answer is Precambrian. 

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In 1958, Mao Zedong instituted a second five-year plan for China called the Great leap Forward. The policies of this program, including the creation of huge agriculture communes, eventually led to

Mao Zedong was a famous Chinese figure in which it was he who orchestrated the policy of Great Leap Forward. In the second year of another 5-year interval of implementing the said policy, it yielded a surge of economic growth in China due to its rich agricultural production leading to the cultural revolution.

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Natural resource consumption per person tends to be lower in developing nations as compared to developed nations. Yet environmental degradation in some developing countries can be quite high. Which of the following statements explains this condition?

Although natural resource consumption tends to e lower in developing nations there is often worse environmental degradation because there are weak environmental regulations in place to protect the environment. Additionally major industries fail to institutionalize environment saving policies. Also there is often ineffective waste management systems as well that create problems for the environment as well. 

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United States possessions after the Spanish-American War included all of the following islands except:

Cuba was the only island that was not included

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In which country has the political assassination of political candidates, such as Benazir Bhutto, undermined democratic processes?

The answer would be Pakistan.  Political assassination of political candidates undermined the democratic process in Pakistan.  This is also where Benazir Bhutto, the 11th Prime Minister of Pakistan was assassinated. She was also the first female prime minister of Pakistan and was killed by a suicide bomber.

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This natural resource supports the economy of many nations in the region. coal fertile soil petroleum uranium

its petroleum coal is wrong

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Some coastal regions of the world have cooler summers in warmer Winters than Inland regions at the same latitude what accounts for the difference in climates

Water holds in heat very well. Keep the temperature more steady and average. The areas around the water will also have a less variant

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What were some of the causes of the Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers being ruined? Select all that apply.

The Amu Darya and the Syr Darya are among the significant rivers in the Central Asia wherein it has been a major source of economic needs in the region during the ancient times. However, as of recent date, the rivers were slowly on the brink of destruction due to the ongoing development of structures and increasing population surrounding these rivers causing huge amounts of pollution of many forms.

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Which part of Australia would be best suited for growing crops that need plenty of moisture and mild temperatures year-round? Why


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