The weather department in Richmond is forecasting a snowstorm. What is likely to happen to the barometer and thermometer readings in Richmond?

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A barometer would indicate a low air pressure in a snowstorm. The thermometer would also indicate a low temperature by showing a drop in temperature because of a cold weather. Both would support each other through its given data in Richmond.
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Which of the following is not a reason why fires were a major hazard for early cities? A. Buildings were overcrowded and built close together. B. Structures were built with flammable materials, including wooden or thatched roofs. C. Cities lacked proper sanitation and efficient plumbing. D. Cities had little planning or readiness and lacked modern fire departments.


I think the correct answer would be C. The statement " Cities lacked proper sanitation and efficient plumbing." is not a reason for fires being a major hazard in early cities. The  statement itself is not related to fire or causing the occurrence of a fire. It is more related to health and supply of water.


i took the test ;p

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"!PLEASE HELP ME OUT!" What might happen to agricultural production in southeast asia of the urbanization trend continues?

Urbanization will required more land and forest to be destroyed in order for cities to be built. Many farmers will lose their land and the agriculture industry will fail.

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What is a climograph and how to read a climograph?

A climograph is a graphical representation of basic climatic parameters, it's a monthly average temperature.

You have a bar line and a line graph. Rainfall is shown by a bar graph. The figures is shown at the left side of the graph. Temperature is shown by a line graph. The figures is shown at the right side at the graph.

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What happens if the earth consist of pure oxygen

Well, oxygen itself isnt flammable, but it is what means that everything else can burn. So if the whole atmosphere was oxygen then things would be really easy to set fire to and then everything else flammable would set fire around them too.

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We know that practcing the "three R"is good for the enviroment.have you ever thought how your garbage affects the weather?

Well it effects the weather in the sense of pollution i guess. But did you also  know that there is a giant trash island in the Pacific ocean called The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

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Explain how changes in weather in weather are caused by the interaction of air masses?

The nature of air masses is determined by three factors: the source region, the age and the modifications that may occur as they move away from their source region across the earth's surface.

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Rain showers have continued over a particular area for several days. Which of these weather factors is most likely reasonable. A. a warm front B. a high-pressure system C. low humidity D. a stationary front

Definitely stationary front because it stays in one spot for a long period of time.

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What might happen to Earth's climates if the Earth were not tilted on its axis.

The side facing the sun would remain around 40-79 deg. Fahrenheit (5-30 deg celsius)

the side facing away from the sun would be dry, moderate or continental

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What would happen if the pacific plate continues to move?

If the pacific plates continue to move it will form another Pangaea ,it is the moving of plates which formed all the continents if happens again the continents could form a super continent or drift further apart .
We die.

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The jet stream influences global weather by doing what?A: Producing thunderstormsB: Moving weather from one place to anotherC: Producing areas of high pressureD: Producing floods

I'll assume B. Moving weather from one place to another and/or C. Producing areas of high pressure because those make the most sense and the Jetstream is a high pressured sheer or "gust" so to speak of wind and because its moving through the clouds it is assumed possible that it could move storms but severe storms are certainly caused by higher pressure.

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What would happen to the rock cycle of erosion didn't occur?

Mountains would occur more frequently I'm assuming. We as humans would have to manually breakdown things simply because the process of erosion keeps most of the everyday cycles going.

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What must happen to a sedimentary rock in order for it to change into an igneous rock??

It must undergo extreme volcanic heat or molten heat to break down and melt its sediments to reform an igneous rock.  

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Extensive and unusual cold snaps have occurred here recently. Is this evidence that global warming is lessening or not occurring? No—although the long-term trend is for warming, short-term weather patterns can still be variable. No—melting of glaciers and ice caps is making the oceans cooler, which can cause cold snaps. Yes-- if global warming really were occurring, cold snaps wouldn’t happen. Yes—due to global warming, weather patterns should be become less—not more—variable.

 No—although the long-term trend is for warming, short-term weather patterns can still be variable. 
Up until now, Global warming is still somehow complicated to determine since there are too many factors that could influence Earth Temperature, but we still haven't got sufficient technologies to gather all the data.

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After a bill receives its first reading its next step is to

Send the bill to a standing committee

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What happens to air density as you go up in the layers of the atmosphere?

Air density decreases as there is less air above it "weighing it down" and increasing density as elevation is lowered.

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Describe what happens when objects or different mass are dropped under same under same gravitational conditions

Without the interference of air or any other force, they should fall at the same speed.

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What shows weather conditions for many places at one time?

My guess would be a weather forecast

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What happens to rock when stress exceeds a rock’s elastic limit?

When a rock is stressed and exceeds a it's elastic limit the rock becomes brittle or ductile deformation begins to happen. 

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A ___ shows weather conditions at one specific location

Your answer is: land marks

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What happened to the six counties of Northern Ireland when the Republic of Ireland was formed?

North Ireland is not part of the republic of Ireland

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Wind speed is measured with a weather vane.. true or false

The answer is false...

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