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Compare and contrast United States society in the 1920s and the 1950s with respect to TWO of the following: race relations, role of women, consumerism.

Perhaps the greatest societal change that took place between these two periods was WWII--meaning that after the war in the 50s, America was more likely to ask itself the tough questions regarding race and the role of women, since blacks and women had worked so hard to help the US during the war.

I have no idea how to do this: Slope= -3, y-intercept= -1 its slope-intercept form Slope= -2, y-intercept= -4 Through: (-3,2) , slope=-1/3 Through: (3,2) and (0,-5) x-5y-5=0

Slope-intercept form is \sf~y=mx+b, where \sf~m is the slope and \sf~b is the y-intercept.

Slope = -3, y-intercept = -1

Plug in what we know:



Slope = -2, y-intercept = -4

Plug in what we know:



Through: (-3,2) , slope=-1/3

Okay, here we use point-slope form, and the simplify to get it in slope-intercept form.


Where \sf~y_1 is the y-value of the point, \sf~x_1 is the x-value of the point, and \sf~m is the slope.

Plug in what we know:


Distribute -1/3 into the parenthesis:


Add 2 to both sides:


Through: (3,2) and (0,-5)

Now we plug this into the slope-formula to find the slope, plug the slope and one of these points into point-slope form, then simplify to get it in slope-intercept form.


(3, 2), (0, -5)
x1 y1 x2  y2

Plug in what we know:





Plug this into point-slope form along with any point.



Distribute 7/3 into the parenthesis:


Add 2 to both sides:



Add 5 to both sides:


Subtract 'x' to both sides:


Divide -5 to both sides:


Why were some Serbians and Bosnians angry with Austria-Hungary in 1914?

There had been diplomatic issues between these two entities for some time due in part to territorial issues, but also because of population control issues and ill treatment of ambassadors.

The Zigzag River is 114 miles longer than twice the Petite River. If the Petite River is 46 miles long, how long is the Zigzag River?

Z = 114 + 2p
p = 46

Plug in 46 for 'p' in the first equation.

z = 114 + 2p

z = 114 + 2(46)


z = 114 + 92


z = 206

So the Zigzag river is 206 miles long.

In your opinion , what would be the most difficult struggle for an immigrants to face

It's when other people think that they should go back to where they came from

Tanya is 1 year less than three times the age of her sister Jessica. Jessica is five years old. How old is Tanya

The equation to work out this would be (Tanya's age = T, Jessica's age = J):
T = (J x 3) - 1, so...
5 x 3 = 15 - 1 = 14
Tanya is 14
Hope this helps :)

Which sentence has the correct parallel structure? My parents say that if I’m going to go, I have to pay for either half of the trip myself and pay for all of my spending money. My parents say that if I’m going to go, I have to pay for either half of the trip myself or pay for all of my spending money. My parents say that if I’m going to go, I have to pay for either half of the trip myself nor pay for all of my spending money.

The correct answer is 2 "My parents say that if I’m going to go, I have to pay for either half of the trip myself or pay for all of my spending money"


In grammar, a parallel structure refers to a sentence in which there is a repetition of a grammatical form of structure in the case of conjunctions such as the words and, but, nor, etc. parallelism occurs in a phrase when conjunctions tie two elements of the same type and besides this, conjunctions are used correctly, especially in the case of correlative conjunctions such as not only/ but also; either/or, neither/nor, etc as each of these pairs should always go together.

Considering this, the sentence with a correct parallel structure is "My parents say that if I’m going to go, I have to pay for either half of the trip myself or pay for all of my spending money" because in this sentence the conjunction "either" is linked to the conjunction "or" which are correlative conjunctions that always go together and also in this case the conjunctions link to elements of the same type "pay for half of the trip" and "pay for all of my spending money" which completes the parallelism.

What does me encanta mean in English

In English me encanta means "I love"

How did the israelites beliefs differ from the beliefs of most other ancient people

The Israelites believed that god had made a covenant with Abraham with Moses later renewed. In return for faithful obedience he said, God would lead the Israelitesout of bondage and into the "promise land" of Canaan .

what is 40% of $150

You set your equation up like this. part/whole = percent/100. Since you are trying to find the part you set your equation up like this x/150 = 40/100. Now, you cross multiply you have x*100 = 150*40 then you multiply and get 100x = 6,000 now you have to find what x equals so you do 100x/100 = 6,000/100 and you get x= 60. So, $60 is 40% of $150.

Which case would the Supreme Court hear through its original jurisdiction power? a state that sues another for violating interstate trade a man convicted of a crime based on false evidence a teacher prohibited from praying in a school cafeteria a reporter whose First Amendment rights are violated I need help ASAP!

The correct answer is when a state that sues another for violating interstate trade. The original jurisdiction of a court is the power to hear a case for the first time to provide a tribunal of the highest stature for disputes. In terms of jurisdiction, the Supreme Court has original and appellate.

The involvement of the United States in the Korean War illustrates which of the following choices? the concept of mutually assured destruction the policy of brinkmanship the policy of containment the concept of isolationism


The Policy of Containment


The strategy of containment was a US foreign policy and its allies to restrain the spread of communism in Eastern Europe, China, Korea and Vietnam. As a result, the United Kingdom, France and the US formed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to protect European countries from the military power of the Soviet Union.

Over time insects have become resistant to insecticides. Which process explains how insecticide resistance developed? A. natural selection B. extinction C. biological inheritance D. speciation

The answer is natural selection. It is the procedure whereby life forms better adjusted to their condition have a tendency to survive and create all the more posterity. The hypothesis of its activity was first completely clarified by Charles Darwin and is currently accepted to be the principle procedure that achieves development.

Based on Oliver Wendell Holmes’ quote, the mind does not have the capacity to do which of the following? learn unlearn expand retract

The correct answer is retract.

The quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes reads as follows.
“Once the mind has been stretched by a new idea, it will never again return to its original size.”  

Hope this helps. :)

Hello! Can someone help me with those sentences?Complete them and translate them in english without google translate! (from PIRE;PIS till the end)Thank you!

meilleures conditions (feminine plural)




A recipe uses 2 cups of beans to make 9 cups of soup. How many gallons of this soup can be made using 6 quarts of beans.

We know that:
1 quart = 4 cups
1 cup = 0.0625 gallons
And given is:
2 cups = 9 cups of soup
1 cup =  4.5 cups of soup
going back to the top and using that equation:
1 quart= 4 cups
1/4 quarts = 1 cup
1/4 quarts = 0.0625 gallons
to make it 6 quarts:
(1/4)x 24 = 24 x 0.0625
6 quarts = 1.5 gallons

New immigrants settled in cities for all these reasons EXCEPT (A) lower costs of living (B) convenience (C) ethnic communities (D) better housing

D. better housing

Even though cities were cheaper and offered greater conveniences with ethnic neighborhoods in which people felt at home, overcrowding and low substandard housing was a harsh reality .

Where is the Water table?

The "water table" refers to the level of the groundwater (sometimes also called the "ground water table") below the surface of the earth.

Select the correctly punctuated sentence. Its going to be a long wait the nurse confided. It's going to be a long wait, the nurse confided. "Its going to be a long wait," the nurse confided. "It's going to be a long wait," the nurse confided.

The last one is the correct answer.
It is "It's going to be a long wait," the nurse confided.
When someone is speaking, there needs to be quotation marks. Also, It's needs an apostrophe because that makes it stand for "It is"
So the last answer is the right one.

Hi I need some facts on cleo mussi

Cleo Mussi is an artist with plenty of good ideas for us to consider.  Each of her mosaics is a manifestation of her intensely personal connection to the Earth and what she sees as the possibilities and potential perils for us, her fellow travelers on and stewards of the planet.

If 455-mL of 6.0 m HNO3 is used to make a 2.5 L dilution what is the molarity of the dilution?

When dilution, the molar mass of the substance will not change. The amount of HNO3 is 6.0 mol/L * 0.455L = 2.73 mol. When dilution to 2.5L, the molarity will be 2.73 mol/2.5L =1.092 mol/L. 

How did the sea dogs help england PLEASE NEED HELP ASAP

Holland issued Letter of Marque to private ships captains to attack the Spanish vessels at sea. They terrorized the Spanish in the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean attacking both at sea and on land. The Sea Dogs were active from 1560 to 1605.

Three of the following are features of absolutism. which is not

Could you be more specific please? "Three of the following", what are the choices?

An interior designer is creating a plan for a new indoor play park why does he decide to use red as a main part of the color scheme

The answer is that it's been proven that the color red can excite and energize children. So, an interior designer would use red as a main part of the color scheme for a new indoor play park because the point of a play park is for children to run around and have fun.

Which of the following is a characteristic of fascism but not of democracy? government control of the military the existence of several political parties freedom to criticize the government a lack of individual civil liberties

Answer:    A lack of individual civil liberties

Explanation:  The characteristic of fascism is a totalitarian government with a cult of personality, where political opponents are often persecuted, and in reality there is only one political option, which is not the case with democracy where there are more political options i.e. parties.

The military as an integral part of the state apparatus is under the control of the government in any social system, it is just a question of how this army will be used, whether it is to preserve democratic values ​​or to usurp the territory and deny human rights that is characteristic of fascism.

Freedom of speech and freedom to criticize the government is one of the rights suppressed in fascism, unless the public outcome contributes to the idea of ​​fascism, while the same freedom of speech is one of the basic values ​​of democracy.

Individual civil liberties are another of the values ​​of democracy, whereas only those civil liberties that the state finds permissible in fascism are allowed, therefore, in essence, civil liberties in fascism do not exist.

Find the slope of y=4

Y = mx + b

where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept.

y = 4

is what we are given.

That means that if the slope equals to 0 then:

y = 0x + 4


y= 4

So that means the slope for y=4 is 0.