There is little sunlight at high altitudes during the winter, so few crops grow even if temperatures are regulated. To address the problem, special lamps can be used in greenhouses. These lamps allow plants to grow during the winter months. Scientific knowledge of which topic was necessary to solve this problem?

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Scientific knowledge of
photosynthesis itself was essential.

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Pointed teeth help tear apart food, and large, flat teeth are used to grind food. Based on this information, what types of teeth are characteristic of animals that eat plants and animals that eat other animals?

Animals that eat plants have flat teeth to grind the plants down, while animals that eat other animals have sharp teeth to tear apart flesh.

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Plants use nitrogen in fertilizers for growth. However, much of the nitrogen goes unused. What is one direct outcome of this excess nitrogen?

There are many environmental negative direct outcomes of unused excess nitrogen from nitrogenous fertilizers. One of these is eutrophication. Eutrophication is the excessive richness of nutrients in a water body as a result of fertilizer run offs from the land, which causes a dense growth of plants in the water. Other negative outcomes are: green house effects, acid rain and contamination of underground water which has negative effects on human health. 

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Cranberries and grapes may have therapeutic value. A cranberry company obtained the patent for a process to extract the oil from cranberry seeds. According to the patent, this oil can be used to treat breast cancer or to reduce its incidence. The oil can be used in drinks and foods. A grape juice company claims to have evidence that certain grapes have health benefits ranging from improving cardiovascular health to improving cognitive brain function in the elderly. These claims will be tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before the companies are allowed to market their products for “treating” ailments or “improving” health. Until then, the companies can describe that their products “help to maintain” or “support” health. Until studies support their claims, the companies cannot ascribe direct health benefits to their products. Why would the FDA perform tests when a cranberry company and a grape company have already conducted research on the same products? The FDA is the only organization that can test if health actually improves. Tests that are performed by any company which benefits financially are considered unreliable. The FDA tests give reliability to the results of improved health obtained by each company. Tests performed by the FDA follow established scientific methods, but those performed by companies do not.


The correct answer will be option-The FDA tests give reliability to the results of improved health obtained by each company.


The Food and Drug Administration or FDA is a United States federal agency established to control the food safety under the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

The FDA helps control the issues related to the safety of the food and food products like dietary supplements along with pharmaceutical drugs, biopharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other products under the Acts.

In the given question the juices before released to the market are tested by the FDA as the FDA results support the results of the research performed by the company and the give the reliability to the results.

Thus, the selected option re the correct answer.

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An animal cell is growing and is active. The cell is going through which subphase of interface? G1 G2 S

The answer would be G1 - the cell grows and functions normally. During this time, a high amount of protein synthesis occurs and the cell grows (to about double its original size) - more organelles are produced and the volume of the cytoplasm increases.

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Climates are defined by temperature and precipitation. True or false?




As per NOAA definitions climate is defined by the temperature and pressure,  their variations over a certain period of time and their averages for a local , regional or global entity. As per the Köppen system, there are five types of climate based on the variation of temperature and precipitation, namely –  

a) Dry Climates

b) Polar Climates

c) Moist Mid-latitude Climates with Mild Winters

d) Moist Mid-Latitude Climates with Cold Winters

e) Tropical Moist Climates

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In the experiment, you will determine whether having worms in the soil causes lima bean plants to grow more, less, or the same. Write a scientific question that you are answering by doing this lab. Write your question in general terms, not in terms of worms and lima bean plants.

Let us systematically break our problem into hypothesis, testable version of hypothesis, constant, and variables.

Hypothesis: In the experiment, you will determine whether having worms in the soil affects the growth of lima bean plants.

Variables: Independent variable - presence of worms, dependent variable - amount of growth in lima bean plants (measured as the change in length of the plant shoot)

Constant: Amount of soil, amount of water given to the plant.

Our question would be a testable version of the hypothesis.

Testable hypothesis:

1. Presence of worms in soil will promote growth of lima bean plants.

2. Presence of worms in soil will stop the growth of lima bean plants.

Null hypothesis: Presence of worms in soil will not affect the growth of lima bean plants.

While trying to answer the question our goal will be to first reject the null hypothesis by gathering evidence through experimental observation. Then, we will test the parts 1 and 2 of the testable hypothesis.

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Which of the following is not needed for plants to survive

Plants need water, food, oxygen, light, temperature, and support (soil and such) in order to survive
If you provide options I could help more 

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When plants wilt they're soft stems and leaves begin to drop what is going on inside the plant cells that causes the plant to drop like this

The cell membranes begin to come apart when there is insufficient water around the cells. The cytoplasm of the cells becomes more concentrated, which slowly poisons the cells. The cell walls become brittle as they dry out, and some of them collapse. The central vacuoles in the cells lose water and can no longer help support the cells.

The central vacuoles in the cells lose water and can no longer help support the cells

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Which event is most likely to decrease the amount of sunlight that reaches Earth's surface? A) An ice age. B) An asteroid impact. C) A catastrophic flood. D) A prolonged drought.

The answer to your question is A. An ice age.

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Which of the following is not a type of high cloud? A cirrostratus clouds B clouds C cumulonimbus clouds D cirroculumus clouds



. . . . . . . . . . .  .

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Crop rotation is important because: Some plants use a lot of nitrogen. It increases soil fertility. Repeated planting of the same crops decreases soil quality. All of the above.


Option D, All of the above


Crop rotation is the process of cultivating different varieties of crop on the same farm/land  based on the season. This is done in order to regulate the use  of  a particular nutrient from soil. When one crop (A)  is harvested a certain nutrient let’s say phosphorus get used,  now another crop (B) which uses nitrogen is grown, this allows the soil to replenish the lost phosphorus and make itself ready for crop A again in the next season.

Thus, crop rotation is necessary to obtain all the three option A, B and C.  

Thus , option D is correct.

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Scientists rely on _____ concepts when researching crop production and medicine.

They use biology concepts

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How do clouds affect temperatures? A They make them hotter. B They make them milder. C make them more extreme. D They make them colder.

The answer to your question is A. They make them hotter.

A good example for this is that during the day, when there is sunlight, Earth is heated.  So what this means is that when we have clear skies, Earth absorbs the heat rather than the cold.

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Make a list of objects, products, and any other items around your house where plants were involved in the production of the item. You should have a list of at least twenty items. Then respond to the following questions:

- Couch 
- Chair
- Dog
- Picture
- Food

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If organism change sunlight and carbon dioxide into the oxygen and sugars it need to make enegery it is

This is photosynthesis

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Which damaging forces are associated with earthquakes? aftershocks hurricanes heat waves high winds

Answer: Aftershocks


An aftershock is the earthquake with forces of typically low magnitude. It is an earthquake that occurs after a main earthquake of high magnitude. Aftershocks generally produce near the epicentre of the first erupted earthquake or near the fault caused by the main earthquake.

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George observed a difference in measurements for the same item at different altitudes due to variation in gravity. Which type of scale did he likely use?

An analytical scale would be the most logical answer

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How do moss leaves differ from leaves of more complex plants?

Moss "leaves" differ from the leaves of more complex plants by having no vascular tissue
and through haploids.


To add, haploid is the term used when a cell has half the usual number of chromosomes. On the other hand, vascular tissue is the tissue in higher plants that constitutes the vascular system, consisting of phloem and xylem, by which water and nutrients are conducted throughout the plant.

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By far the most common high-tech assisted reproduction technique used is _____.

The answer is In vitro fertilization

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