Topic: Whether a dog or cat will be a better pet Paragraph topic 1: Friendliness Dogs are warm and friendly. Cats are standoffish and independent. Cats don’t make as much noise as barking dogs. Paragraph topic 2: Protection Most cats are not known to protect homes from intruders, and rarely will a “beware of cat” sign be displayed on a fence. Dogs are protective and bark to warn intruders to stay away. Paragraph topic 3: Care Cats are self-sufficient; they can take care of themselves as long as food is left out for them. Dogs need a lot of attention and care. They have to be let out or walked regularly, and they have to be watched—especially when they are puppies—so they don’t chew furniture. What kind of organizational structure is used to compare the two animals in this outline? A. Several aspects of one subject are discussed, then the aspects of the other subject are examined. B. Each point of comparison is discussed in turn. C. General aspects of each subject are discussed, then the specifics. D. The development of each subject over a period of time is discussed.

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